Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is a post that hurts my heart to write... It is an end of an era. It is an admission that I never thought I would have to make. As we grow older we have these revelations smack us upside the head, things we never thought would be revealed to us in our lifetimes. The layers of innocence that have been peeled away from me over the years have not prepared me for this last layer of innocence to be ripped from my very innards.

All my life I have been a people watcher. I've learned many valuable lessons from watching people and the most valuable lesson that I learned was that I didn't plan or wish to get old like a lot of the people I knew... I would see them in their old people clothes and make sure that I didn't shop in the matron areas of different department stores... I wouldn't be caught dead in those areas. I didn't feel old so therefore I refuse to dress old.

Now comes the end of an era... at least part of an era...





They don't look like much laid out here on the bed but when I slipped them on and rolled up the frayed bottom into cuff, an attitude just automatically came over my body.

I was ready for anything and I was sassy enough to get whatever I put them on to do was gonna get done with FLAIR, baby. With pizazz!!!

There was just something for me about my Dukes. For one thing, not many people my age had the confidence, the balls to wear them. I thought nothing about it. I had my projects that I like to wear them for mostly as you can tell for painting jobs around the house.

Then the revelation... and realization. Somehow for me...Daisey Dukes and granny panties just don't jive. It is a totally incongruous juxtaposition in my mind, a total oxymoron and I just can't get my mind past it.

So it is with deep sadness that I'm putting my Dukes away... I can't just pitch them yet. They will go deep in the drawer to R.I.P. until I can either get rid of them or use them in some sort of craft thing or maybe just to stay there until I go up in the sky and they will be someone else's problem...


joanne said...

here's to your daisies *clink* and a fond fare the well...;j

Lonicera said...

I know exactly what you mean - I have MASSES of clothes up in the loft which I took down a year ago and examined every one - and 80% of them went back into the loft, because I can't bear the thought of parting from old friends and their memories.

Sara said...

But your Daisy Duke's could maybe cancel out the negative vibes of the grannies!

Tatersmama said...

Well.... I know it would be hard parting with the "Daisy Dukes" (remind me sometime to tell you that I dislike you - maybe when we're porch-sittin') but the up side is that granny panties would leave you with no visible panty line. Unless they're baggy in the seat, and your drawers show under the hems, I guess. ;) But I reckon that if you've got the legs, wear those babies until they fall apart!

Roslyn said...

I will NOT wear Granny panties, no way not happening!I grow old kicking & screaming in fashion forward gear. But then I don't have any Daisy Duke's shorts either.............

Twisted Fencepost said...

I would give up the granny panties before I gave up the daisy dukes. I'm with Roslyn .... I refuse to wear granny panties.
Me thinks you need to go bloomer shoppin'. LOL

hetty said...

Life goes on.... How does that saying go? 'The king is dead. Long live the king'. You need to go shopping for a new pair.

BB said...

Gosh. I have NEVER been game enough to own Daisy Dukes... I am a wimp!!

Debbie said...

I would say that these are "suitable for framing". Make a shadowbox and put them on the wall!!

Mine look awful but they aren't DD. I do not have chicken legs. My Mom did. If I did..I'd wear these and long t-shirts!!

IISAFETY said...

Don't be sad. It would be easier if you accept the whole fact that growing old is part of life. clothes will not be used anymore, so better give it to some friends of yours. Life is so short, we'll have to enjoy it to the fullest. Stay happy!