Thursday, July 28, 2011

Damn It's Hot!

Y'all are probably real tired of this heat song and dance... We were cooler today than yesterday however, 103 as opposed to 107 yesterday. All temps you read here are Fahrenheit because I was a generation late to learn Celsius as well as Fahrenheit and too damn lazy to remember the conversion ratio. All I know is the heat is wiping out our garden.

We are on water rationing and can only water every other day except on Wednesday and Thursday then no one is to water on those days. We can run the sprinklers on our day until 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. We can hand water on any day if you can stand to stay out and water long enough to do some good. I got up yesterday at 7 a.m. to let the girls out and stayed up and watered and even did some weed eating around the fence and the trailer. I just am about to get on my own last nerve with being cooped up between the heat and the feeling lousy so I just said to heck with it and way overdid yesterday. I am paying for it today but the good news is that I think they finally got the injection in the right spot in my hip as I've been able to get up without the quick hitch of pain and trying to get straightened up to walk without looking like Grandpa McCoy... It is so nice to move without pain grabbing me.

So this is my basic report for today. It is also nice to WANT to sit down and drop you all a note so that is a good sign. Of what I'm not sure other than it is nice to want to do something.

Oh yes, I wanted to tell you that the cucumber that had hidden from me long enough to take on the reddish hue, for those of you that wanted to know, it had taken on a bit of a bitter, strong taste so it didn't make it into a salad.

You all try to stay cool... or stay warm for you all that are down under. Catch you next post!


Twisted Fencepost said...

Glad to hear that the pain has let up! Is it not amazing the difference one shot can make?!
Not as hot over here but still hot. I had put off mowing, but it had to get done before it got out of hand. We've had just enough rain to keep the grass and weeds growing, but things in the garden have started turning brown, so I've had to start watering again. And I am worn out from working out in this heat.

Debbie said...

Oh the heat of this summer is awlful. My poor hubby with the COPD is having a terrible time. Hot, humid and sticky.
I am glad that some of the pain has left, but overdo it. I did yesterday and oh I feel it today.
I didn't plant any veggies this year. My neighbor gave me a cucumber yesterday, but her tomatoes are not doing very well. Not enough rain and to hot!
You are in my daily prayers, my friend!! getting older sure sucks, doesn't it?
God Bless~

Lonicera said...

I've never heard of a cucumber going bitter - guess it's because I've never grown one myself.
It sounds just too hot - in Buenos Aires when it got like that my mother would put on her bathing suit and climb in the bathtub filled with cold water, and sponge water over her head. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your pain is getting better. It's crazy hot here, too. Miserable. I woke up this morning to something I haven't seen in a while...clouds. Sure hoping that some rain comes out of them, but I'm not holding my breath.

Tatersmama said...

Oh Sass...Woohoo for the pain letting up, and for you no longer looking like Grandpa McCoy... Walking around with a hitch in your get-along!!
The temps sound pretty horrible, so maybe you need to think of traveling West, and doing some porch sitting, eh?
We can even dangle our jiggly legs in the ce-ment pond, if ya like!

hetty said...

Glad to hear that your pain is getting better. We had a heatwave too, but it is cooler now - by a couple of degrees. Still too hot for me to go outside and do any gardening though. The rain that fell this morning never even hit the ground. It evaporated in mid air. But I'm not complaining. I love summer and the heat goes with it.

Debbie said...

I'm also glad the pain is easing up Ms. Helen and agree that the heat is getting on my nerves too. What good is summer, if it's too hot to enjoy it.

Ugh. I'm in a reclusive kinda mood and thinkin I need re-charging LOL

IISAFETY said...

Same here, it's so hot! Want to be submerged in a cold water for a couple of minutes. I even pity my plants at the backyard, they would feel the hot weather today. Thanks for posting!