Friday, February 13, 2009

Today It's All About The "Twins"...

My mom and dad, about the time they started working on their last two (of six) children. They were not deterred by the first four children, first a son, then a daughter, another son and another daughter.

They decided they wanted more... I'm not sure that they were ready for what they got, but they always swore that they loved us.

This, I'm sure, is what they wanted... All spiffy and hair combed and curled, me in a nice little dress, my baby brother in an age appropriate suit and a clean white shirt.

It was boy, girl, boy, girl until I came along to mess up the order of their lives on this day in 1945. They gave it (at least) one last shot, as it were, and on this same day in 1948 my baby brother was born.

Dad was ecstatic, he had 6 of the 8 children he wanted. There were 3 boys and 3 girls. Mom and the doctor said if he wanted 2 more to make it 8, he could have them. After all, mom was 36 when I was born and 39 when Bennett was born. Enough is enough, especially when the last 2 could think up and get into more orneriness than the first 4 put together.

All my sibs and I are tight. All in different ways. Baby brother and I have a special bond. The same birthday, twins, seperated by three years. I teased him for a long time that since he was born on my birthday, a Friday the Thirteenth, it took me years to decide it was good luck. But if you look close at the photos, you know what I know... It was great luck. For me, anyway, and I think he would agree.

My daddy said that when he came home and told me I had a baby brother for my birthday, he asked what I wanted for the next birthday... he swore that I told him twins.

I don't remember getting a baby brother for my birthday, after all, there was a mess of us kids already and I probably wasn't too impressed with another brother. I do remember, however, that I got my first pair of cowboy boots. Now THAT, to me, was impressive.

Now the first pair of boots has long ago bit the dust, but that bond with my brother, my twin three years removed, has done nothing but grow over the last 61 years.

So Happy Birthday Baby Brother, my 61 year old baby brother, from your 64 year old big sister. If we still had the boxing gloves we could go another round.

Oh, yeah... THIS is what mom and dad got... a bare-footed baby girl with fine, unruly hair and a dressed to the nines WITH a hat baby boy.

Aren't birthdays GREAT!!!


darsden said...

Great Post Helen Love looking into your family. Wow, that is a lot of kids a big family for sure but I know how much fun us 3 kids had at Christmas so I know ya'll must of had the same kind of fun. Great photos too.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

This is fantastic!! What a perfect blog for your special day. And how cool that you and your brother share the same bday!!

Hallie :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

happy birthday to you and your brother... my friend has a son and 3 years later had a daughter for his birthday... so she knows exactly how your mom and dad feels LOL. they have 3 kids two boys and a girl.

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Enjoyed the post. I love old pictures. For my birthday, my sister sent me a hallmark card with one of those old photos on the front. I swear it is a picture of my long lost twin. We had a big laugh. Have a wonderful
♥Valentines Day♥ Helen!

Nola said...

I really, really liked that post!! A great little insight into your life. I didn't realise it was your birthday!! I hope you had a most fantastic day....
Your little bro is very fortunate to have a sister like you looking out for him.

kim-d said...

Awww! Happy, Happy Birthday Helen and Bennett (belatedly)!!!

You two were SO cute; I love the knobby knees that only skinny little kids have, and all scarred up from playing outside. Those were the days, my friend.

I love the pic of your parents, too. I just know that, in a previous life, I lived in the 1940s. It's my favorite era. I love the music, I love the way people talked, I love the way they looked--like your parents. They look like two very happy people.

And maybe it's just me, but I think you and your little birthday twin brother looked just perfect!

Wonderful post.

darsden said...

Sorry Helen, I forgot to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Hope all your wishes come true.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute post, Helen.
Happy birthday to you and your brother.

The Wife said...

Sweet post. Hope you both had great birthdays!

jojo said...

Happy Birthday Helen and Bennett! Wow, your mama and papa done good ;) Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. It makes me want to get the old picture box out and take a walk down memory lane.
I can't tell you how lucky you are to have that connection with your sibs...I can see you already know it. Have a great

Debbie Jean said...

Happy Belated Birthday Helen and Bennett. Great blog!! What a nice thing to have a bro with the same birthday. Sure takes away the Friday the 13th bad things, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing! Hope that you both had great days!!

God Bless~

Tipper said...

Loved this post Helen! So wonderful when siblings are close. The pictures of you and your brother are adorable-I like the last one best-2 cutie pies for sure.

And a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Helen! THANK YOU so MUCH for dropping by my place and signing up to follow. What a nice surprise on Valentine's Day!

LOVED the post and pictures about your family and siblings. How very, VERY special to have that tight bond. I am truly envious. My sister is gone and the rest....well, let's just say it will all show up on the blog sooner or later. But I have tried to build a healthy family here so my children will have the happy bonds you do. Blessings and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday)!

Lisa said...

Not only are the birthdays great but it seems the memories are as well. You are lucky to be so close to your siblings. I have two brothers and as I would do anything in the world for them, I never see or hardly talk to them. Seems life is just so busy and remember I have been gone for 30 years, AND they are guys to boot.
So happy birthday a day late, and I so hope it was a GREAT one!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, lovely post!!

DocSly said...

Helen, Happy birthday to you. My only sibling is a brother who is nine years younger. The older we get the closer the bond. After all, it is only the two of us now. I bet you had fun then and I bet you have fun now.