Friday, August 21, 2009

Does Anyone Know…

Where I can get a 55 gallon drum of face spakle?  I was originally going to just show you this photo for the  way past the “glow” stage of sweating that Southern women are never to admit passing and I thought, for reasons of a wedding coming up next month, I’d ask for make-up suggestions……

way past glowing I don’t know if you can “embiggen” the picture enough to see, but my crow’s feet, sun grin, squint lines are deep and white compared to the rest of my face… and we won’t even go into the bulldogs jowls or the turkey crepe-y neck…

Are big hats appropriate at weddings?

Anyone got suggestions?

Other than staying home?


darsden said...

YOU look Fabulous...look at those baby blues too...Girlfriend YOU don't need nothing ... just gorgeous the way you are and I see NO crows hanging on you let alone their feet..

Reddirt Woman said...

Dar I think I love you, girl... It was so hard to not smile and take this because when I smile you can't see the white lines and I was trying to get some help... You've given me more help than you can imagine. Thank you thank you.

jojo said...

I agree with Dar...all you need is your beautiful smile and you will be the most gor-g-ous woman there!

farmlady said...

Ok, here come your honest friend who is older than you and I'm not going to tell you that you look "Fabulous". I'm sorry. We do not look fabulous after 55 yrs. without a little help.

First: Some foundation. Very light and moisturizing. Just enough to smooth out your skin and give it a little GLOW.
Second: Your eyes are wonderful, probably your best feature besides your smile. So, use a blue eyeliner and put it under and over the edge of your lashes (only go about 3/4 of the way across to your nose) and then put a little mascara on your lashes.(dark gray).
Third: Moose that hair and dry it just a little.
and finally.... buy yourself a beautiful blouse with a collar or a cool scarf. Collars tend to draw the eye away from the turkey neck problem.
Then get yourself some killer earrings. The more killer the better, so people will ask you about the earrings and not the crows feet( like someone would be that rude).

And last...,smile and have a good time. We do what we can with a little help and then we just say " I'm the best I can be." and we go have some fun.

Tina said...

I hate make-up but when I feel the need (like a wedding) I recommend Lnacombe pressed powder for cover up. It evens up your skin tone and covers up the fine wrinkles really well. Best of all it doesn't feel like makeup!! That with a little blush and mascara and you are good to go.

Your hair is really cool by the way!! A little mousse and spike it up. I dream of looking good like you do with short hair.


Mary Ellen said...

I'm the last person to give advice on makeup - my current method is to put on mascara and then try not to look in the mirror with my glasses on (without them, I have no lines around my eyes at all - or at least I can't see them!)

Personally, I think you look tanned and healthy, and you have amazing eyes. Beautiful, inside and out.

Roslyn said...

I echo Connie's very excellent instructions, play up those baby blues with some mascara, some beautiful blue in your scarf to match them & SMILE & have a great time!
The heck with all those models they are NOT real!
How is the knee, can you dance??

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Well here it goes girlfriend.
First the wedding is not about how you look so take some of the weight off your shoulders :)
Second those amazing blue eyes are more than enough to dazzle anyone throw in your winning smile and you will do just fine.
Third if you insist keep it simple
remember less is more in the makeup department .
Fourth dress for yourself you did not get to this point in life without some faith in your own choices .
A little bit of self maintenance between now and then and you'll be alright.Lotion ,lotion and more lotion.
I always forget to put on lotion .
Bottom line if you so much as grin your eyes sparkle and you already have a God given inner glow that will shine bright but don't hog the attention that belongs to the bride .
Hope we'll still be friends .
Just try to relax it will all come together.
Blessings to you
Happy Trails

Twisted Fencepost said...

I recommend some foundation, just to even out the complexion. A little blush, to bring out those cheekbones. And a great big smile!
You are a beautiful lady and don't need a lot of make up. Just enough to accent what you already have.

Reddirt Woman said...

JoJo, you know I love you, too. I know I will be smiling and I will have my glasses on also, so that helps with the sun grins.

Farmlady you are older than me by 2 months and 9 days, but I'm listening. IS the blue back in? I do use mascara occasionally but haven't used eyeliner. The hair will be looking good. I hadn't thought about a scarf, but I am in the process of making up some jewelry, including earrings, so I can handle that... I'll be having fun, for sure, I always do around my family and the young man she is marrying has a great, wicked sense of humor so I can't wait to meet his family. They are close like ours.

I knew I needed something Tina to kind of make things look smoother. I have several different shades of tan going on on my mug but it's has been so long since I felt the need or had the occasion to get gussied up I just felt unsure.

Mary Ellen anytime I want to erase things out of my world I, too, can take off my glasses. But I have been known to walk into things when I do take them off.

Roslyn, the knee is doing better.. I'm not wearing a wrap anymore, and the odd colors are going away. I'll be good to go on the dance floor and I made sure the shoes I bought were not really slick leather soles. If they had been I'd have taken the sandpaper to them. I had too many slips in new shoes over the years to know to treat the soles before stepping on a dance floor. The models, and there will be plenty there, don't have the wisdom of age to know how to REALLY work a room like us 'older' models.

Terry, I forget the lotion, too, and I need it now more than ever. I worked in custom framing for so many years and was so fastidious about anything on my hand that might mess up the mats or make a mark on the art that it is one of the hardest things for me to think to lotion. And of course we will still be friends. I just don't want to be a total country bumpkin.

Becky thank you. I've always made up my eyes for the fancy affairs, but had no clue as to the rest of my face. So now I've got the ideas, I just have to execute them. I think I'll go some place like Merle Norman or Dillard's where they can help with colors so I don't go too light or too dark.

Thank each and every one of you for your suggestions. It helps to settle things in my mind. I just want to be the best I can be for several reasons including I want to blow a few folks out of the water. With your help, I can DO IT!!!

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

Helen, you want smooth??? I just heard about celebrities using Preparation H for wrinkles! (on their face)hahahaha... Have fun, you rook mahvalous.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you are beautiful... love farmladys ideas and would never know these things myself cause i have not worn makeup since high school... idid dabble in some mascara but... simply cant be bothered with it....oh and the comment about prep H... it is true it will make things soft and the vitess in it helps plump up the wrinkle areas...

Reddirt Woman said...

Brenda I'm going to the store tomorrow and I'm going to get some to try it out. Sounds crazy, but who knows? I have time to try it out and see if it works or if I have any adverse reactions. Stay tuned, sweet lady.

Laura, I promise you I haven't messed with makeup except when absolutely feel like I need to for certain situations. I have thrown out old makeup several times over the years. And for the most part when I did wear any makeup, it was eye shadow, maybe a little fill color on my eyebrows, mascara, little powder foundation and some soft blush. In the olden days of highschool, in my senior year, I had my hair bleached and my eyelashes dyed. I was so excited when I found they could actually dye my lashes and was in heaven because when I wore mascara, my lashes were long and I would get streaks on my glasses and it drove me crazy. Most beauticians don't do the eyelash dye because of litigations due to injury but I'm going to call around in Norman to see if maybe some of the nicer places have people on staff that will dye them. It's soooo much easier. love you Laura and I canb send you some hens and chicks and 2 or 3 other succulents that you should be able to grow outside where you are. I'll let you know when i send them so you can be expecting them.

hetty said...

Crow's feet, sun grin, squint lines, jowls, turkey neck? Awww heck! Who cares? I see a woman who has lived a rich, full life. I see someone who is not afraid of hard work. I see beauty and gorgeous blue eyes. I see acquired wisdom and a sense of humour. Well, I would if you had been smiling. How did you manage to stay so serious for that photo?

Tatersmama said...

I've been using Prep H for years... and I swear by it!!

But girl... to me, you look fine just the way you are!

Yeah, maybe a few licks of make-up here and there, but honey you didn't get to your age and look like you do, by being clueless.
I envy you, woman!!!