Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My liver biopsy is done, done, done and it turned out to be much less of a deal than what I had imagined in my imaginative mind. I got to the hospital early for my 9 a.m. appointment. They got me registered, identity bracelet and paperwork done then sent me to the lab because there were lab tests they needed done before the procedure could be done. Okay, I didn't expect that but blood draws had never particularly bothered me... until today.

I don't know if I drew a newbie phlebotomist, a young man, but it seemed my veins decided to duck and cover. He first tried on my right arm. No blood. So he tried moving the needle around in my arm, not a pleasant thing. He gave up finally on that attempt and I told him it wouldn't bother me if he wanted to try the veins in my hands. I'm one of those folks who have veiny hands and feet, so he tried on my hand. Nope, no dice. So a lady that I assumed was his supervisor came in and she tried my left arm. By this time I think every vein in my body was practicing the stop, droop and roll method generally used if your clothing catches on fire. No luck. She finally switched to the smaller needle called a butterfly that has a tiny plastic hose from the needle to the port where the put the tubes in to collect what they need. She went back to the back of my right hand and hit pay dirt or blood as it were...

I walked out of the lab to the waiting room with my right arm looking like a cotton freak had decorated it. It was kind of interesting seeing the looks of other patients waiting to be called in for their draws. Then the lady who would be my nurse for the procedure called me back to do her paperwork. We did all the questions, signings and all that stuff and she went on the computer to get the results of the blood work. It wasn't there. The last entry was back in March so she got on the phone and then ended up having to go to the lab to track my blood down. I just groaned. No way did I want to go through that again today. She found the blood and the results that she needed to continue the process. So away we went.

We went down to the lower level of the hospital, the nuclear medicine area, where they have the cat scans and MRI equipment, got me all set up for the cat scan including getting the medicine port in my arm on the first try, thank you Lord, and they got the cat scan photos they needed for the doctor to see where he wanted to go and get his samples. Then it was wait on the doctor while laying on that narrow table... about 15 minutes. Went right along with the rest of my morning. He was kinda cute though when he did get there... I asked him if he had a good lunch and he said actually he hadn't eaten yet but that oddly enough he usually has had his lunch by 11 a.m. because his day starts early but he had a couple of procedures before mine that took longer than expected. I forgave him... like I said he was kinda cute and not pretentious at all.

So I got my little shot of kickapoo joy juice, the doctor deadened an area on my side where he was going in for the samples, I drifted a bit and it was all done. I was carted to recovery where I finally got something to drink and then about an hour later they brought me lunch, a burger and fries and apple pie. I don't know if it was as good as I thought it was but after no food or drinks from midnight the night before, it tasted pretty dang good. They kept me in recovery longer than with most procedures, checking my blood pressure and other vitals every 15 minutes and checking the bandage that was on the area where the doctor went in for the biopsy to make sure there was no excessive bleeding. Finally they cut me loose about 3:30 p.m. It was a long day. I came home with instructions to do no lifting or straining for the next 24 hours which is obviously no problem for me. I'm to call my GI in the morning to make an appointment to get the results of the biopsy which should be to him by Friday at the latest so we have more waiting but at least I'm through the procedure.

Don't 'cha just love blow by blow medical procedure descriptions? I can guarantee it was more fun for you all than it was for me, until the blood draws were finished anyway. The rest was kind of interesting. Thank you for your good wishes, prayers and sending me the light. It went a lot easier than I thought it was going to go. As soon as I get the results I will share those as well.


Tatersmama said...

AND? And?? So you got the liver scan done, and everything turned out alright? Or are we (oh, listen to me - I mean YOU)still waiting for the results? I'm gonna keep on a-prayin' until you tell me to stop... or until Sam Elliot knocks on my door... one or t'other! xoxoxoxo

Laura~peach~ said...

love the blow by blow... wish i had been there i coudl have gotten blood first try i bet :)
we used to have to sand bag after liver biopsies... for pressure... glad all went well and am believing all results will be good too! love ya

Sara said...

Still have fingers and toes crossed for good luck and good results.

jojo said...

I'm so glad this part is over and you can take a deep breath..well, sorta. Will keep all things crossed and prayers going up for quick results and happy liver!

Lonicera said...

I enjoyed the story of your rather frustrating day, you tell it well. Now take it easy and no gardening today!

Ronda said...

I am so glad that part is over for you. I know about the blood draws. I always look like a junky the say after with bruising all over the place. Always about 5 trys before they get the blood.

I hope the report comes back A-OKAY and life can go one as normal... Love that Kicapoo Joy Juice... good stuff!

Twisted Fencepost said...

You left out the best part....when the Dr. did the biopsy.
Oh wait....you were asleep...no wonder you left that part out. LOL
Just teasin'.
Glad all went well....well, after that whole phlobotomist fiasco.**sheesh**

hetty said...

What a day! The worst is over. They can never find a vein in my arms either. Now keeping my fingers crossed for the results.

Paxie said...

I'm late! Whew. I've still got you in my thoughts and was looking for you to put something on FB. Duh, me. Just getting ready to go to bed and thought I'd check here. My brain is about gone.

I'm so glad it's over for you and glad you got kickapoo juice LOL

Now...fingers toes and all but my nose crossed and faith that God will see you on through this and all will be okay.

Big hugs for the reddirt woman!! :)

farmlady said...

Could you send me some of that Kickapoo Joy juice please. We don't have any of that here in California.
I so happy for you... it all sounded like a day at the park... except for the blood part. It's your tough ol' Oklahoma skin. Too bad Laura wasn't there to help.
Keep us informed on the results of all of this.

IISAFETY said...

Oh that's something to be grateful of. God is so good indeed. We will just have to pray hard and have a deep faith in him. Stay fit and keep praying.