Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Love My Gloves...

You know, somehow one of the things I never thought I'd be professing love for would be a pair of gloves.

But these gloves, these gloves I love. I keep track of them and don't just take them off and put down anywhere. I usually put them right by the front door on the floor or on the floor right by my chair.

When I go out to do anything outside, I usually tuck them in the back of my Levi's until I'm ready to do the weed-eating, digging in the in the garden or the flower bed.

Are you getting my drift? I love my gloves. They helped me to catch a snake, pull out an incredible amount of weeds and brush, they've protected my hands pulling dead wood out of the trees, running the chainsaw, the cultivator in the garden, mowers and weed-eaters.

When I recently went with my Bro to Ft. Worth to move his stuff out of storage my gloves went with me on both trips.

On the second trip, coming home, my little pickup started coughing and sputtering and choking and I told Bro to pull over and stop.

I'm also very attached to my little Ranger pick-up. I was worn out, it was after dark, I don't deal well with stress and I was getting stressed not knowing if my p.u. was breathing it's last breath or what.

Of all the stupid things I've done in my life, the one, for sure, smart thing I've done is my AAA
membership. I've been a member since 1969 and for the last 10 or 12 years I've gotten the more expensive, 100 mile tow package. If you, like me, drive older, well used vehicles you need to
work that expense into your budget.

If not AAA, some type of auto assistance club. I called my 800 number and before long, the operator had the wrecker service in my area call me. He assured me that they could load my truck and pull the loaded trailer, too, so I wouldn't have to set out in the cold and wait for my niece to come hook up her pick-up and pull the trailer to the house. So what does that have to do with my gloves?

My gloves were the only thing, besides my Diet Pepsi, that I took out of my truck. I tucked them in the back of my Levi's, as usual. The tow driver was wonderful. He took Bro and I home, unhooked the trailer where we asked and then took my pick-up to the repair shop in Norman.

Since we had been on the side of the road for a while and I'd been out in the cold for a while and I wouldn't go pee behind the trailer like Bro, when I got to the house I told Carol I would tell her all about the pickup in a minute. I headed for my bathroom, dropped trou and, sweet relief... then I got up and turned to flush.

You're right. My gloves hit the pot. I gingerly fished them out and laid them in the tub to dry.
Did you know that you can wash heavy leather gloves? Yep, you can. But with the dogs, I'm now afraid to leave my gloves on the floor. You see, their sense of smell is so great and I've seen them pee where each other has peed, trying to show that they are the top dog, so I figure, even after washing, they will be peeing on my favorite gloves...

Their one chance to tell mom that they're are boss.


joanne said...

I thought you were going to say you lost one of them but just peed on them instead. might want to find a new place to keep them ;)
You are a great story teller Helen, I always look forward to your posts...take care and keep 'em coming.

Debbie said...

What a story. I hope that when those wear down, you know where to go and replace them...LOL.

God Bless~

Reddirt Woman said...

JoJo, I'm just keeping it real and putting myself up for laughter and humiliation. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're going to live a long miserable life.

Deb, yes I do know where to gt them... Lowe's in their garden shop area. And that is what I'm getting myself for Christmas... Since I'm the one around here doing the work. ROTFLMAO...

Laura ~Peach~ said...

but but but you MUST keep those gloves!!! new ones just wont"smell right" LOL.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Funny story!
Great post!
And you can bet they would pee on them, first chance they got.

kimmy said...

I love my gardening gloves. They are full of holes, but I just can't throw them away!

Have a good weekend!


Nola said...

I thought you were going to say you lost one too! Those dogs would break their necks to get a pee on those little babies!! lol,,,great story!

GingerJar said...

Other people lose cell phones to the potty. I lost a bra in one at the VFW one time (long story) needless to say, I was braless the rest of the night. LOL.

I had a favorite pair of leather gloves when I worked at Lowe's many moons ago, before nursing school. I NEVER BROKE A NAIL. I worked in lumber and millwork. I flat-stacked lumber and moved sack quik-crete and stuff. I loved my gloves.

Lisa said...

Oh that is too funny. Sorry about your gloves. I have a pair like that as well. Soft leather gloves that I did all my work around the "farm" while I lived in Enid and had my horses. I loved those gloves. I am sure they are around somewhere. I usually kept them in the pocket of my old coat that I wore to chores! Yes, you might not want to leave them on the floor, but I would want to wash them really good, and maybe even consider a new pair!

Mary Ellen said...

I totally get the glove love. When you find something that works just exactly the way you want, you have to cherish it.

Anyway, I think pee just conditions leather. They're probably better than they used to be!

Tipper said...

I kept waiting for you to say you lost the beloved gloves-then you say you dropped them in the potty! Too funny!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

HMMMM...favorite gloves..the potty...stinky pups..and yucky stuff...sounds like a party to me. just wanted to stop by and say hallooo :) Have you gotten your card and whatnot yet??? let us know
<3 MJ

joanne said...

Thanks for checking of us Helen...we're o.k. so far ;)