Saturday, September 11, 2010

How About Some Help, Y’All…

I’m trying to pick out some pictures to send in to Oklahoma Living Magazine.  Since I’ve messed around until almost 10 p.m. and I haven’t written a post yet I’m bailing by asking if you all have any ideas about which of these I should submit…

310 Okra blossom and okra.

483 Trailer trash bird feeder… or it could be called an Okie recycler bird feeder.

040 Cone flowers with butterfly and tree limbs in garden.

367 Storm’s abrewin’  sky. 

1644 Okra photo #2.

952Daylily taken at dusk.

1874 Flicker on feeder in the rain.

2320 Stump planter.

2717 Butterfly and bee on sunflower.

3041 Look at that body… that’s why I call them laying like this frog-doggin’…  This isn’t one that I want to send to the magazine… this is just to break up the tension of choosing.

Favorite red t.v. pic Trumpet vine and dead stump grown around fence.

special j.c. rose closeup Joseph’s Coat rose blossom close-up.

another j.c. closeup Joseph’s Coat rose #2.

Favorite rose Joseph’s Coat rose #3.

bubbles in the stream Bubbles in the stream.

garden ball in snow Glass garden ball in the snow.

I know… too many choices.  I have more but it is getting close to 11 p.m. and I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow.  Feel free to pick more than one.  I can enter as many as I want to pay $5 to enter.  There weren’t any parameters or specific categories other than Oklahoma pictures.  Always before Oklahoma Living has had recipe contests for their fund raiser for different Oklahoma charities.  This year they decided to do Oklahoma photographs. The charity for this year is Oklahoma Spay Network.

Maybe I ought to pick out some dog photos for you all to look at, too…


Tatersmama said...

Hmmm... I like Okra 1 and 2, Daylily at dusk, bubbles in the stream and the glass garden ball.
Although I also like both the bird feeder ones!

There, I really helped narrow things down, didn't I? ;) I think that if you twisted my arm and I HAD to choose just one, I would go for Okra #1...

Debbie said...

Oh wow, hard choice, they are all so good!! I love the the daylily one, also the bird one, the bubbles one is neat too, but I think my favorite is.... Josephs coat, close up. Just beautiful!!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

joanne said...

coneflowers #1
bubbles #2
but I love them all. You are one talented lady, I had no idea you could take such good pics! What kind of camer do you use??

Lonicera said...

Hi Helen - how very nice to be asked to choose pictures... here is my choice for what it's worth.

Okra blossoms – both lovely pictures, but the second one is better because the light is really special in it.

The bird feeder looks like a recycled satellite dish! Sweet picture, the bird about to alight makes it.

The sky one is beautiful – but unless the quality of the magazine’s printing is optimum I’m not sure the subtleties of the colour would show up all that well – unless it’s an online magazine of course.

The day lily is gorgeous – the flash was gentle and shows up its colours beautifully.

The flicker – it’s not often you see an amateur really clear close up shot of an elusive creature like this, and that always interests readers. (I've NEVER taken a good sharp close-up of a bird except for chickens.)

The close-up of the rose, lovely.


hetty said...

They are all beautiful, but I would have to go for Okra #2, daylily at dusk, Joseph's coat closeup, glass ball or storm's abrewin'. I love the flicker too!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i like the blooming okra and the sunflower

Reddirt Woman said...

Katie, I can submit more than one so that is okay that you picked out so many. It helps me to see my pictures through an impartial eye. Fortunately you don't have to pick just one and I don't have to twist your

Debbie Jean the Joseph's Coat rose has long been one of my favorites but I didn't know if I was being prejudiced...

Reddirt Woman said...

JoJo that coneflowers picture was an accident as far as the butterfly was concerned. I didn't see it until I was looking at the photos after I downloaded. I love happy accidents, don't you? The bubbles were in the stream of the water feature that Carol and I had built in the front yard and I was just fascinated with the play of light on the bubbles. The camera I used for all these photos was a Kodak EasyShot Camera on auto setting. I haven't worked any of the photos over except for cropping. If I ever learn to use my Adobe program I could be

Caroline both the okra photos I like really well but, like you, I thought the light in okra #2 might be more dramatic while okra #1 is more subtle and I like that okra is one of the crops that is a regular Oklahoma crop, also. The bird feeder IS an old satellite dish. I've got a couple of them and plan to tile them for yard art. I just had to loosen some bolts to be able to turn it correctly and then I screwed it onto the stair rail going up the front steps where it would hang over the front garden and I could easily grab some photos. I'll post more on a regular post one of these days. I'm about to rule out the cloud shot because of the reasons you just stated. Again the daylily was one of those wonderful surprises. It wasn't THAT dark but late dusk and the results were a very dark background which makes the daylily just pop. And you know that birds are one of the things that fascinate me...

Hetty I think we are zeroing in on okra #2 and Joseph's Coat rose, the daylily at dusk, and bubbles so far. I walked outside after one of our 14 inch snows and saw the gazing ball and turned right around, went back in and got my camera. I had to have that picture. It was so cool, so icy looking and then the almost rainbow like colors just under the sheen of thin frost. I'm still looking for some more flicker photos. I think I have a better one so the search is on...

Laura, the sunflower is fun isn't it... and did I mention that okra is a member of the hibiscus family? That is why the flowers are so similar.

I'll post some more choices in a day or two. I have to submit my entries by October 1, so i need to decide pretty quick. Thanks for your opinion everybody... all help and constructive criticism is truly appreciated.

Debbie said...

No choice for me. I think they all should be submitted! I love the day lily, okra, flicker and on and on. I'm no help.

I need a new camera. These are gorgeous. Wow.

Caddie said...

Choose? How can I choose just one? Send all of them. Beautiful pictures and a most adorable Schnauzer. A picture himself or is it herself?