Friday, July 1, 2011

Farm Report... And Thank You...

Tipper at The Blind Pig And The Acorn picked cucumbers for our planting by the signs for 2011'

My first baby cucumber! It's only about an inch and a half and still has it's bloom navel on it. If you haven't found the baby yet it is laying on the leaf under the big leaf on the left, just below the yellow flower that is peeking out.

I know if you can't see it you can hardly claim it's there but I will get a better photo in a couple of days when the baby grows a bit and I read about how to focus in closer on something behind or next to something bigger.

I love these little tendrils that these plants put out to be able to climb towards the sun. They start out in these little spring like coils and then start unfurling and going in search of support to help them in their climb.

They look so very delicate, these little gossamer strands, but they are very strong. If they get attached to something you'd rather they not climb on they are a force to reckon with all on their own.

This is the 'good' day plant that is the largest. The other two 'good' day plants are putting on blossoms.

Like this...

These little plants love our sandy, loamy soil here. That and I've been pouring the water to them. With the 100 F. and higher daily temperatures we've been having if we hadn't watered I'd have no farm reports or flower tours or anything to share with you all... other than my aches and pains.

These three are the 'good' day plants. They are putting on blossoms like crazy and growing by leaps and bounds.

This photo is of the two 'bad' day plants. I'm going to have to quit calling them 'good' and 'bad' day plants because these two 'bad' day cucumbers have almost caught up with the 'good' day plants.

Once again, I need to read the book on how to focus in on what I'm trying to particularly show off. As you can see the leaf that is pointed at us is very clearly in focus... the blossoms are, shall we say, in soft focus... like I would like if some one takes a picture of me to soften the laugh lines and crepe y, turkey neck...

This is one of four okra plants that we bought, the only one of four that survived... It's probably a foot and a half tall and I've been watching for the okra blossoms because they are beautiful and I like to share the pictures with those who can't grow okra where they live or haven't ever seen it grow. This plant was sneaky though... because I found THIS:

The blossoms only last for a day once they are opened and so the mother of this okra must have done her thing on one of the two rainy days we had that I didn't go out and check the plant.

This pod has got to be a good 6 inches long... It was growing up next to the stalk under the wide leaves on the top and flat snuck by my inspections.

I love surprises like this.

And I love the support you all have given me after my last post. I won't say that I was surprised because I feel like I know each of you and if it weren't for the distances between us I would be comfortable sitting down and having a glass of iced tea and visiting the afternoon away at your home or mine... I will say that I don't have the words to say how much you touched my heart. I hesitate to put my worries out there because we all have problems to deal with and I hate to think I put out my problems to add to your problems. But I must say that I do feel lighter for having written the post. I have always been willing to share my friends problems because I feel I can be unbiased, but I've always had a hard time sharing my problems because of my own insecurities. You know, people won't care about what's going with me... I'm just a listener, not a talker.

Just please, please, accept my most profound thank you for your support. You all will get me through Tuesday and the unknown and I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support will help me hold my head high and be prepared for the good, bad, or the ugly and report to you on Tuesday evening. Prayers for good results please.... And Thank you all for being you. My Friends. I cherish each and every one of you even if you made me cry... Thank You for being there for me. I feel I don't have to go through these things by myself now and it takes so much of the stress off me. For that... one final THANK YOU to each and every one of you. I hope that I can be the kind of friends to each of you that you have been to me.

You can reach me at P.S. I did the link wrong somehow. I'll fix it tomorrow. I've already taken my night meds and am correcting almost as much as I'm writing. Night All.


joanne said...

I cherish you as well and will keep you in my prayers. Sleep well...

Lonicera said...

Dear Helen - how typical of you to write like that. It's important for you to know that you're not alone, and that if anyone can sort you out, American doctors can. I promise you I will be sending you super-vibes across the pond next Tuesday.

The photographic question you pose is simple, I wish your other problems were as easy: you point the camera squarely at the little yellow flower and very gently depress the shutter slightly, not enough to take the picture. Then re-position the camera for the composition you want, keeping your finger on the shutter with the same slight pressure. Then click.

Alternatively, dig a hole in front of the plant large enough to hold you so that you find yourself looking UP at the bit you want sharp. Take it, quickly go to your computer to check it's the image you want, then go back and fill in the hole. Oi!

Love those cukes plant pics, and I always smile when you photograph okra - I've never come across anyone who has such a passion for these weird vegetables...


Debbie said...

Okay,thanks to Lonicera, I have a hilarious mental image of you laying in a hole with a camera BWHAAAAAAA! If you're dirt is as hard as mine, you'll keel over digging it and won't have to worry about Tuesday!!

Okra is good, all fried up! I wish we lived closer too. I'd come over and take a tour, gulp iced tea by the gallons and then set a spell. I'm a listener too, so we could just sit quietly hahahaha!

Love you Helen...really.

hetty said...

I love your baby cucumber photo! The okra is cute too! :)
I will be thinking of you next Tuesday and sending positive vibes.

Laura~peach~ said...

love and hugs!

IISAFETY said...

The okra plant is healthy just by seeing these pictures posted. You do know how to take care of it. So glad. Thanks for sharing!