Thursday, August 21, 2008


Big freakin' mosquitoes!!! Biting like crazy mosquitoes!!! I had mowed earlier today along the road in front of our place and some inside the fence, but I took a break for a while, ate some supper and decided to go out and mow around our pond/swamp/mud hole. Silly me, I thought being on the smelly hot mower and moving along at a rapid, oh, I don't know, maybe 5 mph pace that the mosquitoes wouldn't bother me.... Wrong!! After 4 days of off and on rain, about 6 inches total, the mosquitoes had been breeding like there was no tomorrow and, like any good sex orgy, if you don't smoke, how about a nice snack afterwards?!! I used to joke when I was younger and went to parties that people always invited me to the back yard bar-b-ques because all the mosquitoes would go for me and the other guests, friends, freeloaders, etc., could eat and visit in peace because I would be somewhere around the back yard doing the St. Vitus dance or looking like the mad swatter run-a-muck. When those babies bite me I get quarter to half dollar size welts on me and the dang bastards can find me no matter where I am. It would at least give me some satisfaction when I would manage to swat one of them and they would splat blood on my arm, leg, neck, face or where ever I manage to hit them, knowing if I couldn't eat for swatting them, I could interrupt their supper. And I do know, even in my old age, to put the bug spray or lotion on after supper time if I go out, but I hate to put that stuff on my skin, knowing all the stuff about deet and all that stuff in the sprays and lotions that keep the buggers from biting.

MMMmmmhhhmmmm.. and I smoked for close to 35 years and had unprotected sex back in the olden days and I worry about DEET?

Yes I was blonde when I was younger.... just mousy brown now without the bleach. Got to go put the benadryl lotion on my bites to stop the itch. Have a good evening.


Ness said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

I so HATE mosquitoes! They rank right up there with mice, snakes and rats.

When I saw on your profile you liked Garth Brooks, you had me.

Have a great weekend!

jojo said...

Thanks for the comment...I needed a laugh today ;)
Those mosquitoes sound horrendous! I'm not a biting bug type of person so I think i'll stick with the deet. I've heard vitamin B will help but i'm not sure if you ingest it or apply it to the bites!! What next ??? Spiders?