Thursday, January 13, 2011

Both Sides Now...

I know there are those of you out there that remember Joni Mitchell singing her song, "Both Sides Now", and ever since I first heard it there are things and ideas that have visited the little world in my head and the song pops up to remind me to look at both sides of whatever caught my thoughts and made me think of Joni and her song.

Today it was my flannel sheets. It has been colder than usual here in central Oklahoma, as it has in a lot of the U.S., and I had put my flannel sheets on the bed. Not only are they so warm and wonderful to sleep on, despite the little flannel pills, they are so cozy warm that I don't even want to get out of bed. Which is no big deal because I don't usually want to get out of bed anyway but the sheets have made it even more difficult.

So I got to thinking about both sides of this situation... On the one hand I am so thankful to have my wonderful flannel sheets to snuggle into but on the other there are bound to be things I could be doing to make myself feel useful other than holding down the bed. Then I decide that it is a very important job to hold that bed down and I've done an excellent job of not only doing that but also of training my beloved schnauzer babies to help me with this most important job.

Now if I could only train my bladder as well as they have trained theirs we'd have it made... at least until the guilt factor kicked in for mom not getting up and taking them out for a walk.

In the 9 degree F. temperature.

When I put on all the things I can find to put on before I walk them and feel like the little kids all bundled up until they can hardly waddle or bend over and, invariably, decide that maybe I should have gone to the bathroom before I put on the cap, muffler and heavy bright orange coat that I got so people could see me at night when we are out walking.

And wishing that it was easier to pick up poop with gloves so that I could wear gloves for the walk.

And finally to give thanks for living in Oklahoma where I don't have to deal with this kind of cold very often.



Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Bladder and cold no way I could retrain myself !
However I have been so blessed as I have been at home and my Uncle Johnny has discovered just how cold that cold can be :)
He has been with my parents with the strange amount of snow that fell and the really extreme cold they have endured this winter season !
I am so gald to be at home !!!!
I spent last year in the snow and ice with the parents .
Anyway I really enjoyed your post and will be back again real soon .
I love reading your blog !
Take care sweet blogging friend .
Until next time
Happy Trails

hetty said...

I didn't realize that it gets so cold in Oklahoma! Hang in there. Spring is only a couple of months away. How do the fur babies stay warm on their walks? Just wondering. Never put your boots on before using the facilities. That's my motto. I love that Joni Mitchell song and now it is going around in my head too!

darsden said...

Yep, good song! Been extremely cold in the South too! Had to find some of them long legged pants to wear...LOL I use to have some fannel sheets they are nice. I have a warming blanket since I don't use heat AT ALL... poor Rudey too she is cold and on the floor! It was a cool 47 inside this morning...25 outside.... I hope I am never on the other side of the door. Thank ful every day for that!!!!

farmlady said...

You know what I thought about the other night when I got up and retraced my steps to the bathroom for the 3rd. time? I could have been my grandmother and had to walk to the outhouse or use the little container under the bed that you had to squat over, keeping my balance, in the middle of the night.
It won't stay cold forever. The dogs understand. I understand. Life is good.... better than hiking to the outhouse.
Love those flannel sheets...

Paxie said...

Have gotten my bed so cozy, I'm also having a problem with it. I let the electric blanket heat up real good and then I shut it off and I'm out!

It's a shame you don't have a fenced in area they could go and in and out a doggy door! I don't have that either. I don't have a dog :(

I do have the cold weather...ugh.
I also have a bit of cabin fever starting. I will look at both sides. I'm not mowing :)

Lonicera said...

I adored that song, used to play it on the guitar. It used to be one of the ones I was most asked to play... Love the idea of flannel sheets, but two duvets one on top of the other is even better for me and the cats definitely like the extra soft effect on the top. Which is fine if they don't settle between my feet during the night.