Friday, August 5, 2011

The Debate Continues...

Whoda thunk that grannie panties and Daisy Dukes would get such a discussion going? The reason for me breaking down and buying grannies is that when you get older and have a tendency to, well, ummm, how do I say this graciously... to leak a bit if you laugh, sneeze, cough and various other reasons... I just couldn't get myself to go commando. My bikinis that I have worn for years rode my hip in just the wrong place and were aggravating my aching hip. I fought it as long as I could stand but finally had to bite the bullet and buy the grannies. I can tell you that if you hurt bad enough you will do what is necessary to ease the pain.

It is true that I didn't have panty lines when I wore my DDs however... DDs tend to ride low on one's hips and unless you wear a t-shirt or blouse over them... the grannies show above the waist band of the DDs making me feel that I looked more like Erkel than just an aging Daisy Duke wannabe. Of course the t-shirts also cover the, ahem, muffin top around the top of the waist band or the love handles that also hang over the sides. I have never had to worry about my gams... I got someone else's legs. My brother has called them chicken bird legs among other things. Just being raised in a climate where shorts are more of a necessity as opposed to a luxury in the summertime I have all my life worn shorts and never paid much attention to how I looked in them until the GPs (Grannie pants so I don't have to keep spelling it out) problem. And to be real honest with y'all I mostly wore my DDs around the house and in the garden... not like going to the Golden Corral for the all you can eat buffet, although I have worn them to Lowe's to pick up paint or to visit the garden center and maybe to run to the WalMart for something I needed for right then, not for the whole food shopping thing. I didn't want to be in WallyWorld too long in case someone had the camera out looking for another one of our much loved WalMart shopper photos. And I must say even in my DDs I was dressed better than a lot of folks I saw doing their shopping... just sayin'.

I'll try to do some further clarification on this subject in another post. Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying all the chatter on this DD and GP subject. Goodnight and sleep tight... in grannies or whatever...


Lonicera said...

Hi Helen - smiled through your post. Agree with all you say. I work in a urology dept of a hospital, so SI (stress incontinence) is an everyday subject for those either side of the counter. Apparently 80% of adults over 50 suffer from it, most of them in silence. I have to beware coughing fits if I'm standing!!

Roslyn said...

Carrying my twins in utero really pounded my poor bladder down so when I had a hysterectomy my lady ob/gyn. stitched my sagging organ up nice & high, thank God now no more SI!
Oh LOL I got the "chicken legs too" from my Mum's side.

Paxie said...

I got that leak thing going too. I'm going to wear whatever is comfortable and not give a hoot. Half the young girls I see, have all their crap hanging out.

I've gone places in torn t-shirts and raggedy shorts and have gotten to the point I really do not care!


Tatersmama said...

And here I thought I was! Well, accept for the DD wearin' and skinny legs. I love my granny pants and to tell you the truth, the ermmm.. "thingies" that ya sometimes wear, fit much better in the crotch.
Okay DAMMIT! I'll just spit it out! I wear incontinence pads. There... are ya happy now?
3 large babies, and a burst kidney didn't do me no favors. :(
Don't tell anyone though...k?