Friday, July 17, 2009

Tiny Visitors…

And a flower show.  Bees and butterflies and an occasional frog have all been almost as busy as me.  I decided that today is a good day to show you a few photos. 

sunflower 019 In this picture of a cone flower there are two different types of bees and a butterfly.

sunflower 018 I think I’ll call this one butterfly on coneflower with branches…

June end 09 012 This is a native clematis. I’d not seen one like this so I ordered it last fall and it has done well.  The tiny bell-shaped flowers are about the size of my thumb.

2 butterflies and a bee Two butterflies and a bee.  My sunflowers have brought a myriad of callers.

the yard early July 09 004 How could anyone look at this ruffledy pink daylily and not smile.

Wash Day 002 This is new to the garden this year.  It’s a hibiscus called “Texas Star".  It’s not a blooming marijuana despite the look of the leaves.

Wash Day 005 Another worker.

Wash Day 007Bro called me out on the back porch a couple of nights ago.  This little guy was hanging out on the handle of the swiffer sweeper under the porch light.

Wash Day 006Heap good hunting ground. The light brought in the moths and bugs and he had his own private buffet.

7.16.09 005 Ahhhh, morning glories. 

That’s all the eye candy for today.  We had a storm front blow through last evening, clear up for a couple of hours, then built up and rained for several hours.  Which means I don’t have to water today which is good because I’m hurting from the barometric changes.  The front broke the triple digit heat we’ve had  and we are only going to be in the low 90’s for the next week or so.  More like normal temperatures.  Well worth any pain I’m dealing with today.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I’ll be posting the corn report at some point but for today I’m just going to go out and smell the rain fresh air and watch some of the British Open and I might even take a nap.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Those ruffledy pink daylillies sure made me smile. I don't think I've seen one like that before.
Are you sure about the Texas Star? tee hee
I love watching nature at work. I remember, as a child, lying in the grass watching the little critters. And counting to see how many different ones I could see in one small area.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh yeah, when the barometric pressure changes I get migranes. So I can relate to your pains. It's a good excuse for napping though.
Hope your pains go away!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love all those flowers and the frog too... they love to come to the back and eat bugs...hope he raingets here too!

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Wow! What a bunch of great photos! No wonder you have little critters landing on this and that! I am lovin' the little frog, too, and he is content as well! Been a while since I visited, but been away from the PC off and on...Hope to be a better visitor!

darsden said...

I need some of those cone flowers I haven't seen any of them. The sun flowers are beautiful how cool to catch a butterfly and bee. I have couple of those frogs that hang by the lights around the pool they don't have to look for food, it flies right too them at the lights.
Your flowers are all beautiful :-)
L@@ky L@@ky at Twisted fencepost coming in first and second...LOL Hope your pains go away too.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Those pictures are incredible! And that is one smart frog for sure! :)

Debbie Jean said...

I love the pics of all the pretty's in your yard. I planted morning glories this year and an't wait for them to bloom!! Our high tomorrow is going to be in the 60's!! Brrrrrrrr. The weather hange is sure NOT good for arthritis suffers. Hope you feel better!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Pastor Sharon said...

I've never seen a ruffled daylily. However, now that i have, I know if my mother were a flower, that is what she would have been.

hetty said...

Oh, so pretty! A couple of plants that I have never seen before - the native clematis and the Texas Star hibiscus. Beautiful! And you certainly have smart toads in your neck of the woods!!

Roslyn said...

Just been catchin' up on your blog, how did I miss those last couple?Are you making zuchinni bread?
I know about the barometric changes-& the humidity, bad for FMS & the old arthuritis!
My friend in Brissie[Aus] has the most amazing humoungous double hibiscus I have ever seen-they do like the tropics.

Terry said...

Thank you for the beautiful flower show today.
I am trying to keep all my green things alive.
Yours are all so beautiful.
Still no rain here ,some around us but not on our side of town :(
Love that little frog photo .
We have had a lot of bees this season the mint patch went crazy and the bees have had a banquet.
Hope your feeling better .
Blessings to you .
Happy Trails

Tatersmama said...

The daylillies are GORGEOUS! My mom always loved her day lillies anbd tiger lillies, and I can never see one without thinking of her, on her knees and crooning to her plants!

Girl, the barometric changes get to me too, and it seems to get worse with every passing year, so I can foresee napping longer and longer in the years to come...LOL!

The photos are fantastic, and I wanna stop by for a visit! We would have a good ol' time, methinks!!

Staci said...

ah, all so pretty. you have a green thumb, evidently!

I can't wait for football to get going either. Boomer!

Aleta said...

I love seeing pictures of flowers. It makes me smile. I'm a huge fan of morning glories. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. My parents had morning glories in the backyard and they would bloom every morning, as if happy to be seeing the next day too!

Ronda said...

I get barametric pressure headaches all the time. Hard to enjoy a weekend when a storm front is bearing down on you! Love your photos!