Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today is OU's (Oklhoma University) first game of the season. The girls and I will be ready for football. Excuse all the mess in the photo... It was taken at Christmas time last year for the bowl game and I wasn't even dreaming back then that I'd be blogging. But I thought, what the hell!! I write about all kinds of stuff around here anyway, and what's a little mess around friends?! I've got a baby shower to go to first, then I'll be at a friend's home rooting the Sooners on!! I hope for all you football fans that your teams win today... unless they are playing the Sooners.

Boomer Sooners!!!



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just In Case...

Most everyone that has stopped by my little blog know that we depend on satellites for our internet. After experiencing a number of problems last week end we found out that our satellite "gateway" is in Texas and there were problems receiving the signals because of the hurricane induced storms. Well, now we have another hurricane, Gustav, that is predicted to create havoc in the Gulf of Mexico in the next three or four days, so I may be able to post or not... depending on hurricanes, storms or whatever else that Wild Blue may think up to tell their customers when we can't get on line. Don't get me wrong... I'm so thankful that we are able to have high-speed internet at all and we, basically, have had very good luck with Wild Blue. It just seems odd to me that there is only one area that can receive and send out the satellite signals for our area. But then it has only been the last few years that I've been able to turn on the computer without having nervous heebeegeebies and I have no clue about how it gets to me and how I send it out. It just seems odd to me that there is only the one area that receives the signals. I mean if I can sit here and type it and hit a button and whatever I've written is out there, all over the air waves, then I ought to be able to get signals from north, south, east or west.

So if I'm not on here for a few days, look at the weather channel and check out what's happening in south Texas. If it's storming, I'll probably be 'stewing'.

Just letting y'all know in advance...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Love Google...

I'm sure that anyone that drops by my site knows full well by now that I'm such a newbie at all this computer stuff. I was drug, kicking and screaming, into the computer age by my roomie and my brother back in my fifties. My wonderful middle brother... He moved back in with our aging parents and cared for them so they could stay at home, and for a time he was also able to work outside the home. One of the jobs that he had was working for AOL as a phone tech and one of his perks were two AOL accounts. He, of course, had his and the second one he set up for Missy and for me. I didn't understand that at all since I was afraid to even turn the computer on for fear of blowing it up, but they both assured me that would not happen. The big incentive for me was communication with my sibs. While I hate to write a letter because my handwriting is crap, I don't mind typing and I always, it seems, have something to tell one or the other or all of my sibs and now friends, too.

So, anyway, here I am, 10+ years later trying to figure out this blogging stuff and write my thoughts about whatever pops into my mind while I still have one, and one of the things that popped into my head today was how much fun it is to google. While I am one of those people who has a lot of useless info floating around in my cerebrum, sometmes there are questions that come up that I'm not sure about and what fun it is to type in that little space and click that magnifying glass and walaaa!! Answers, not just one, but millions of choices for the answers!! Too.Much.Fun.

I'm a happy camper. An instantaneous way to add to the compendium of mostly useless knowledge shoved into the grey matter... Now if I can just remember the facts when I want or need them. But if I can't, I can always google them.... again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marry a Girl from Oklahoma..

I can't take credit for this joke. I just liked it and thought I'd pass it on... In other words... my brain is lazy today.

> Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had
> given their new wives duties.
> The first man had married a woman from Colorado and had
> told her that she was
> going to do dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple
> days, but on the third day
> he came home to a clean house and dishes washed and put
> away.
> The second man had married a woman from Nebraska He had
> given his wife orders
> that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and the
> cooking. The first day he didn't
> see any results, but the next day he saw it was better. By
> the third day, he saw his
> house was clean, the dishes were done, and there was a huge
> dinner on the table.
> The third man had married a girl from Oklahoma. He told her
> that her duties were to keep
> the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry
> washed and hot meals on
> the table for every meal. He said the first day he
> didn't see anything, the second day
> he didn't see anything, but by the third day some of
> the swelling had gone down and
> he could see a little out of his left eye, enough to fix
> himself a bite to eat and load
> the dishwasher.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Grass Roots Movement...


This just in off the blogging wire....

There is a groundswell rumbling through our country. An event of epic (maybe) purportion, preportion, porportion, well, a big damn event. And it was conceived in the mind of a retired militant, errrrr, a retired military person, a blogger, a woman. I am now formally endorsing this candidate. You want someone to clean up the government? This woman can do it. Big business? No problem. Fuel costs? She will handle that, too. How do I know this? She has two teenage sons and two wiener dogs, and, lest we forget, a marvelous husband, and if she can deal with them, she can deal with anything!!! Want proof? Go check it out...
Wonderful World of Wieners

Stand up America! Stand up for women's rights! Stand up for wieners! Stand up for the rights of the little guy... Now get out there and VOTE.

(this is not a paid political ad... this is just part of the ground swell of a swell idea...)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Lost My A....

Well, actually I didn't lose it because I still have my 'a', but the metal clip that holds it to my keyboard is gone. While I'm getting used to typing with a different "feel" to my 'a' finger, I just thought I would write about it because, as we all know, I could use a proof reader and sometimes I miss the little mistakes. So if you see words with an extra 'a', like baanaana, or words that are missing an 'a', like wht's that or such, just know that I've lost the "feeling" in my 'a' and I miss it sometimes.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Big freakin' mosquitoes!!! Biting like crazy mosquitoes!!! I had mowed earlier today along the road in front of our place and some inside the fence, but I took a break for a while, ate some supper and decided to go out and mow around our pond/swamp/mud hole. Silly me, I thought being on the smelly hot mower and moving along at a rapid, oh, I don't know, maybe 5 mph pace that the mosquitoes wouldn't bother me.... Wrong!! After 4 days of off and on rain, about 6 inches total, the mosquitoes had been breeding like there was no tomorrow and, like any good sex orgy, if you don't smoke, how about a nice snack afterwards?!! I used to joke when I was younger and went to parties that people always invited me to the back yard bar-b-ques because all the mosquitoes would go for me and the other guests, friends, freeloaders, etc., could eat and visit in peace because I would be somewhere around the back yard doing the St. Vitus dance or looking like the mad swatter run-a-muck. When those babies bite me I get quarter to half dollar size welts on me and the dang bastards can find me no matter where I am. It would at least give me some satisfaction when I would manage to swat one of them and they would splat blood on my arm, leg, neck, face or where ever I manage to hit them, knowing if I couldn't eat for swatting them, I could interrupt their supper. And I do know, even in my old age, to put the bug spray or lotion on after supper time if I go out, but I hate to put that stuff on my skin, knowing all the stuff about deet and all that stuff in the sprays and lotions that keep the buggers from biting.

MMMmmmhhhmmmm.. and I smoked for close to 35 years and had unprotected sex back in the olden days and I worry about DEET?

Yes I was blonde when I was younger.... just mousy brown now without the bleach. Got to go put the benadryl lotion on my bites to stop the itch. Have a good evening.

A Little Bit Of Sunshine...

We have not had any rain for the last twenty four hours so I jumped on the riding mower and got after the tall grass on the outside of our fence all along our road. When I went out to get the paper yesterday and saw all the goatheads (stickers, big freakin' painful stickers) I knew that the mowing had to be high on the outdoor priority list. If you live out in the country around here you have to fight them all the time. We had them beat back pretty good in the areas inside the fence but it seems like if you don't or can't mow for a couple of weeks, there they are, waiting for you when you go to weed or weed eat and, dang, they hurt when you get 'em stuck in your fingers or when you kneel in the garden to weed and get them in your knees or your seat if you sit back on your heels and find you have picked them up in the legs of your jeans. And if my fur babies get in them I always get stuck trying to get them out of their fur. Chloe, my older baby, will stop where ever she is and hold up her paw with that "Mommy, help" look in her eyes. SueSue will gimp and go and I have to call her down so she will stop and let me get it out. So I gave up an afternoon of Olympics and mowed as much as I could without getting stuck in some of the low spots, but I'm back at the 'puter, in front of the television and ready to root on the U.S. in whatever is on tonight.

And, yes, we are supposed to get more rain tomorrow, so I did good getting off my lazy butt!!

Hope you all have a good day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I like the rain. It's very calming and I sleep very well with the rain coming down steadily, gently. There's a couple of things that are not wonderful with the rain, though. When it starts to rain, we lose our satellite internet. We are far enough out in the country that we have no cable, so we have to depend on satellites for our television and our internet, and our television satellite is just that, television. So we have to have another company for our internet. Fortunately the tv doesn't go out quite as easily, but we have had some pretty bad storms come through that have knocked out the tv satellite as well, which makes you a bit nervous when you live in the Oklahoma, in tornado alley, in a mobile home, but that's another story. The other thing bad about a rain front is that it makes me hurt. I've noticed the last several years that when the barometer changes my fibromyalgia kicks up and I just hurt. So I usually end up back in bed with my two living hot water bottles cuddled up to me. Not that I mind a nap, but I just get tired of being tired and hurting sometimes. Then it quits raining and I go out and walk around the yard and take photos like these:

I am blessed in soooo many ways...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

I'm sitting here this beautiful Sunday morning watching the sculling competition from Beijing. I love the Olympic Games, and I especially enjoy watching the sculls. I have always wanted to try rowing. It just looks so peaceful, out on the water, pulling on your oars in such a rhythmical beat, in tune with yourself, the boat, the water. I don't have any idea where this desire was born or why I feel so drawn to it, but I hope, before I die, to be able to try it to see if it is all that I feel that it would be. Knowing me, I would probably tip over, but then I never had been afraid of getting wet. Come to think of it, as long as I can remember I've had people telling me I'm all wet anyway.

Ahhh, if you don't have dreams, what do you have?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Again...

Last Saturday my brother and sister-in-law called me and wanted me to meet them for brunch. They had driven up to Okla. City for a medical meeting, and since they were in the vicinity, decided to call so we could have a visit while they were up this way. We met at a Cracker Barrel (love those pancakes) and to make a long story short, they kidnapped me. Well, not really kidnapped since they had to follow me out into the country so I could get some clothes and drop off my truck and tell my friend that I was being abducted for a few days. They had not been to my home since we got it last year so they got to find out where in the boonies we were and got to see the garden and I dug up a mess of red potatoes, picked some tomatoes and okra and loaded up and headed south to Ft. Worth. My sister-in-law had finished her schooling a year ago to become an ordained minister, and while she is not looking for a church to be assigned to, she can, and has, married 'em and buried 'em and she tries to save folks souls in between, but last Sunday was the first time that she was going to take the pulpit of their church for the main Sunday service. Now, this is a fairly good sized church and she had been asked, instead of the associate pastor, to preach while the pastor was at conference , so she was, understandably, pretty nervous and she really wanted me and other family members there for moral and emotional support. I don't really understand why she wanted me there, since I basically am pretty much a heathen even though I do believe in God, about the only time I go to church anymore is when I'm in Ft. Worth visiting at their home, but she and I get along real well and she does value my opinion, which, of course, I don't offer unless I'm asked.... or mad, or just in the mood to opinionize. So that's the reason I've been away. I was abducted and my brother couldn't un-abduct me until yesterday because he was on duty at the hospital, but I'm back now and looking forward to speculating, cogitating and agitating on any thing that comes to what little mind I have left, and am glad to be back to my slower paced way of life.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Friday, August 8, 2008


My folks raised all us kids to be well spoken and polite. No cussin' allowed. If one of us would say darn, mom would say, "you might as well say damn.", and needless to say we knew better than to say damn. Same with heck, "...hell...', gosh, "..God.." and so forth. We knew that there were things that were not to pass through our lips because any stupid dolt could cuss and we should be able say what we needed to say without swearing because we were encouraged to expand our vocabulary so we wouldn't need to rely on words such as those. I guess when I was probably 12, my baby brother (9) and our best friend and next door neighbor (10) decided we would make a list of all the cuss words we knew, which would probably have been several less than George Carlin's list. We wrote the words down on a piece of paper and stashed the list in our 'treasure box', a metal BandAid box. Then we decided we needed to make up a word that we could say that didn't sound like cussin' but we, and only we, would know what the word meant and we wouldn't get in trouble that way. How we came about this word I don't think any of us remember and it would be totally speculative for me to try to explain, but whatever the method of madness was the word we came up with was "peachabowfumee". If you just sound it out as it reads, that's how it sounds in my mind to this day. Now you need to understand that I'm one of those weird people who couldn't tell you where I was, oh for instance, when Kennedy was shot or when men walked on the moon. I know they happened and I was glued to the tube as soon as I heard about the president being shot and I was probably in school watching when the astronauts walked on the moon, but I remember peachabowfumee like it was yesterday. I don't remember if any of us tried to spell it or not but that it was one of those childhood secrets held near and dear and not to be shared with anyone else, but we would be the only ones who would know...

So if any of your children and/or grandchildren come up with some strange word that they use and then look at each other and laugh hysterically, you might think of this post and know that they are living a childhood that they will remember and smile about when they get old.

Oh, and yes, mom found the BandAid box, emptied the contents and left it on the kitchen cabinet for a couple of days... and she never said a word, because she knew that we knew she knew, and we learned from it. How cool was my mom?!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Freakin' Hot!

It is 8 p.m. Sunday evening and it is 100 degrees outside. I would love to be outside working in the yard, but I walk out for 5 minutes and I'm sweating like the dickens. I have decided that you can get sore from overworked sweat glands. I have been so sore today all over and I didn't do much of anything yesterday but sweat when I was cutting grass on the riding mower.. even my eyelids were sweating. I think after all these years I'm truly learning why folks call them lazy summer days, and I'm working on perfecting being lazy when it's this hot.

Thank God for air conditioners...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Good Old Days...

I was over at WWOW earlier and Hallie was talking about the Iguana, one of her and BK's favorite 'watering' spots, and it set me to thinking about some of the joints, er...nightclubs that I use to visit when I was way younger. Most of those dives, er... disco clubs and, ummm, well, beer joints have all been shut down, bulldozed, burned down or just left to rack and ruin. I will have to say that I've never been much of one to drink and back when I first started going to clubs (yes, I waited until I was 'legal') I didn't drink at all but I did enjoy dancing and really enjoyed playing pool. A bartender at one joint called me the o.j. kid because that's what I drank, well that and diet coke back then. I would go to where ever I was going that night, get my o.j. or soda and put my quarter on the pool table and would generally play all evening while nursing my one or two drinks.... unless my brothers came in to play a little pool with me and those were the nights I had to be really on my game or I'd get whipped all over the place and run out of quarters. We've always been very competitive and we always tried to 'keep the table' and make the other bar goers pay for the privilege of playing some 8-ball. I've been accused of being a pool shark by some, but I think what helped me out more than practicing or playing against my brothers was the fact that everybody else would be having a drink or two or ...

What a nice walk down memory lane... without the stale beer and cigarette smells...

It got to 104 today with a heat factor of 108... anybody want to come visit in Oklahoma? I stayed inside from about 1:30 on this afternoon, trying to stay cool. Hope you all are cooler than we are...