Saturday, March 28, 2009


It seems that the older I get, the more what I call "idiot-syncrisities" I'm finding that I have...

Example - When I do laundry I have to turn my clothes right side out. It chaps me when I get clothes out of the dryer and then have to turn them right side out to hang them up or fold them.

Another one - When I take off my socks, I don't just pull them off. I take them off so they are right side out so I don't have to do it before I put them in the laundry. Yesterday my socks were wet when I took my tennies off and when I pulled my wet socks off, one of them came halfway off and then, being wet, I turned it inside out the rest of the way. I jumped my own stuff for not being more patient so's I wouldn't pull them inside out.

More? I just found a new one about myself today. I was doing the laundry and laid out my t-shirts on the bed to fold after I hung up my hanging clothes. I laid them to the left of where I was folding the other clothes, and went to fold them and it was like a dyslexic attack. It felt totally backward to me. Now where did that come from?

One "idiot-syncrisity" that I know how it came about is folding my socks. I like to wear crew socks with my tennis shoes. I've never been comfortable wearing closed shoes of any kind without socks or hosiery of some sort. My feet seem sweaty without them and it is just uncomfortable.

So I wear socks a lot since my life is more casual now. When I wash and dry my socks, I match'em up and then just fold them over. I don't fold them inside each other or turn the tops over to hold them together. The reason? My legs are skinny and the tops stretch out too soon and then they slide down to my ankles.

I know, I know... I'm just getting to be picky in my old age, but, dang! Some days I just drive my own self crazy.

How about you all? Any "idiot-syncrisities" y'all will 'fess up to? It makes you feel better to get them out in the open.

Trust me, I know...


darsden said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who turned everything inside out...only to get really mad after they are dry and I have to reverse!

I can't go barefoot at ALL, for no reason, I climb in the pool with my crocs on then take the off.
( uhmm I am born & raised in the south but I wear shoes all the time)
I will point every time with my right hand to the right even if I am meaning left ;-) u have to help and ask me if I am sure...OH yes I will point to the right but you better go left!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lol at darsden... i have my left and my other left...
ummm lemmie see wash rags can only be halved, and towels must be folded in the way I do them Cant really describe but no squares for me...i am very witchy if things are not put into their place, I will cut slack if not as neat as i want but they must be in their place...some say thats OCD i just think it is practical and organised. LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

I LOVE your word "idiotsyncrisities!" lol

I'm gonna start a new category at my place - as soon as I can figure out how to display it permanently - for new words to enter the American vernacular. We can start them and see how long they take to become mainstream. My family has a few, too, and so do other friends. I'd love to include yours (with full credits, of course!). Let me know what you think.

Ok - my idiotsyncrisities with socks and laundry is this: when I'm putting two socks together, no matter which one I fold over the other, it feels wrong. Sometimes I unfold them and fold down the other side. I can't STAND it! I hate to get to the sock part of the laundry for this reason. But this has plagued me for 20 years so maybe I've ALWAYS been an idiot. Explain THIS to me! lol

Absolutely LOVED your post. :)

Mary Ellen said...

I'm pretty picky about folding laundry, which is probably why I get to do it all! i tell myself that I fold everything a certain way because things fit in the drawers or on the shelves better - not because I'm obsessive/compulsive.

My kids must take their t-shirts off incorrectly, because I always have to turn them right-side out when folding. The other day, I actually turned one inside out because I was so used to doing it, and one of them was actually right in the first place.

Debbie said...

This is a darn good post and I also love this word!!

I just finished folding towels before I came up and read this. I also have an inside/out thingy. My son inevitably has his stuff inside out. Although...I just noticed as I took his socks out of the dryer (since he's been doing his own laundry) he turns his socks right side out now before washing. He wears two pairs and used to wash them without separating.

I wear the white socks with tenny's too. I do fold the over because I DO NOT have skinny legs! LOL

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You have described me to a "T"
I'm the same way about laundry but also:
My towels hanging in the bathrooms and kitchen must be folded perfect and must be hanging the exact length. If someone moves them, I tidy them. (All my ducks in a row and all my soldiers lined up!) I have always known this about myself but nice to hear a lot of other people are the same.
Oh, just thought of another. All my garbage must be tied up in bags. I hate anything loose in the garbage can. This one drives my hubby crazy! Loved this post. Now, don't ya feel better about yourself?

Twisted Fencepost said...

Believe me, you are not the only "idiot"!!
What's worse than my own socks, that are always taken off "correctly", is having to turn someone elses socks right side out. YUCK!
I put everything right side out into the washer, and half the time they come out of the dryer wrong side out. Drives me nuts! Why go to the trouble of making sure everything is right side out if you have to do over?

Tatersmama said...

OMG! I'm not the only one, then! I can NOT wear tennieswithout socks and if they've been folded incorrectly ( sometimes the Old Guy does them for me, especially if I'm having a meldown) they don't feel "right" so I throw them back in the laundry basket.

Hanging the laundry is where my
"idiotsyncrisities" show up. I always hang by size and color and the clothespins have to match whatever it is I'm hanging - other than whites which means I can use any color available. All the clothes need to be hung inside-out,(because of fading) but I have to turn them right-side out before I wash them!
What a lot of extra work I make for myself!

Towels in the bathroom need to be folded and hung in exact thirds, and they have to be the exact same length, or I have to go in there and *twitch* 'em 'til they look right !

Tatersmama said...

ooops, I made a mess of that last comment!
I just wanted to say that I just became a follower... and a fan!
Where have you BEEN, all my life?

Robynn's Ravings said...

Helen you are TOO KIND. YOU, my friend, are the blessing to ME! I always look forward to your comments and value them. Time is finite and I hope I never take for granted the time it takes to stop in, read, and then comment. It's a gift you give me.

Thanks for the permission. I can't WAIT to get this up. Now on a hunt for the html or widget. :)

farmlady said...

Ok, now I know you and I are the same age. "Idiot-syncrisity" is my middle name.What you wrote in the third paragraph..., about folding and forgetting how to do it because you didn't put the shirts in the right place to begin with. I about had a heart attack laughing over this. If something is not in it's place I lose my ability to process the next step. The car is not where I left it. Someone asks me for my phone # and I say it all wrong or reverse some of the numbers and I have to look in my wallet for the piece of paper I wrote the # down on (just for this reason) and then can't remember where the piece of paper is. Left is right and right is left. I stay somewhere for a week and come home to a strange house where the simple act of taking a shower becomes a new learning skill.Good grief! Is this what it all comes to? Brain cells falling out of our ears? Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one who has "brain farts".

p.s. I like "I jumped my own stuff" Is that an Oklahoma expression?

musing said...

Before getting dressed, I have to turn my clothes inside out to check for spiders.

hetty said...

I love made up words and your 'idiotcyncrisities' is terrific. I have many. Too many.

Lisa said...

I wash my clothes right side out and I can't stand for the sleeves to be rolled up part ways. My husband always wears his sleeves rolled up a roll or two. I don't like it. I do match my socks and do tuck them in together. My legs aren't skinny so....but they do still fall down sometimes! Don't we all have things little odd things about us?

Tina said...

Ok I am feeling the laundry thrown at me as I type--buttttttttt

I do not wear socks with my tennis shoes. I go barefoot around the house most of the time. I do not turn my laundry right side out when it comes out of the washer and sometimes even the dryer :) i turn mine but my children can turn their own shirts right side out when they put them on.

My idiotsyncricities are mostly reading and writing related (or work)-I have to start at the beginning of what I am reading and check the end then i can read the middle. I have to organize the whole piece of writing with a diagram before i write the guts.

I do fold towels in thirds but they just fit better in the cupboards. I have to refold towels whenever anyone else folds them.

I have my own blanket in bed-no sharing with my husband. He hogs it and it is crispy white and I want it to stay that way.

My husband and I are currently having kitchen wars-he moves something and I Move it to "where it is supposed to be" he finds it and moves it back to his place...It drives me crazy and I think we are having power issues...:)but I personally think he is he is having idiotsyncricity problems :) haha

Tipper said...

Oh Helen-I have to many to list!! But at least after reading your post and the comments left-I see I am not alone :-)

K. T. Sparks said...

yep I have plenty of them but they have nothing to do with housework! ha ha