Monday, September 13, 2010

Remember These Babies?

garden and guineas 020

garden and guineas 021 The new guinea babies…  These pictures were taken 7/27/2010.

Look at them now! These photos I took today.

guineas  9.13.2010 015 They’ve almost shed all their baby feathers…

guineas  9.13.2010 003 They patrol the fields around the house…

guineas  9.13.2010 004 Always pretty much in a pack,

guineas  9.13.2010 017 Then into the yard, patrolling for any little bug, grasshoppers, ticks and any other buglet that they can find.

guineas  9.13.2010 037 Once in a while they will perch on the fence out the back door… lined up for a Spud inspection.

guineas  9.13.2010 043 Stopping by to say hello and to preen a bit.

Then it’s time to settle in for the night…

guineas  9.13.2010 055They are grown up enough to be able to fly up into the big oak tree by the house, roosting up high where they are safe from wandering dogs and predators like coyotes.

guineas  9.13.2010 061

There are scraps and tussles for “THE” best roosting spot in a guineas mind, kind of like us kids playing king of the hill on a dirt pile.

guineas  9.13.2010 063 As it gets darker they get harder to spot… but if you go outside to go to your car or to walk to the workshop you are treated to what I fondly have named… “The Guinea Hallelujah Chorus”.  I mean the chooks (in deference to my friends ‘down under’) tune up and start to set up the alarm… I’m talking they are better than any alarm set-up you could go out and buy.

It’s 11:54 p.m. and I’ve got to get this posted… 

What will come tomorrow?


Debbie said...

Not familiar with the sound they make, but I'm sure much prettier than an alarm!

Gosh, I had to go here:
to learn about your little critters. You have alarm and pest control.

Very interesting!!

hetty said...

All things I didn't know about guinea hens. Very interesting. Thanks!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

they are the best guard DOGS ever mean and loud i laugh when they chase!