Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready Or Not...

Here it comes... or so the weathermen are saying. These photos are from the snowstorm Christmas Eve of 2009. I was in Ft. Worth and it was so incredibly beautiful. My baby brother and I were out in the driveway and yard taking pictures at one in the morning...

Diane, my s.i.l., was so excited and pointing out different things to Ben and I and we were snapping away like crazy. What fun we were having! In Oklahoma they were having what for us Okies was a blizzard. Sixty mile an hour plus winds, heavy snowfall, temperatures that dropped like a rock. In Ft. Worth there were record snowfalls for Christmas time but we didn't have the winds like up north.

Now we have a front coming in like a freight train tonight. The temperatures dropped about 15 degrees this afternoon, the winds have turned around and are coming in from the north and we should start getting thunder rain, thunder sleet and thunder snow with blizzard like winds.

They are already warning folks that the Interstates, both north/south and east/west bound will most likely be shut down for some period of time in the next 24 hours.

Carol and her sister went to WallyWorld after Carol's doctor appointment and Carol said the place was packed. There was not even any onions! Carol is one of the really good planners when it comes to getting things ready for a storm of any kind. I mean we live in Oklahoma. We know the things to do when we are expecting most anything except for maybe hurricanes. I hope we don't
have to plan for one of those. Anyhow she had the larder pretty well stocked but wanted to get milk, bread, onions and a few last minute things that she wanted to have in the house. There were no onions and no bread on the shelves. She did get milk and some fruit cups and odds and ends but she said it was way crazier than usual in the store when folks are getting ready for a storm of any kind.

Anyhow we are all in and buttoned up, had a bowl of beans for supper and messing on the computer and watching 'The Batchelor' and dreading having to walk the girls tonite... It will make my electric blankie even better, though. I've got my camera plugged up and charging in case there are wonderful pictures to take tomorrow.

The only thing that would make it better would be if we still had our Christmas lights up.

Stay warm, y'all, and let's hope nobody loses --- a. internet; b. power; c. heat.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Want To Go Eat Here…

The next time I go back to Ft. Worth for a visit.  This is a new restaurant about 4 blocks from Ben and Diane’s home. 

I’m posting the picture of the restaurant because you know my weird since of humor… and there has been no photo shopping done to this photo.  As Ree would say it is SOOC.   Enjoy this little snippet and feel free to copy and share if you so desire.



Pho King Way 001


I love odd signs and names of business.  Makes me smile and even occasionally laugh out loud.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Both Sides Now...

I know there are those of you out there that remember Joni Mitchell singing her song, "Both Sides Now", and ever since I first heard it there are things and ideas that have visited the little world in my head and the song pops up to remind me to look at both sides of whatever caught my thoughts and made me think of Joni and her song.

Today it was my flannel sheets. It has been colder than usual here in central Oklahoma, as it has in a lot of the U.S., and I had put my flannel sheets on the bed. Not only are they so warm and wonderful to sleep on, despite the little flannel pills, they are so cozy warm that I don't even want to get out of bed. Which is no big deal because I don't usually want to get out of bed anyway but the sheets have made it even more difficult.

So I got to thinking about both sides of this situation... On the one hand I am so thankful to have my wonderful flannel sheets to snuggle into but on the other there are bound to be things I could be doing to make myself feel useful other than holding down the bed. Then I decide that it is a very important job to hold that bed down and I've done an excellent job of not only doing that but also of training my beloved schnauzer babies to help me with this most important job.

Now if I could only train my bladder as well as they have trained theirs we'd have it made... at least until the guilt factor kicked in for mom not getting up and taking them out for a walk.

In the 9 degree F. temperature.

When I put on all the things I can find to put on before I walk them and feel like the little kids all bundled up until they can hardly waddle or bend over and, invariably, decide that maybe I should have gone to the bathroom before I put on the cap, muffler and heavy bright orange coat that I got so people could see me at night when we are out walking.

And wishing that it was easier to pick up poop with gloves so that I could wear gloves for the walk.

And finally to give thanks for living in Oklahoma where I don't have to deal with this kind of cold very often.