Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good News, Bad News...

Today was the day I went to see the orthopedist for the results of my MRI. The good news is that there is NOT a tear in the cartilage like the nurse told me. I have a cyst. I was surprised by that and didn't think to ask how big the cyst was and was it in the cartilage. I have to assume that it was not at all big because he didn't say we need to get it out of there. He said we could try another injection or he could order an abdominal/pelvic cat scan to try to get a different look at the area to see if there was something else he wasn't seeing. I told him that they had done that test when they were first trying to figure out what caused the liver readings to go up. Since it was done at Norman Regional Hospital he said he could get those and go over them.

I told him that my GI had ordered a liver biopsy because, while two of the enzymes or whatever they are called had headed back down, the one the GI was concerned the most about had gone up some more. I told him that the GI had said this particular enzyme could be elevated by a problem in either the liver or bone and he said the name right off the bat. And naturally since I didn't write it down I can't remember what he called it but he is going to look at the lab results also. What we decided to do was inject me again because they obviously missed the hot spot the first time and I'm to call him after I get the liver biopsy results to remind him to pull those up and see if they might give him a clue as to whether or not it might be bone/hip related.

I told him that we needed to figure out something because I had to go buy me some granny panties because where my bikinis like I prefer to wear rode in the area of the hot spot and would often make the pain worse and I was too young to be having to wear granny panties. He and his PA that was in the room getting the shot drawn up both cracked up and she allowed as how she hadn't heard that term in a long time. You know me, when I'm fretting about something I have to pop a funny.

So not having a tear is good news but the bad news is I don't have a tear and don't know yet what is causing the pain so it is more hurry up and wait for the liver test results. So that is what we are gonna do. I told Carol that I've about had it with all this crap. I've been very cautious about how I walk, not carrying heavier stuff, not digging in the garden and I'm about to say screw it. If I'm hurting I might as well carry on with my life and do some of the things I haven't been doing but have been wanting to do. If I hurt, I hurt. If I hurt too bad I'll take pain drugs but I hate feeling useless and not making my keep around here.

So I'm putting all this on the back burner of my mind and all I'm going to worry about now is whether or not I'm gonna get my social security check next month. In fact I think, just for the hell of it, I'll blame all this crap on the politicians. After all they are the ones stressing me out now...

I'll keep you posted on it all.


Lonicera said...

Have read your post through twice, cos I'm not sure I understand it, but gather you still have to wait for more tests... Have to confess I've probably worn what you call Granny Pants for years because I can't stand anything at half mast.
You sound more perky.

hetty said...

I hear ya, Helen. When I went through all of my testing they could never find anything and could only tell what I didn't have. Take it easy... just wait for the social security check. From what I heard of your leader's speech last night, I'd be worried too.

Laura~peach~ said...

yes..,. love n hugs

jojo said...

well, o.k., so we have some good news but the bad is confusing me...hope it gets 'fixed' soon. Nothing worse than a young lady having to wear granny panties!

Sara said...

Love your attitude - both about the granny panties and about getting back into your garden in spite of the pain! I wish it was easier to find the problem than it is to find what IS NOT the problem.

Reddirt Woman said...

This is one of the times, Lonicera, that I feel like calling you by your pseudonym, The lilt of it rolls so nicely off my tongue. You grew up in a perhaps much more proper upbringing than I. I was taught propriety, but our lived were more casual except for school, church and funerals. I got hooked on bikini pants in the 60's when hip huggers became popular and have worn them for 50 years. I'm not comfortable going commando what with the occasional leaky pipes that have developed over the years and, to me, that seemed to be quite improper. Also I don't like that feeling. I don't do thongs because it would seem like walking around all day with a wedgie and that thought makes me uncomfortable.

Hetty I think there will be such an uproar by people from both parties to get something done that we won't miss a check but they are sure making us squirm.

JoJo I just love how you get right to the heart of the matter. Hugs to my JoJo.

Isn't that the truth,Sara! I got up about seven and went out and watered, dug up the rest of the potatoes, and pulled grass out of our much neglected flower bed. I just get tired of being told what not to do... I'm stubborn that way and I got most that I wanted to get done before it got to 100 F.

Laura, always big hugs to you!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Gee whiz, Helen. I didn't know you had so much going on. You are like me, I can't stand to sit still. And it sounds like you have been for longer than you are comfortable with. Sit or move and the pain is still there? Atleast if you are moving you have something to take your mind off the pain.
Don't even get me started on the SS check thing!

Paxie said...

Having been a wearer of Granny Pants for quite some time now...LOL
No one is seeing them and they are so much more comfortable!! Even bikinis ride up and do the wedgie thing.

I'm hoping the shot helps this time and you are able to be able to git r done some. Busy hands and mind thing LOL

I'm sure my blood pressure is 300/300 from hollerin at the TV news! So angry!!!

You sound a little better, and for that I'm a happy one!!

Tipper said...

Well phooy! I'm still thinking of you everyday :)

IISAFETY said...

It's better to be patient with various lab test, for these will ensure the real diagnose. Don't lose hope that everything will be alright soon, pray hard always. Keep me posted!