Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After...

I got up Christmas Day, got around and drove to Ft. Worth for family Christmas. There was very little traffic and it was a pleasant two and a half hour drive. Our dinner was set for folks to be over about 5 or 5:30 so I had visiting time with my brother Ben and sweet s.i.l. Diane. It's was nice to have a little quiet time to play catch up and just yak a bit before everyone started pouring in the door.

Christmas is pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving as far as who all shows up. My niece, Launa, and her husband Jeff were the first to arrive and came carrying the dressing in. Jeff is an excellent cook and his dressing is just about the only dressing that I eat. The only thing that I can figure is that he doesn't use as much sage and celery as most people do. I was walking by the kitchen door and Ben was hustling around with a mixing bowl... I had to get the camera out.
This is what I saw when I looked in:
Ben was fixing the mashed potatoes. He had peeled and cooked probably five pounds of potatoes for supper for all the folks that were expected and just dumped them into the big mixer and commenced to whipping them up... They grew.

And grew...

He got another mixing bowl and a measuring cup and split up the amount of potatoes in each bowl to finish whipping them up. I just had to rat him out because I rarely get a chance to gig him about anything. I will have to say he has no qualms about getting in the kitchen in the first place, which is way better than me, and he can smoke meats beautifully.

Diane had to tease him this morning about she may have to bar him from the kitchen when she found potatoes even on the front of the fridge.

Here are a few of the photos I took...

This is my niece Laura showing her nephew (my great nephew), Max, how to play a game on her smart phone. Max is so smart and he was taking all her instruction in and he got to play and help Aunt Loli win her game.

Diane, holding Sadie, her youngest great niece. Sadie is a delicate flower and just the sweetest little girl. We all have to get our hands on Sadie because: 1. She is just so cute; 2. She is just such a little girlie girl. She was born in August and is 14 pounds. She is from the Norris side of the family, Diane's side...

Meet Karson. He is Max's baby brother. He was also born in August. He's 19 pounds now. He is a chunk. He and Sadie like to look and drool at each other and his big brother Max was also enamored with Sadie. When his momma brought him in in his reindeer suit I had to grab a photo to share with you all. Karson is from the Gardner side of the family. I don't think there have been too many delicate flowers born in our side of the family. Even I was a 9 pounder when I was born.

This is a picture of me and my two older sisters... I would have been about two... and you can see we all had the chipmunk cheeks but as we grew older we did start to get skinny. We all kept the chipmunk cheeks, though. My sister Lou Ann was standing beside me and my sister Sue was standing in front.

Karson in Papa Ben's lap. I just wanted to show that the boy came by his jowl rightfully...

I love this photo because of how he has hold of Papa Ben's finger and is so contentedly chewing on his own.

I didn't take many pictures. I was busy eating and talking but I thought I'd put this quickie post to give you all a glimpse into some of the fun and foibles at our family get togethers.

I hope each and every one of you have some fun memories, some joyous moments and even some poignant moment filled with love for those who were with us and those who are no longer with us except in the spirit of family and songs in our hearts.


Tatersmama said...

Hey girl, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! There's nothing better than being surrounded by loved ones - and sweet babies - for Christmas dinner, is there?!

Merry Christmas, my friend!

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby drool :)
Gee I wish I could reach out and hold one of those adorable bundles of joy .
Looks like you had a great time .
Love the family photo at the bottom you sisters are all cuties !
Yummy cooks too wow you are blessed girl .
Take care now
Until next time
Happy Trails

hetty said...

That sounds like one great Christmas! Yummy food! I loved meeting the 'little' members of your family.

Laura~peach~ said...

wonderful lovely stuff ... I have not messed with potatos in my stand mixer I find my hand mixer does a wonderful job and is much less messy LOL...

Debbie said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas hon. I got darn near worried about you for awhile there.

Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories with us and I giggle each time I see the COWGIRL WOMAN!! hahahaha

Lonicera said...

What a lovely bunch of children... so glad you had a good Christmas Helen. I did too, with friends on Xmas Day and my niece and her family on Boxing Day (yesterday). Now for a bit of plain relaxing till 4th January...

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