Friday, September 3, 2010

Questions And Odds And Ends…

I got to thinking about the way I’ve tended toward blogging and decided to ask you all a couple of questions…

The first one I was wondering about is if you enjoy me answering your comments and if you come back to see if I’ve answered your questions or responded to your comments.  I don’t mind doing it if that’s one of the things that you look forward to or come back to check out or if you check when you come to read the next post.  I’ll keep it up if you want but if it is an exercise in futility I’ll just do the random comment or write a post if there is something someone would like an explanation about such as a ‘chunk floater’.

The next question is do you have any preferences about the things I write about such as more growing up stories, more flower and garden photos and stories or more dog stories?  I plan to continue writing about all of the above but if there is more interest in one or the other I can write more about whatever subjects.

The third question… You all know that I like to string beads and make pretties to wear, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and such. Would you find it interesting or offensive if I occasionally put photos up of something that I’ve made for sale.  I don’t want, especially in this economy, anyone to feel I’m pressuring you to buy something.  Carol told me that she can fix me up a related site to post my little artsy stuff if need be but I thought I’d ask what you all think.

1064This little girl wants your input.

Thanks and talk to you tomorrow!


farmlady said...

First of all. It takes a lot of time to answer all the comments and you are not obligated to comment on comments unless you feel you want to. Comments are nice but is that why you blog?

Secondly, I personally love to hear about your life in Oklahoma and your feelings. You can be so funny sometimes. I don't think you should be concerned about what other folks want you to write about. IT"S YOUR BLOG. Reread some of your old posts and just start writing about YOU. YOU are a very interesting person.
And last.... show us some of your jewelry but I agree with your friend who said that if your want to sell things, add an Esty site or another blog for that. I find that selling a product becomes the focus of the blog.... then it's not really a blog anymore. It's hard to combine the two.
You asked... that's my opinion sweetie.
Keep on Blogging, whatever you do.

Reddirt Woman said...

Connie I totally appreciate your honest feedback. The last thing I want to be is boring or to make anyone feel obligated to buy. Thanks very much.

Lonicera said...

Broadly I agree with Farmlady. I must admit I do enjoy your comments and appreciate them because that's communicating, and yes I do come back because you're one of the few who responds. I do the same on my blog, and that idea was picked up directly from you.

As to content, I enjoy being allowed to glance through the open window and see what you want us to see. I too think you're very funny, your devotion to your pooches is endearing, and the odd rare hint on how you're feeling always leaves me wondering - but I respect that you go as far as you want to.

The pictures are important, whether they're of your pets, the people around you or your vegetables and flowers, and they're interesting.

Best of all I like the stories of your youth and your family, because this blogging world is an extraordinary place where people speaking the same language can tell each other about themselves, and gosh what a variety there is out there. I'm forever saying to people "what an interesting life, you should write it down" - but of course they don't... unless they blog.

Sorry to be so long-winded Helen, I just wanted to put across that the people who read your blog do so because they like the combination of information which you put out there - so I'd say you've got the formula about right. It conveys to me that you're the sort of person who would be a good friend, and I would like to know, whether she's happy or sad. Go tell that to the little girl sitting in the chair.


Debbie said...

Hi..I never come back to read the comments. I never comment on my own blog. I get an email when people comment and reply to that if they have a specific question or if their comment made me laugh and spit coffee or cry or was particularly comforting.

Helen, I love the randomness of your posts and you are hilarious. Just the mundane things, you make funny. I also love the photos!

An occasional picture of your creations would be nice with a link to Etsy and then have it on the sidebar.

You have such an interesting way of writing that's informative, funny and one that just draws me in. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Ness said...

Now I can't remember the questions!

I enjoy people commenting on what I write. Nice for feedback.

Whatever makes this blog you is what I wanna see. About your life, your happenings, your thoughts. I would love to see your crafting and if I want some I will let you know. But I don't know unless I see it.

I blog because this is where I can be me and not have to hide my feelings.

So you do what feels good to you. I'm here to read for the duration.

Have a great weekend!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i prefer that each commenter has their settings set in such a way that their comment goes to my email then i can email them back personally... and i usually do too... i follow too many blogs to ever attempt to go back to one and see if a comment has been added...

I love everything about you so anything you blog so everything you blog makes me happy :)

I love seeing things people make... and if something moves me in such a way that i want to buy it all the better i never feel pressured by any of my friends who make or sell things... show me what you make :)

Love and hugs :D

Reddirt Woman said...

I appreciate each and every one of your comments and basically feel that I've been doing okay with my posts... just not enough the last few months. My life is finally settling back down, summer and veggie gardening is almost over and I am struggling hard to break the Face Book crack habit and get back to reality, so thanks a bunch to each of you for the input and when I do some artsy thing I know I can be comfortable showing it to you all and not feeling like I'm giving you a sales pitch. And Debbie, I won't comment on your

The Wildwood said...

I think blogging is a way to relieve stress and if you start thinking that you have to work on a topic other than random, what the heck, you aren't relieving any stress for yourself, random is what works for life is random though.... you know that! LOL Just do what you want and I don't read comments either usually.