Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Having Trouble...

Finding the pictures I wanted to post and make a tale of today. Seems like I'm having a severe attack of CRS disease (can't remember shit) today. One of these days, if the CRS doesn't immediately go into CRAFT Disease (can't remember a friggin' thing), I'll have a brain attack and sit down and catalogue my pictures so I don't get so dadgum frustrated when I go looking for them. So for now, I'll just post the following Public Service Message:

And ask the question... Why did we, as women, always get the blame for passing std's (sexually transmitted diseases) when it was always the guys that were dippin' their sticks into anything they could and always trying to talk us into laying down for it?

Okay. That's my rant for today. If I find the photos I'm looking for, I'll post them up later.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For My Blogging Friends...

Who are ass-deep in snow...

Here's some more.

These were taken when we were still living in Bartlesville, north of Tulsa almost to Kansas. This was our 14" snow in December, 2006. We do get some snow dumped on us in Oklahoma, it just doesn't last as long.

This was on our back patio. The large chests held our Christmas lights. I had gotten them out to start decorating for the holidays. Needless to say I had to wait for three days to put them up.

I stuck a metal yardstick in the snow to see how deep it was... Deeper than Chloe and SueSue were tall. I had to shovel a couple of paths out into the yard so they could 'relieve' themselves.

They love the snow. They would jump in and bite it and romp and play like pups.

Icicles out our back door. I'm smiling. I like a good snow...

Once a year.

No birds home today... they all went south.

Our home had nice, deep eaves so there wasn't as much snow on the patio table, but there was enough to make a nice photo. Carol's son, Jeff, made this birdhouse for his mom when he was about 10. He's now 34.

This is a cold looking sun.

I liked the frosty, cold look of this yard ornament.

Snow on the neighbor's pine tree.

Ornamental grass I had planted the year before. I love how it looked on the seed heads.

And, for the big finale.... I'm standing under the eaves on the back patio for this shot. The snow was coming off the roof, but it was so cold it had frozen this way the night before. I took this before I started knocking it down so it wouldn't fall on my girls and squash them.

Just wanted you Mainers to know I was thinking about you all.

It does look nicer at someone else's house, ehh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Next Installment Of 100 Things...

I thought that it would be difficult to figure out 100 things about me and my life, but that has not been the difficult part for me. Onward and upward...

11. Saying "I" so much is very hard. From childhood's hours I have been taught that "we" is more important than "I'.

"We" had cocker spaniels growing up. The one in the photo at left was Domino. There was another one at the same time that was spotted and was called Checkers. I had lost my two front teeth in this photo.

12. I have been horse crazy all my life. Here I'm getting my first "big horse" ride. I was absolutely a pest about it, I'm sure, to please take me for a ride again. All I wanted to do was be around horses. Pet them, ride them or just look at them. This was at one of our family reunions in Tennessee and my cousin (third or something) was kind enough to ride me around for a bit.

The only thing my father ever apologized to me for (and there were many things he could have picked) was not living in the country where I could have a horse. He was on drugs after his prostate surgery in his 70's when he surprised me with that little gem.

13. My oldest sister, Lu Ann, died when she was 23, about a month before I turned 13. She had a brain anuerism and died very suddenly. She left behind three children. More about her at another time.

Here I am, passing on the first ride to my niece. Nancy Lu went to Tennessee with us the summer after her mom, my sister, died. She is the youngest of the three children and is the only girl, so mom felt it was important for her to go with us to keep surrounding her with love and making her feel safe. She was two and she loved that Aunt Helen took her for a ride.

The horse we were on belonged to my Aunt Fannie (dad's sister) and Uncle Ed. He was half Tennessee Walker and half American Saddle Bred and was like sitting in a rocking chair when you rode him. I don't remember his name, but I can still feel the ride. The saddle was a plantation saddle. It was different from western saddles in that there was no horn, only a swell and overall much flatter, more like an English saddle. Lightweight and comfortable.

14. I loved to make mud pies. And I was very good at it. Mom always liked the pictures of me when I was younger because I usually had a dress on, not like when I got old enough and dressed myself. Then it was shorts or britches. If you look closely you can see, under my right hand, my toes... Barefoot again.

15. I'm a 'half-breed'. Half Tennesseean and half Texan. I used to tell dad that I was sure he was my dad because I got my 'one leg shorter than the other' from him. From always walking around on the side of the mountains...
My Texan side was responsible for my love of horses.

16. I took some modeling classes when I was 16. My sister Sue said I'd be a good model. I was tall and I 'swaggered' when I walked.

17. I got my first "perm" when I was 4. My mom and my Aunt Mack rolled me up and smelled me up. The permanent solution smelled so bad back in the day. Even worse than now. Mom was so excited that her baby girl had some curls. I don't remember it but I'm betting it didn't last very long. My hair is so straight and fine as frog hair, so unless my hair is short, the curl falls out of it pretty quick.

18. My grandmother, Lucy Irene (Morgan) Venable, was a school marm. She is on the left side of the photo, in the light lapels and she is holding a school bell in her right hand. You can click on the photo to make it bigger. There will be more stories on Lucy down the road.

19. I learned how to spin a rope when I was about 10. The only neighbor that was a girl my age, her daddy made both of us spinning lariats and taught us how to spin them. I'll have to try it again to see if I can still do it.

20. When I was in 5th grade the school had a talent show. I cracked a bullwhip. I did a repeated double crack for them and I cracked a piece of paper out of my brother's hand. Without hitting him. They would let me put out a candle, though, because of the fire codes. My daddy taught us how to crack a whip. He had used one growing up on the farm in Tennessee.

21. I was a hippie chick. Bell bottoms, hip-huggers, Indian bull hide sandals and shag hair cut. I thought I was cool, with-it and hip.

22. I love to sketch and paint (mostly watercolors). I don't do near enough of it since I got to computing. I need to try to do more. It satisfies my soul.

23. My favorite toy as a child was a ball. In my baby book my mom wrote that I could dribble a basketball 100 times with0ut missing before I was 4.

24. I went to summer school between my freshman and sophomore year in high school and again between my sophmore and junior year, because I liked school.

25. I have an exaggerated fear of throwing up. For that reason alone, I rarely drink and when I do, I will only have one or two drinks over an extended period of time.

Whew... I hope you all are enjoying this... I didn't mean to write a book. 1/4 through 100. Time for a rest break now and to go do some reading.

Friday, February 20, 2009

By Now You Know...

That I'm just a bit (read 'a lot') twisted, at least according to some folks. I like to think I have fun with my life. I think if you don't have a good time, for the most part, then what is the reason for living? That being said...



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This, Helen Gardner, Is Some Of Your Life...

It's a bit past due, quit laffin' Dar, but after much meditation and many scenarios, I decided that 100 Things about me was fair enough to be requested. The proviso is if I'm going to do this, I am going to do this with the help of photos. To the left is moi at about 2 1/2.

You see I get embarrassed talking about myself, but by using pictures I'm only telling a story. It will be about thing in my life, but the pictures could be my props and it won't seem like I'm braggin' about ma-self, don't cha' know.

And feel lucky if you get 10 at a time, cause I did 10 for Honest Scrap and it about wore me out, so be knowing I has to has a break for a while after spilling my guts. So here goes...

1. I was born and reared in Okla. City. This photo was taken at my Aunt Macks and Uncle Bud's place at S.E. 15 and High. More later on them.

2. I have a birthmark on my butt. No photo ---yet.

3. I have flannel flamingo pjs.

4. I've always wanted to live on a beach

5. I'm legally blind so must wear glasses at all times when I'm out of bed because I literally have been know to walk into posts... and apologize.

6. I learned to ride a bike, my oldest sister's when I was about 4. There was no way I could even get close to the seat, except in the middle of my back because it was a big girl bike. So I stood and peddled and steered hanging on to handlebars above my head. Now they call 'em 'ape hangers'.

7.That was the summer I was bitten in the face by my aunt and uncle's farm dog. Scared hell out of everyone but me. Head wounds bleed bad and, yes, even 60 years later I still have scars, one on my bottom lip and another in my left eyebrow.

8. This was also the summer that my Uncle Bud tried to teach me to milk a cow, but I didn't get very good until I was about 6 because my hands were chubby little things and not very strong.

9. I started washing dishes when I was about 5. Mom would set the kitchen stool up to the sink for me and let me wash the silverware and non-breakables. I was a big help, I just know I was.

10. I loved school. I was so excited to get started in kindergarten because then I be a big girl like my two older sisters. Tried to put these three photos side - by- side but blogger has ideas of it's own... These 3 were taken on my first day of kindergarten and I was so excited to go to school that I could hardly be still. I don't know why the photos are the way they are... perhaps I ought to google Google to try to fix the problem... or would we find that it would be an exercise in futility. I have figured out that Google sometimes has a mind of it's own and I wonder if his name is "Hal". (name that movie) (L. click = Bigger)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Check This Out...

If you read my birthday post, you know I didn't remember getting a baby brother because there was already a mess of us kids and another one was kind of like 'oh, well'. Do you remember my present I did remember? My BOOTS.

While scanning a bunch of older photos, I ran across this photo of me and my cousin Bonnie Rae coloring in the floor of our home and I had on my boots!! Of course I had to come back and share it. (Left Click on photo=Bigger)

And share Bonnie, too. She grew up in California, way too far to see very often back in the olden days, but we either drove out for a visit every few years or they came to Oklahoma every now and then. What is so special to me is that whenever we have gotten together... 4 or 5 times since she got married a bunch of years ago and moved to Vermont... It's like we just pick up where we left off.

I keep threatening to get my middle Bro to drive up there with me, but I think it'll have to be pretty soon because Bro's starting to drive like Stearns (our dad), looking at the birds and the trees, etc., etc., and I don't want to have to drive the whole way myself.

Bonnie will understand when she reads this because all of us kids and all of our cousins were terrorized at some point in their lives by Uncle's (to them) driving. Any time any of us got our license to drive, dad got booted out from under the wheel. So I'm going to have to shoot for this late summer/early fall. I need a Bonnie fix... It's been way too long.

All us Okies have sure missed you Cuz.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Today It's All About The "Twins"...

My mom and dad, about the time they started working on their last two (of six) children. They were not deterred by the first four children, first a son, then a daughter, another son and another daughter.

They decided they wanted more... I'm not sure that they were ready for what they got, but they always swore that they loved us.

This, I'm sure, is what they wanted... All spiffy and hair combed and curled, me in a nice little dress, my baby brother in an age appropriate suit and a clean white shirt.

It was boy, girl, boy, girl until I came along to mess up the order of their lives on this day in 1945. They gave it (at least) one last shot, as it were, and on this same day in 1948 my baby brother was born.

Dad was ecstatic, he had 6 of the 8 children he wanted. There were 3 boys and 3 girls. Mom and the doctor said if he wanted 2 more to make it 8, he could have them. After all, mom was 36 when I was born and 39 when Bennett was born. Enough is enough, especially when the last 2 could think up and get into more orneriness than the first 4 put together.

All my sibs and I are tight. All in different ways. Baby brother and I have a special bond. The same birthday, twins, seperated by three years. I teased him for a long time that since he was born on my birthday, a Friday the Thirteenth, it took me years to decide it was good luck. But if you look close at the photos, you know what I know... It was great luck. For me, anyway, and I think he would agree.

My daddy said that when he came home and told me I had a baby brother for my birthday, he asked what I wanted for the next birthday... he swore that I told him twins.

I don't remember getting a baby brother for my birthday, after all, there was a mess of us kids already and I probably wasn't too impressed with another brother. I do remember, however, that I got my first pair of cowboy boots. Now THAT, to me, was impressive.

Now the first pair of boots has long ago bit the dust, but that bond with my brother, my twin three years removed, has done nothing but grow over the last 61 years.

So Happy Birthday Baby Brother, my 61 year old baby brother, from your 64 year old big sister. If we still had the boxing gloves we could go another round.

Oh, yeah... THIS is what mom and dad got... a bare-footed baby girl with fine, unruly hair and a dressed to the nines WITH a hat baby boy.

Aren't birthdays GREAT!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thanks, Tipper!!

Tipper, over at Blind Pig And The Acorn who won the Hoochie MaMa Wahoo jewelry, was nice enough to send some photos wearing the necklace a couple of different ways.

She feels like the photos were kinda dorky, but she was kind enough to send them on anyway. I thought they were pretty darn good, but I don't much like to have pictures taken of myself and think that all the photos of me look pretty dorky, too.

Anyway, thank you Tip for being kind enough to share, despite your hesitations.

I had asked her if I could quote from her e-mail and she said I could, but I decided the smile in the third photo said plenty enough.

I think you look pretty great.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day...

In our neighborhood. Despite bad storms north and south of us, we made the night just fine. We had some small hail, just for a few minutes, and some pretty good rain. It's sunshiny and cool out this morning. I haven't ventured out yet because I'm pretty achy from the storm front, but I'll get to moving around because I have stuff to do. But I'm not doing anything willingly, just 'cause I have to... I'll be better tomorrow.

Thought I'd better post just in case you were wondering.


(the old wreck)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quiet Sunday...

Enjoy a few of my favorites... and yes, these are all some I've grown.

(Click = Bigger)

Red Trumpet Vine

All are right out of the camera. Not yet edited.


Close up of orange gladiola

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anybody Thirsty?

Staci, over at The Bliss Of It All, gave me the Lemonade Award, for attitude and/or gratitude. I'd like to think I have all of it, although some folks around here would say that some days they don't appreciate my attitude...

However I do know that I have all my life tried to be grateful for everything that has come my way. I've basically had pretty good health, even with the fibro, I have great siblings and I have had and still have some pretty wonderful friends, even back to school days. I love to go outside and feel the wind on my face, the dirt under my fingernails, even the rain on my head. I might gripe at one point and the next turn around and say how wonderful the day, weather, dinner, movie, whatever is...

When I get hit with the joy of living, I just have to share it. Please don't get me wrong, I'm no PollyAnna, but dang, it's good to be alive! Especially now when the days are getting longer, more sunshine, and I'm taking a break from working out in the garden, cleaning up getting ready for the fellow that's coming tomorrow to turn up the garden for us. Can anyone tell that I'm seasonally effected?

Okay, here's the Lemonade Stand Instructions:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 8 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude. 3. Link to your nominees within your post. 4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award. So here goes...

My Random Insanities

My New Thing To Do

Adopting M.E.

Twisted Fencepost

From Here To Anxiety...My Lapband Journey

Life Just Keps Getting Weirder

Blind Pig And The Acorn


All of these folks, for one reason or another exemplify the attitude/gratitude aspect of this award. I enjoy reading each and every one and I can say that I think all of you would find them fun to read.

So, Staci, thank you for feeling inclined to send this award my way. I'm very thankful for you and all my blogging friends out in this wonderful world.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Am I The Only One...

That has trouble writing short comments? I've noticed that when I go to other blogs and read something I want to comment on, I seem to tend towards writing a small novella. I guess I feel that if I really enjoy or identify with something someone has written, or in Rick's case drawn, I must say more than, 'fun post' or 'good job'. It makes me envious of those whose comments are a little (a lot) more succinct.

I haven't had anyone yell at me yet to "just shut up, okay!" and I guess with this internet stuff we have all the space we want, but it's just one of those things I noticed about myself and thought everyone is either being terribly polite or they don't mind me expressing my thoughts on their space.

Personally, I like any comments... short or long. I just like to read and to feel like I've found someone, or some many, folks that I just flat enjoy talking to and I've pretty much never met a stranger. At least until I get to know 'em a little and then I'd wish they were a stranger.

No, not really. I'm pretty much a people person and I guess that I've found this wonderful wide world of friends just waiting to be met. I stand in constant and utter amazement of the technological breakthroughs in our world just in my lifetime.

I guess I'm just in cyber-heaven.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My First Award...

Gingerjar gave me the Honest Scrap Award. The rules for the Honest Scrap award -

The honorees are to:

(a)First, list 10 honest things about yourself and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep...

(b)Pass the award on to 7 people you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap award.

Simple, right? I don't think so... but here goes...

1. I'm not one to be dishonest, but I also don't like saying anything that might hurt someone. So don't ask my opinion if you don't want to know.

2. If anyone ever came to my home on a surprise visit, my mom would roll over in her grave because usually it is cluttered with piles of magazines and catalogs, etc. that I like to double check or re-read before I give up and get rid of them. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the looks of the house, I'm not the only one around here that has piles... (not the medical kind!)

3. I am a HUGE procrastinator, unless it is something I really want to do. Then it gets done pretty quick.

4. The older I get the more picky I am about being late if I'm committed to being somewhere. This has been a radical change in my life.

5. I hate to get started on house cleaning, but once I get started, stay-the-hell-out-of-my-way, and I don't like to half-ass clean.

6. My temper and my anxiety level have both increased dramatically the last several years... and I hate that about myself.

7. I love to create jewelry, to draw, to paint, to do stained glass work and I have things in all those categories that I've started and not finished...for years.

8. There is one pointillism ink drawing that I feel if I ever finish it I will be done with my life. So it will probably never be finished. And I have no idea why I feel that way.

9. My needs are simple, but my wants are way more than I have money or energy for... and sometimes that gets really difficult for me to cope with.

10. I love doing things for other people, but sometimes I resent having to do other things for people... if that makes any sense.

Whew... That was not an easy task, but I will have to say it is somewhat cathartic... Gives me a glimpse into why a person would write an autobiography.

Okay... for 7 folks that I'm passing this award on to:

Twisted Fencepost

Silence Is Broken


My New Thing To Do

Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets

The Bliss Of It All

Shay's Mom

Now I have a question for all of my adoring fans... Someone told me that when you (or me), as a blogger, reaches 100 posts, that you are supposed to write 100 things about yourself and your world. Sort of an unwritten blog rule thing. Did I miss that in the unwritten blogging rules?

I knew all of you would be the best people I could ask! Thanks.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm A Little Slow...

Some days, to be posting, I mean. Life somehow has a way of interfering with my life. Things like, oh, going to basketball games, going to see my niece, her hubs and kids and grandkids and today I'm heading into the city to go watch the Lady Sooners play the Lady Vols.

Both teams have big followings so we have to go to Okla. City to the Ford Center, where our new pro basketball team, the OKC Thunder plays, so there will be adequate seating available. The Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, where both the men and women hoopsters play their games only seats about 12,000, and I guess the powers that be decided that there ought to be seating for Tennessee's followers since Pat Summit is going for her 1,000th win this evening.

She has been Tennessee's coach for years and has built an excellent program and I root for her teams a lot. Except, of course, when they play OU. Nothing personal you understand, but I'd like for our girls to postpone Coach Summit's 1,000th win until later in the week, whilst playing another team.

Anyway... I'm trying to get stuff done around here because I'll be heading out a bit early today and go recreat by jumping to my feet, sitting back down, jumping to my feet again, yelling and waving my arms around, and mybe, just maybe, indulging in those nasty cheese nachos or a good ol' hotdog.

I've sent out give-away stuff to all who have e-mailed me an address so you should be receiving your goodies any day. For those of you who have not yet sent me your addresses, as soon as I get them I'll get the goods in the mail so you can have them in time for Valentine's Day.

If not this year then next...