Sunday, December 14, 2008

Puppy Update...

We went to my niece's to visit a bit and to take pictures of the puppies. They will be 6 weeks old on Dec. 20th and Nancy Lu, my niece, started an add in the paper so folks could get a Christmas puppy if they wanted.

We were greeted by being attacked and the announcement that we have puppy teeth! Sharp puppy teeth.

There are six, gorgeous active puppies, four boys and two girls. I can attest to the fact that the girls are just as rowdy as the boys. This is one of the
girls playing pull on the pants leg.

I know an old Aunt is not supposed to play favorites, but this one is my favorite baby, not that I couldn't love them all, but she is special to me.

I love her markings, although you can't see them now I will point her out in another photo, but her sweet and gentle nature tells me that whomever is lucky enough to get her will be getting a puppy with her mother's sweet nature.

All of the pups seem healthy and when you pick any one of them up they just want to cuddle right into your skin.

Mellisa is not really liking this stage because they are starting to nip fingers and pull on britches legs. Since Aunt Helen was in the floor with the puppies, though, she wanted to come see them.

We all know how sharp puppy teeth are and I had the blood-letting to show for it. Just a little tooth puncture, but I bleed easy. Oh, well... comes with the territory if you hang with pups.

This little guy made me think of a Sharpei puppy. While all of them have skin to grow into, this little one seems to have a bunch.

If you don't think I'm having fun, take a look at the smile I can't seem to get off my face when I'm around the sweeties.

I'd love to bring one of them home with me, but Chloe would shun me and SueSue would be afraid of them because they would get so much bigger than her, so I just can't do that to my girls.

I'm going to wind up this post with the traditional photo of Maddie and the babies in their bed, which now, by the way, they can get out of and also back into...

Max, the big daddy, is scared to death of the puppies. It's the funniest thing. He can't seem to figure out what these little biting critters are. When it is going to be a cold night, like tonite is and tomorrow is going to be, Steve and Nancy let him into the garage.

The puppies immediately think something else to chew on and it just freaks Max out. He gets on the top step going into the garage, because all those jaws can't bite him from down on the floor.

I guess if he could figure out where they came from, it might work as birth control, but I doubt it. This was the first he ever got and he's seven, so if he gets another chance at it you know he's gonna go for it despite the consequences.

Who could blame him?

Don't forget... you can click on the photos and make 'em bigger.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhhh they are adorable... I want one... but rest assured I was TOLD last night we HAVE a dog (the neighbors dog) and we have a cat... we have fish and we are NOT allowed to get MORE... so will have to satisfy my craving with your photos :)

Michelle said...

You had me at Puppy post! They are so cute. No wonder you have a smile on your face a mile wide. It will be so hard to see them leave. We had to make sure my husband wasn't home when ours went to their new homes. He cried like a baby with the first one. And this from the guy who never wanted a dog. Now he has 3 and feels lost without them.

Reddirt Woman said...

I could bring one home, but I would have to find a new home... for me, the schnauzers and the baby Dane. I love that little girl I was communing with...

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, cuteness to the tenth power!! Puppies, I love puppies!! If I could afford more, I'd have more. I so hope those sweet thangs find a good home. Right now, my worry is a vehicle. We need a van to transport my power chair, and our little Geo Metro is dying, well the transmission is, it's a 1997 with a lot of miles on it. No funds at the moment now, so pray it holds out.
Thanks for those pretty puppy pics. I just LOVE dogs!!!

God Bless~

June Bug said...

Ah, those kids are the cutest! I have a Chloe too, by the way.

Lisa said...

Oh I love puppies. We had seven boxers and I cried so hard when the first one went to the breeder, and then the next two went to my best friends grown daughters. Bawled and boo hooed. Then Maddie went to Texas to my best friend who had breast cancer, cried extra hard. I kept the rest...till one night they got out of the yard and one did not come home! I looked for him for three years, I just pray he found a good home. NO MORE PUPPIES for me. I get too attached!

Aleta said...

Ohhhhh, puppies.... that need a home? Ohhhh... What kind? Greg and I have talked about another pet. He has a 15 year old Cockerpoo, she's deaf and blind in one eye... we also have a calm Siamese cat. They get along well, but we thought about another pet. Those are Beautiful puppies!