Friday, July 31, 2009

The Thunder Rolls…

And the lightning strikes…(love Garth Brooks)

And where do the schnauzers go?

Dogs and storms 7.29.09 001 Up on the foot of Carol’s chair.

  Dogs and storms 7.29.09 002 Chloe is plastered against her leg.  If the storm gets real loud, like hail on the roof, she starts trembling like a leaf.  We found that if we cover her up with a blankie she settles down quicker.

Dogs and storms 7.29.09 004 SueSue, if it gets loud, gets down and looks at me and says “Are you going to go to bed now so I can cuddle? I’m too scared!” And you know what I do… take the computer to the bed and cuddle her.

Pretty soon Chloe gets down from Carol’s footrest and comes and jumps in the bed and I’m a schnauzer sandwich…

God, I love these pups.


darsden said...

poor puddy dogs.. rudey too is going through that.. she crawled behind the toilet last night trying to hide. I am going to have to take her to the vet for traumatizes her now.

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

I know just how you feel. I don't know what I would do without my two sweet babies.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Isn't it kinda scary to love these dogs so much? I just had this conversation with a friend a few weeks ago. We are nuts about our dogs!!! And, of course, we're just plain nuts.

Hey, sister, would you pray for me today. Havin' a bit of a rough one. THANK you. (hugs)

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

You know? It's like they think that the whole world is shooting at them, and taking it out on them. I have a little Lhasa Apso, he is now 14 and he used to tremble at thunder and fireworks. Now, bless his heart, he is growing deaf so he does not react as shocked as before..I hate it that his hearing is going, but glad now it is not as bad for him at his senior years...(smile) Cute dogs!

farmlady said...

Somehow I understand little dogs being afraid of big loud noises but when my BIG sheppard mix cowers at thunder or heavy rain on the roof, or(worse yet)gunshots, I just can't believe it. She will get as close as she can to either of us and shake. She puts her head in a corner and wimpers. Poor big ol' baby. What can you do except comfort them and tell them it's going to be OK.

I love the "dog sandwich" photos.
Darsden is right. Sometimes you need to get them some tranquilizers or doggie Prozac.

But we love them and wouldn't have it any other way. Right?

hetty said...

I know what you mean. When we have crazy weather like that my cats make a sandwich out of me. But I don't mind. It makes the storm less traumatic for me too that way.

Reddirt Woman said...

Dar if you know the storm is coming there are things you can give the dogs to help calm them, some that are holistic, too but if the dang storm blows up in 30 minutes you don't have much time to dose the dogs.

Brenda if not for my dogs I'd probably be in the looney bin or jail. lol. It's amazing how they can de-stress us isn't it.

Prayers going up little sister. Sorry it's a bad day. I hope it passes quick. As far as nuts, yup.
Soft and gentle hugs.

Margaret that's the best thing about being older. Not hearing so good. I try not to be away from my babies on the 4th of July. Had to this year and Carol said it was so bad that Chloe (my older one) lost her dinner. Made me feel good and guilty for being gone.

Farmlady the gunshots have been a whole new story for my girls since moving out to the country. Fireworks you can get ready for but people that live out around us go out and shoot off the guns just whenever they feel like it. Trying out the new ones they get or target practice just 'cause they hadn't shot them for a while. If the girls are outside with me they are headed for the house. Like a shot, as it were...

Hetty our pets, be it dog or cat or both are certainly comforts to us, aren't they! I love the pics of your kitties helping you layout your quilts. They are special, too.

darsden said...

Yes, I just hung up with the vet, I just finished giving Rudey a dose of children's Benadryl. Rudey has an appointment Monday with the doc to get her some puppy Valiums I hate this for her. It all started in Virginia, I am so sorry I took my dog on vacation she hasn't been the same since. She doesn't even like her cousins anymore..she has changed.

Caution Flag said...

Those ferocious dogs of yours are precious! Don't you love how they need you? And Garth Brooks? Oh, yes.

Debbie Jean said...

Oh such cute pups. I love mine too, and when it storms, we cuddle. I get scared too!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Medora said...

They look like little old men! We had a schnauzer when I was a kid - her name was Heidi. She was just like a person - I always wondered what she was thinking, because she always looked thoughtful.

Reddirt Woman said...

Dar I don't think that Chloe had a problem with rain and hail storms until I took her with me through the car wash. I was so used to taking her with me and I just didn't think and it scared her. Ever since then, she's been goosey about storms. Talk about feel guilty. And SueSue learned from Chloe...

Caution... if I ever learn how to put music on my blog you can bet that Garth will be on it. The girls think they're bad until they hear a loud bang type noise.

Debbie I don't know what I'd do without them. They are cuddle bugs.

Medora, I know that Chloe thinks over just about everything. SueSue on the other hand is definitely my ding-a-ling.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Garth Brooks.....oh yeah! Love him too. And my critters. My biggest dog, collie/lab mix, is scared to death of thunder, fireworks and gunshots. Most of her life she lived outside and begged to be let in when the noise started. But now, since adding our laundry/dog room with a doggie door to their own yard, she is much better. She can come inside anytime she likes. My mid-sized dog, runs around barking at the noises. So funny.
Love the snauzer sandwich. I have a visual that makes me giggle.

Reddirt Woman said...

Becky, next time it happens I'll ask Carol or Walter to take a picture. I put a doggie door to the back yard that is fenced all around, but most of the time the girls want to go out front to the big yard. They sure have us well trained... maybe we need a 'people whisperer' instead of a 'dog whisperer'.

Terry said...

Man oh man I should have been at your house :)
I am thankful so very thankful we finally got some rain but oh my that was one scary storm we had here in central Texas it came up so fast there was not a lot of time to react .So typical of a summer storm.
A calm afternoon than wham the weather changes.
I was all alone trying to get things turned off and tied down .We had 70 mile an hour winds
which was not on the radar nor was the storm ??? Computers !!!!!
Than my son called to check on me ,
I think more to calm himself he was out working on a roof when it came up.
Anyhoo we certainly needed the rain.
Those Pups of yours are so smart.
Glad all worked out well.
Comfort is important when the thunder rolls in .
Blessings to you and yours.
Happy Trails

Pastor Sharon said...

Lovely puppies and my dogs sure know the feeling of that scare! Wendy girl gets close to whomever is farthest from a window. Daisy barks like she's going to conquer it, then runs and hides in her "bedroom" our walkin closet.

Bush Babe said...

Cute... love Garth Brooks too. I shall be singing that song all day now!!!

Tipper said...

Too cute! Storms don't bother Ruby Sue-but our neighbors dog comes and hides on our porch-Bill is a really good indicator-if you see him hiding you know a storm is coming even if it's still sunny.