Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I Stop I Really Stop…

I guess I thought that since I missed my 30 day goal I’d just get back to doing it whenever…  And here I am. 

I think that maybe I bit off more than I could chew at a stretch. Perhaps I need to think in smaller increments since I’m pretty distractible.  Maybe start off with 3 days in a row or some such and then go to 5 days and so forth.  All I can do is try.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… no, literally, the ranch.

Madisonville homestead

This is where my grandmother Lucy was raised, if I get the story right, down outside of Madisonville, Texas.   That’s her on the right in the white blouse and dark skirt.  She was a school teacher and she made my granddaddy wait seven years before she would marry him.  She wanted to be sure that she got all her brothers through school.  Her daddy, my great granddaddy, was shot and killed by three men in front of one of her brothers when they went to town one day.  Two men held him and a third man shot him and they lit out for the hills.  My grandmother and everyone else knew who the killers were but they were never caught.  I guess they left Texas for parts unknown but Lucy carried a gun in her apron for years and if she’d ever seen them she would have given them a taste of frontier justice.  My oldest brother spent a lot of time with grandmother and granddad and he said she was a crack shot.  She taught him how to shoot.  She would give him a single shot .22 rifle and one bullet to go out and get a rabbit or squirrel for dinner.  He said if he missed there was no meat on the table.

2685 Since none of these photos were dated, we just have to kind of guess about ages… this photo looks to me to be probably about the time she finished school.  She was younger looking than in the following photos.  If any of my sibs or my cousins correct me I’ll let you know…

Grandmother and her school kids This is a photo of her taken with her school children.  She taught first through eighth grades in a one room school.  You can see her there on your left with her school bell in hand.  She was a pretty determined woman from what I gather and didn’t truck too much foolishness, at least where getting an education was concerned, but I have to think from knowing my mom, my aunts and my uncle and my great uncles that humor was a part of their lives.

Lucy Irene Morgan I think this photo was probably taken the same time as the picture on the ranch at the beginning of this story.

Grandmother Venable As near as we can figure this was probably taken about the time she and granddad got married. I was only six when grandmother died and I can say that I only have two memories of her other than the stories that I was told.  One was at their home in Konawa, Oklahoma, where they lived in their old age, and the other was one time I went with momma when grandmother was in a nursing home and didn’t know anyone, but I have loved grandmother stories all my life. 

That’s all for now folks… I’ll try to get back sooner rather than later and continue this epistle.  It’s a beautiful day here, about 80 degrees (F.) here and I’m going to go do some things outside.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gotta Have A Sense Of Humor…

If you are going to visit Oklahoma.  We have a myriad of things ‘unusual’ if you take the time to look…

Carol and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair last Tuesday.  Wasn’t the best time because her wheelchair wasn’t holding a charge.  She left it plugged in all night Monday and we hadn’t been to very many places yet at the fair grounds and the charge indicator started showing orange… which is the last color before red which means Helen’s gonna have to push this heavy mother with Carol in it back to the van.  There was a wheelchair and scooter rental place close to where we came in and they let us plug in for a bit to try to goose it back up into the green but it wasn’t long at all before it had gone back down again.  Carol headed for where the van was parked but asked me to get some spiral potatoes for her.  I mean you have to eat some junk food at the fair.  Fair foods are exempt from calories and, for  me, cholesterol, don’t you know…

I caught up to her and got her loaded in the van and started looking for the way out of our parking lot when I spotted this…

Redneck Barbie Dumb me, I had gone off and left the good camera at home and then I thought, “I have my camera in my phone!”  These aren’t great but at least I get to share the hot pink “REDNECK BARBIE”  truck with you all.  Yep, that’s what it says on the back window. 

Redneck Barbie 4 Another view… She had this puppy all shined up and spit polished to come to the fair and had parked way out in the parking lot so’s no one would park to close to her and maybe bump it with their door or something.  I told Carol I would have loved to see the driver…

Redneck Barbie 3 This is all I have for y’all today but I thought you’d get a kick out of these photos.

Hang in there… I’ll get back to family soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Bad…

To use a phrase that I don’t even like because of it’s imbecilic over use but it seems to work in this context. 

To be real honest… I hit the wall.  And then the wall fell on me.  And then I had to cart the left-over garage sale stuff home and I was wiped O.U.T.  On the bright side I did get a bath.  The dogs haven’t yet gotten a bath but that’s good news for them.  They don’t like a bath.  Oh, they put up with it because I’m bigger than they are but they look at me like I’m beating them.  You want to talk hang dawg lookin’.  They love me when it’s over though.

I’ll get back on my family roll next time.  I had to do this special post for my regulars of 4 or 6 people that have heard about and watched (in a manner of speaking) my garden grow… from squash to tomatoes to my infamous okra. This is a guinea photo and an okra report…

Bro got a photos of the new guineas when they stopped by for a visit…

 guineas and okra 001

guineas and okra 005 The new guineas, in making their rounds every day, like to come to the back porch and stop by for a visit.  They perch up on the railing and preen and visit a bit.  (First Photo)  The second group felt the railing was full so they fluffed and preened on the back steps.  They are so much fun to watch.  You some times think they don’t have a brain between them when they get startled and scatter like Henny Penny except they start yelling ‘chook, chook, chook’ like guineas on speed or what ever they call speed nowadays instead of Henny Penny’s famous spiel “ The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!”…  And Debbie you don’t need to tease me about nowadays… I do use it often and naturally if the situation warrants.  I sometimes feel as if I’m a dual personalitied person , part higher educated with very good English sliced and diced and mixed in with Okie idioms that can rear their ornery head at any moment… sometimes called up and sometimes they slip in the conversation on their own whim, unannounced.  I surprise my own self sometimes.  Usually it only happens when I’m tired, though.  I know, I know I’ve been tired a lot lately.

Meanwhile, check out this okra… Almost big enough to think about marrying…but not quite.  Okra this large is generally bad, woody and fiberous.  The marrying phrase is just a flip remark but look at the size of these puppies….

guineas and okra 022

guineas and okra 012

guineas and okra 014 The okra has gotten this large in just a week.  Nobody has picked since I was out there last week and the okra up top is so big and heavy that it’s bending the stalks over.

guineas and okra 015 guineas and okra 016

guineas and okra 017 Makes it easy to pick those 8 foot tall stalks without a ladder.guineas  9.13.2010 024 This is my redneck crown molding in the process of getting prettified, you know, fancyied up. First I put up 1”X8’  pine boards around the top of the walls, butted against the roof.  I personally like the simplicity of it but Cuz wanted to fancy it up a bit so she and Bro went to Lowe’s and decided on   3/4”  cove molding at the top and underneath the bottom of the board. No step for a stepper.  Got it up and cut and only hit one finger with a hammer hard enough to squirt blood… but not on the new paint job, thank God.

guineas  9.13.2010 025  In this corner you can see the border with trim on the left… unfancied on the right.  It’s  going to look awesome when finished and I need to get it finished to get off Cuz’s list.  She doesn’t like when jobs get drug out.  She one of those intelligent people that like some sense of order in her home.  Cuz, it’s almost over and I love you, even if I am slow. But I don’t want you to ever have to redo anything I fix and paint.  I like doing things as right as I know how and sometimes that takes longer… 


guineas  9.13.2010 029The green trim of the baseboard will be white, as will the window sills and the door facings and the crown.And the next time you get a ‘room’ report the floor will be clean.

Okay!  Carol and I are going to the fair tomorrow in OKC and I plan on getting my camera charged up to get photos to use at some point down the road.  So I hope this post has enough interest for you to forgive me for failing and falling outfor a couple of days of my challenge…

Friday, September 17, 2010

Now For Mom’s Side…

Momma’s side of the family are Texans.  I’ve looked all over the place up here and this is the only photo I’ve found with the family all in it.


Top row, left to right:  Aunt Pauline Benedict, Mary Lou Gardner, Aunt Maxine Gundy.

Bottom row, left to right: Granddaddy Sidney Venable, Grandmother Lucy Venable, and Uncle Tom Venable.

This will be continued tomorrow since it is 11:56 p.m.

I don’t Know…

I may have bit off more than I can chew with this challenge…I’m not giving up, just struggling a bit with all that’s been going on in that last couple weeks.  But I’m a hanging in…

Christmas '04, etc. 105I want to do what Chloe is doing in this photo…ducking and covering…getting away from the stress of moving, trying to finish the bedroom at Cuz’s , trying to plant a flower or two or thirty at the new place and I feel like I’ve been failing miserably.  My babies both need a bath, shoot, I need a bath and this week has been nuts.  If I survive through Saturday when the garage sale is over maybe my life will settle.

Six minutes to go so here are the last 15 photos for you to peruse and comment on….  Wagon wheel with spiderwort

wagon wheel and spiderwort  Wagon wheel with spiderwort…


ferns 900

One of my favorite flowering shrubs…wiegelia000_0064

100_0605_0001 White iris Immortal…


100_0641Double rose…

217Immortal in bright light…


988 Gladiolas at dusk…

991Another type of gladiola at dusk…red daylily closeupDaylily upcloselarge head grass in snowJapanese decorative grass…

from the old compac 1921River birch in snow…

from the old compac 1891 Sun through snow laden trees…

Okay… I’m 13 minutes late but here it is… the last choices to look at for the entry to the magazine.

Tell me what you like…

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Almost Midnight Post…

No excuses… I was in bed a good portion of the day.  Between driving up and down the road a lot lately and trying to get done what I needed to for Carol’s birthday and help get ready for a garage sale this weekend… it all caught up with me today.  I ran into the wall and then it fell on me.  When this happens my brain, what there is left of it, is totally addled.  I  looked up at the clock and it was 11:45 p.m. 

When I set this goal of posting daily this month I didn’t know that there would be barriers such as life that would really challenge me to stand up and keep my commitment.  It’s not gonna get me down though, because I’m a fighter when it comes to keeping my word.

1212 Any member of my family can testify to my doing all I can to keep my word even at my own detriment.  Speaking of family… from the left is my baby brother next to him is our oldest brother, dad is next then moi and next to me is my little momma… and you can see what I call her my little momma.  Standing tall behind momma is the BRO… he is the middle brothers and next in the green shorts is my sister.

Any one of them will  testify that I am very honest and I try to keep my word no matter what … you ever heard of me overloading my own butt..

I’m nine minutes late but only because I can’t type very fast when I’m addled…  

Gotta be better manana

Love you all!!!  11 minutes late… sorry

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess Who Is Having A Birthday?

Yep... Carol Sue's (a.k.a. Missy)70th birthday is today. She has survived 40 years of teaching... Her hairy legged, ornery baby boy... and yours truly.

Carol I hope you have many, many more year with us to laugh, love and play and each year gets easier and better for you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Remember These Babies?

garden and guineas 020

garden and guineas 021 The new guinea babies…  These pictures were taken 7/27/2010.

Look at them now! These photos I took today.

guineas  9.13.2010 015 They’ve almost shed all their baby feathers…

guineas  9.13.2010 003 They patrol the fields around the house…

guineas  9.13.2010 004 Always pretty much in a pack,

guineas  9.13.2010 017 Then into the yard, patrolling for any little bug, grasshoppers, ticks and any other buglet that they can find.

guineas  9.13.2010 037 Once in a while they will perch on the fence out the back door… lined up for a Spud inspection.

guineas  9.13.2010 043 Stopping by to say hello and to preen a bit.

Then it’s time to settle in for the night…

guineas  9.13.2010 055They are grown up enough to be able to fly up into the big oak tree by the house, roosting up high where they are safe from wandering dogs and predators like coyotes.

guineas  9.13.2010 061

There are scraps and tussles for “THE” best roosting spot in a guineas mind, kind of like us kids playing king of the hill on a dirt pile.

guineas  9.13.2010 063 As it gets darker they get harder to spot… but if you go outside to go to your car or to walk to the workshop you are treated to what I fondly have named… “The Guinea Hallelujah Chorus”.  I mean the chooks (in deference to my friends ‘down under’) tune up and start to set up the alarm… I’m talking they are better than any alarm set-up you could go out and buy.

It’s 11:54 p.m. and I’ve got to get this posted… 

What will come tomorrow?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Gotta Get On This Earlier In The Day…

I’ve been gone since 10 a.m. this morning… trying to get stuff done.  I got home in time for beans, cornbread, fried okra and fried potatoes… Then was sitting here and watching the news and it hit me….

I hadn’t posted yet today.  Crap!  Okay so there are going to be days like this but it seems like a buttload of them have jumped on me since I started this personal challenge of posting something every day this month.  I guess my bulldog tenacity has kicked in now.  I hate to commit to something and then not carry through on my commitment.  So I’ve decided that I will share something that I have carried in my wallet for forty years…

“Not By Bread Alone: After Hippocrates”

Written in 1907 by James Terry White and read:

“If thou of fortune be bereft

And in thy store there be but left

Two loaves, sell one and with the dole

Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”



I’ll try do more tomorrow but I had to get a post together for this evening so I decided to share something that’s been near and dear and given me inspiration for many, many years.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

How About Some Help, Y’All…

I’m trying to pick out some pictures to send in to Oklahoma Living Magazine.  Since I’ve messed around until almost 10 p.m. and I haven’t written a post yet I’m bailing by asking if you all have any ideas about which of these I should submit…

310 Okra blossom and okra.

483 Trailer trash bird feeder… or it could be called an Okie recycler bird feeder.

040 Cone flowers with butterfly and tree limbs in garden.

367 Storm’s abrewin’  sky. 

1644 Okra photo #2.

952Daylily taken at dusk.

1874 Flicker on feeder in the rain.

2320 Stump planter.

2717 Butterfly and bee on sunflower.

3041 Look at that body… that’s why I call them laying like this frog-doggin’…  This isn’t one that I want to send to the magazine… this is just to break up the tension of choosing.

Favorite red t.v. pic Trumpet vine and dead stump grown around fence.

special j.c. rose closeup Joseph’s Coat rose blossom close-up.

another j.c. closeup Joseph’s Coat rose #2.

Favorite rose Joseph’s Coat rose #3.

bubbles in the stream Bubbles in the stream.

garden ball in snow Glass garden ball in the snow.

I know… too many choices.  I have more but it is getting close to 11 p.m. and I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow.  Feel free to pick more than one.  I can enter as many as I want to pay $5 to enter.  There weren’t any parameters or specific categories other than Oklahoma pictures.  Always before Oklahoma Living has had recipe contests for their fund raiser for different Oklahoma charities.  This year they decided to do Oklahoma photographs. The charity for this year is Oklahoma Spay Network.

Maybe I ought to pick out some dog photos for you all to look at, too…