Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Rest Of The Day After Story...

Not long after I got to Ben and Diane's we found out that there was a plumbing problem with all three stools in the house... Only one would flush, sort of, and the other two would just fill up and slowly drain back down. One of Ben's sons has a good friend that does plumbing and he made arrangements with him to come out Sunday morning. Diane was scheduled to sing at the church that she and Ben belong to so Ben asked if I would mind staying to be there when the plumber got there... Since getting up early is not my forte I assured him it would be no problem.

The plumber arrived before they left and as it turned out I didn't even see him. He went about his business and got the thrones all up and flushing. The point to all this? I got to sleep in... B. and D. had to get up early to get ready and go to church... when they got back home we snacked on left overs and started watching a football game, then decided we'd rather watch a movie. About thirty minutes into the movie the following is what I saw when I looked around the living room:

Bennett had crashed on the couch... He rarely takes a nap unless he is sick or just exhausted. He was the latter. He's been fighting back problems for about two months now plus working extra shifts at the hospital as he always does during the holidays so docs with young children can be off to enjoy a little extra time with their families.

He slept for about two hours.

Then I looked over to where Diane was sitting to make a comment about the movie we were watching... This is what I saw"

Yep... That's Molly curled up on her lap snoozin'. She's a five month old black lab that weighs a bit over 40 pounds... and on the footrest at Diane's feet is Samson, the kitty from Hell. He's 12 or 13 now I think and is getting more cantankerous than he was when he was younger.

I'm going to drop in another couple of photos of Diane and critters for you to enjoy but I decided to write this post so you all can see that it's not all run and gun in our lives... we all know how to relax pretty darn good.

Diane crashed out for about an hour and a half. All of that time except for the last 15 minutes or so Molly and Sam slept right up there with her. The breeder they got Molly from raises their babies around cats so she is very cat friendly... not like my two tiny terrors. They see a cat and they are off to the races trying to catch it.

Molly tries to play with the three kitties but Sam is pretty much the only one that will play with her some and B. and D. try to watch out for Sam

because Molly could hurt him with her big old puppy feet and they are BIG puppy feet.

That's all for now, folks!


Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Oh my this was simply precious :)
remind me to never fall asleep when you are over and have your ever ready camera :)
Your like that pink rabbit with a camera, this really was wonderful and touched my heart in a truly deep and profound way ,maybe someday I will share but for now
thank you ,and
God bless you !!!!!!!!
I am so glad you are here .
I don't think I could make it other wise.
I am suppose to be getting some sleep before work but as you can tell my insomnia kicked in and well here I am :)
I think a lot of it is who I will be working with Tuesday ,she suffers from PTSS she was a medic in Afghanistan so I have to be very calm and patient and ever ready to run for my life .
She was well trained in taking out the enemy .
I love work so it is a small price to pay especially compared to what she has given for us all.
Remember I live in Killeen,Tx. Home of Fort Hood .
Take care and keep posting .
Hugs from Texas
Until next time
Happy Trails

Paxie Panicker said...

Just having my first cup of the morning coffee and this makes me want to go back to sleep. Everyone looks so cozy and warm. Good food, laughter, family will wear your hiney out!! Perfect :)

Glad the thrones got fixed LOL LOL

DocSly said...

Hi Helen,
I am back among the living. I am glad you got to go to be with your family. Hope all is well with you

Pastor Sharon said...

I am telling you this much! These guys have the right idea about how to spend an afternoon!

A nap never looked so good!

Lonicera said...

Just the thought of someone snapping me snoring with mouth open...makes me shudder!! They all look so peaceful. Happy new year Helen.

Mandy Allen said...

Hi Helen, Oh to have time for an afternoon nap! I remember as a child watching my parents fall asleep in the chair after Sunday lunch while my sister and I watched the afternoon film (they don't have them anymore, just re-runs of the soaps - but we loved the Sunday afternoon films!) and I always thought it must a sign of getting old, falling asleep in the chair in the afternoon. I was just 24 when I had my first after dinner nap!!

Happy New Year to you two.

Enjoy the journey.