Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Quickie Tonite…

Unfortunately not the ‘quickie’ I would have been tempted to have back in the day but a quick post.

I went out to my Cuz’s today and worked on painting the bedroom that I had started on before I moved back to Norman.  I finished putting up the ‘country crown molding’ and painted the walls.  I was too whipped out to do the cove molding Cuz and Bro had decided would fancy up the country crown just a tad so I will go back tomorrow or Thursday to cut and trim out the crown. I’ll take the camera so I can post photos for y’all to see.  Anyway I’m so whipped out I’m going to bed early (for me) but I didn’t want to miss putting up a post… So here, for your enjoyment and edification, are some photos I took with my phone of a Harley that was parked at WalMart a couple of days ago.

cowboy Harley.jpg 3

cowboy Harley

cowboy Harley.jpg 2

cowboy Harley.jpg 4

cowboy Harley.jpg 3

Cropped up a photo so you could for sure see the pearl handled six-shooter.  Mounted on both sides of the Harley, dressed out with the fringed and studded saddlebags, but what caught my eye were the pearl handled six-shooters almost exactly like the ones I had when I was a kid. Wish I had had the time to wait and get a look at the rider. 

Only in Oklahoma!!!  Or maybe Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, or California… ?


Laura ~Peach~ said...


Debbie said...

That sure is a pretty thang!!

Rick said...

A series biker. At the risk of sound naive, I have to ask, were those things real?

hetty said...

Sorry, I'm not into bikes or guns. A quickie - hmmmmm - maybe.

Tatersmama said...

I LOVE that bike! And I used to have a set just like that when I was a kid too.
My son also had little diaper pins that looked like pearl handled six shooters. ;)

Sara said...

Or in South Dakota during Sturgis rally week. I have to admit I'm curious about that rider - leaving guns a plain sight without worrying that someone would figure out a way to make them disappear.

Reddirt Woman said...

Laura, ME TOO!!!

Debbie I wished that I hadn't had an appointment to go to and could have waited to get a look at the rider, but I probably would have been disappointed. lol

Rick... NO. They were like the pearl handled six guns I had when I was a kid. But I did do a double take myself... Dang, Bubba... you were an Okie! That shouldn't have surprised you.

Hetty I love you to death and I know if I ever met you in real life that we would still be great friends. Thank you for being YOU!

Oh wow, Kate. Six Shooter Diaper Pins! Awesome. I've never seen those and I thought I'd seen most all things western and/or cowboy.

Sara I would love to go to Sturgis just one time to see all the bikes and all the myriads of riders and get-ups and how the bikes are all decked out. I imagine that he had the guns affixed some way where they couldn't be removed, but, then again, who'd be silly enough to try to steal something off a HARLEY!!!

farmlady said...

You bad girl, you. You took all those photos and you didn't wait to see the dude that rode that beauty? I hate to say it but "You're slipping girl." You just might have gotten a RIDE. You know.... a quickie, around the block.