Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Would It Be Cheaper

To fix me or maybe SueSue’s foot?  But before we go there… Guess what I found this morning while weeding at God-thirty in the morning, as in not too long after dawn?

rabbit nest 001 Got any idea?

rabbit nest 002 becoming clearer?

rabbit nest 003 Yep, a bunny nest.  No babies, though.  They are big enough to be out on their own and I’ve seen some of the young’uns out and about on the prairie.  Here’s where they were hiding out in plain sight -

rabbit nest 005 Remember the grass and weeds I’ve been needing to clean out around the daylilies and the iris? The one that I so brashly stated that would only take a couple of days to clean out?  I guess the reason I didn’t get out sooner to start was because the babies needed time to grow and leave the nest…

rabbit nest 009 and start eating on my ONE good head of cabbage.  It was beautiful. July 26 09 006 Four days ago. Late in the afternoon, early evening.

rabbit nest 008 Today, after bunny brunch.  This cabbage was just right and big. Four and a half pounds of wonderful, sweet crunchy cabbage.  Now bunny food… Dang.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Me or SueSue?  Suess was on my heels in the kitchen when I was turning out the ice trays.  She likes the little crunchies that break off when I crack the trays. I took a few steps towards the living room, talking to Carol.  I turned back to finish the ice… and stepped on SueSue.  I knew I was on her because I was barefoot and could feel her furry foot.  I jerked my foot off and fell square on my knee.

She is okay.  I’m not sure about me.

whack a knee 8.4.09 003 Didn’t hurt when I landed. Felt kind of like a denim burn.  I had on jeans.more knee whack 8.4.09 004 I took these about twenty minutes after it happened. It didn’t hurt to walk.  I got in the tub and noticed it had started to swell.  Now it hurts like being stuck with a hot poker whenever I move my leg.  Dang! Double Dang!  Poopy baby diapers DANG.

Why couldn’t I just have stepped on the Baby Girl?!! At least I’ve got ice for the ice packs.

I’ll keep you posted on whether I’m more costly than SueSue.  Tomorrow…


darsden said...

dang helen get some ice on that knee OMG

darsden said...

okay got the ice...???? wow I have NEVER seen a bunny nest that totally rocked.. And a 4.5 pound cabbage OMGosh...but I am totally confused..why is it bunny food now..looked fine to me and absolutely beautiful..what did I miss.

HeLEN you knee is bad honey..ice on it 20 minutes at a time..stay out the hot water... you might need to brace it too..

my stomach hurts now from seeing it I almost felt it...dang woman.. ICE

Country Girl said...


Motrin or Aleve.


It looks badly bruised. However, I'm not a doctor. I just play one on my blog.

Oh, and some POM. Dang, girl.

Mary Ellen said...

OH NO!!! You have got to be more careful with yourself!

The cabbage looks great - who cares if it is bunny food? You should be proud of growing the best darn bunny food in the state.

Roslyn said...

OH NO Helen-you just get nearly over the rib thing & now the knee thing! Bugger! The weeds will be flourishing again........Hugs & prayers.

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Now listen here you need to be taking care of yourself not blogging away :)
Okay that said !
Oh my gosh sweetie I don't know but a big stong hot toddy with ice cubes might be in order after you pour on the horse linamint.
My Daddy cured everything with horse Linamint or Kerosene and yet here I am alive !
My Granny poured hot toddys down us or castor oil :)
Seriously girl please take care of your self .
I'll be praying for a speedy kind of healing !
with love
Happy Trails

Robynn's Ravings said...

Helen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got home after being gone for ALLLLLL day and into the night. I will PRAY for that knee but it sure looks like you've got water on it, which is actually an accumulation of fluid in the meniscus. It could be badly bruised but it could be fractured. Get thee to a doctor, woman, and get it checked out so you don't further injure it.

Keep it above the level of your heart as much as possible and ice for 15-20 minutes every hour. I'm gonna call you tomorrow to check on you and make sure you're taking my advice. I won't charge you for it as we're family and all. ;) And may I add.......
POOR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

jojo said...

OMG that looks quite painful. I hope the ice helps. I sprained my ankle on Sunday and i'm still liming around here like a old woman...oh wait..I am an old woman...;p Bunny nest, totally cool.

Lonicera said...

Ouch and double ouch! I fall over Rusty my red tabby cat on a monotonously regular basis, but so far I've been lucky. And he has the cheek to miaow indignantly...
Hope you're looking after yourself.

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

That knee does not look good! I've experienced falls like that & led to knee surgery. My little wiener dogs are always under foot. You really need to get the knee checked. I ignored mine for a while and then one morning, got out of bed and couldn't walk. Take care.

Medora said...

We had baby bunnies here at the library last week - they were in a bunch of flowers on the side of the building. The kids discovered them during our end of summer reading carnival. I took a couple of pictures but they didn't turn out well, because I didn't want to disturb them too much. They were so tiny!

Reddirt Woman said...

Dar I've been icing, for more than twenty minutes. I even did the wrap the ice pack on my knee with pillows under my knee to keep it above my heart and slept with it until about 4:30-yuck a.m. Got another ice pack, strapped it on, took more drugs and made it through the rest of the night. By using gel ice packs they are almost to body temp. in twenty to twenty five minutes so there is less chance of frost bite.

Kate, I've iced, took advil in the first 30 minutes and a Tylenole 3 when it started feeling like someone was sticking a hot poker in it every time I moved.

Mary Ellen... it was ALL SueSue's fault for not being as quick as her momma... and she snuggled up real close at bedtime. She figured out that the screams of pain meant a bad thing... And I am Proud of my cabbage. Next year, raised bed with chicken wire. Maybe even doubled chicken wire.

Ros I went out early with the dogs and sat on my stool and pulled just a few... when the pups were ready to go back in for there breakfast I didn't complain. I went right with them.

Terry my mom was the Phillips Milk of Magnesia queen. If we stayed home for anything, you got dosed. I think I have some horse liniment. No kerosene though.

Robynn if I can get the bruising down and there is not a lot of pain I'm going to pass on the doc. IF the swelling stays up or it starts to hurt worse, I promise I will go to the doctor without waiting too long.

JoJo, it's that Murphy's Law thing... the older you get the harder you fall...lol I hope your ankle gets better soon.

Ouch and double ouch is right Caroline. It's a bitch to get older. I guess you did a better job so far of being able to catch yourself. Me I flat landed with all my weight on that knee. That Rusty likes to gripe at you. Maybe if you stepped on him instead of tripping over him he'd stay out of the way a bit better...

farmlady said...

Double dang is right, you better start being a bit more careful girl...., and while you're flat on your butt with your legs in the air, Peter Rabbit is out there feasting in your garden...., and laughing.
Ice, elevation, and pain killers are the best remedy. Take care.

Debbie Jean said...

Oh Helen, that looks like it hurts!! Poor thang, you just had the hurt ribs. My doc told me one of the main reasons we fall is little furbabies underfeet. Mine do the same thing, they love the ice I drop when I crack ice. Please take care of yourself and see a doc if that doesn't get better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

That bunny nest is neat. I too, have never seen one. We have loads of bunnies around here but never seen a nest. That cabbage looks great. Good job.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Twisted Fencepost said...

That hurts just looking at it!
Have you went to the doctor yet?
If it doesnt'get better soon, you need to get that looked at.

Michelle said...

Man! That knee looks bad. I hope it gets better. If it still is bad you should go see a doc. Just stoppin by for a minute to catch up. Life is busy with little ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, Oh,...The camera was "right on" for that picture! Oh, my dear blogger friend, that hurts all the way here..I am SO sorry that you have that to contend with. I am sure that sleeping was out of the question for sure..Have you been to the doctor? And, the pooch, they love us so much, and twining around our feet is how they show how close they want to stay..DANG! THAT HURT!! Get better, and let the critters have the goods...

hetty said...

Dang! I can feel it all the way up here. Good thing you had ice! Hope you get it looked at by a doctor. The bunny nest is so cool! And that 4.5 pound cabbage... I say eat it while you can.

Katidids said...

Wow, that has to hurt bad, hope the ice helps.... you should see some odd colors starting! For the bunnies, contact the local 4 h and find someone that raises rabbits, spread the poo around the edge of your garden...it will keep other bunnies out.