Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farm Report, Obit And Happy Flowers...

Things are looking bleak for my 'good day' cucumbers. We are on our 27th day of + 100 F. heat and most days there has been at least a 5 to 10 m.p.h. wind to further dry things out. I tried to make sure that I was getting both the 'good day and bad day' plants the same amount of water but the way the 'good day' plants have faded I must have miscalculated. I'm still gonna pour the water to the 'good day' to see if I can bring it back because the first cuke that Carol found was very good flavor, not at all bitter and Carol is the connoisseur of cucumbers in this house. I enjoy them in salads but I don't have the discernment of flavors like Carol.
This poor brown twig is my wigelia. It couldn't withstand the heat. It is a first year plant, it even flowered for me but it was one the tail end of where our sprinkler range was and it got even less water than the good day cucumber, and this was the result of me being down or having doctor's appointments and not checking every day. Needless to say I repaired the cut hose and now can get water to the far end of the back yard but I'm afraid I'm too late for this youngster.

Now here are the 'bad day' plants. There are two of them that came up as opposed to three 'good day' plants and these are going nuts. They got more water due to the hose being okay where they were but I'm amazed at how many blooms and babies cukes are loaded on these two plants. So, Tipper, while my experiment with planting by the signs was flawed this year due to my health problems but hopefully if you do another experiment next year you will keep me in mind... after all, you got me back to blogging and I can't thank you enough for that.

The flowers on one of the bad day plants. The leaves are mostly looking good. There are a few burned up leaves but for the most part it is holding up good.

Be sure to drop by Tipper's blog, Blind Pig And The Acorn, to explore how other intrepid gardeners have done with their experiment. There's always good stories, good music and recipes.

The white cone flowers are loving the heat.

As are the pink cone flowers...

The plumbago and the yellow and white lantana are enjoying the heat.

I love the blue with the yellow and white...

And, of course, the sunflowers are loving the sun and the heat.

You know I'm not loving the heat. I have trouble dealing with it so I stay in most of the day. I go out and move the sprinkler around and go back in the house. Then later in the evening I do hand watering if it's needed. Carol gets up way earlier than I do and she goes out and waters early in the morning so that is probably why we've managed to keep the things alive that we've kept alive so we are a pretty good tag team when it comes to gardening. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this Sunday stroll. Come back and visit anytime.


Laura~peach~ said...

beautiful !!!!! our garden is all but burnt up... thank God for dean or we would noth ave any fresh food! i love cucumbers... carol and i would get along great on that... love ya!

Debbie Jean said...

I LOVE cucumbers!!!!! I can slice them and eat them like chips!!
It has been a very HOT summer in Ohio also. To hot and humid for David with his COPD.
I love those cone flowers. Can you buy seeds for them?
I sure hope it cools down for y'all and us!!!!

God Bless~

Lonicera said...

What extreme heat you must be having to have to water so much... Hope your day goes OK tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Just remember we're all here standing to attention supporting you. (Not saluting though).

Tipper said...

Wow is it hot at your house! And I thought it had been hot here : )

Thank you for the update-and for the kind words too : )

Paxie said...

Purdy flowers Ms Helen! I tried growing sunflowers one year with no luck. I just don't have a green thumb. I think the birds ate the seeds. Love the lantana color mix...beautiful :)

You've been in my thoughts a lot and of course my prayers. Everything is going to be fine and we all will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Now you get a good night's sleep and go git em in the morning. :)

Heat. Ugh. Don't like it a bit!!!

Tatersmama said...

Wow.... that kind of heat would have sapped the juice right out of me in no time! So is it any wonder the poor plants are feeling it - and showing the effects??
Remind me to send you a cucumber email I got a few days ago... I've been kind of slack in the email/blogging etc dept. lately, so I'll go look for it right now... :)

IISAFETY said...

Thanks for this blog of yours, I could learn something that I could apply on my own. Keep it up!