Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bird Brain That I Am, Sometimes...

I thought I'd let Mr. Flicker share the spotlight. He's hanging on the sunflower seed feeder on the back deck.

Scarfin' his fair share for sure.

(don't forget---click = bigger)

Then we have the goldfinches... we have a butt load of goldfinches. They are still in their winter colors in these shots, because I took the photos in mid-January.

There are nine of them in this photo, including the one coming in for a landing.

This photo I managed to not only get 11 birds, but also my mysterious underlining has reappeared.

When you double click to make the shot bigger, don't forget to count the little one on the far right edge of the dish.

It was raining when I took this shot, so it's not as clear as the rest of the photos.

Here's a purple finch, and no underlining... I don't know where it went, just like I don't know when it is going to show up again.

Goes right along with the bird brain theme.

One of my favorites, the Tufted Titmouse. And the underlining... Anyway... he's so cute. He will jump down and pick out which sunflower seed he wants, then ---

He takes them up on the shepherd's hook, sticks them between his feet and pecks it until he gets it open to get the seed out. Then he goes through the whole routine again. I love watching him. Well, obviously, I love watching all of them but he is probably my favorite in terms of comic relief.

Mr. Flicker is hanging out so he can say "Adios, amigos. Mi casa es su casa!"

Come back again real soon...y'all hear?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Love them all!!! have to laugh at the mysterious underlining... shrug i dont know what it is from!

kim-d said...

That flicker is beautiful; I have never seen a bird like that before! I also like the feeding "dish"--great idea.

I'll admit it...I love seeing all the bird pix that different bloggers post; they are interesting and, many times, beautiful. However, being immature as I am and sometimes having the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy, I still do the snort-chuckle over "titmouse." I don't know why, but that just cracks me up. But I digress. So, I love seeing the bird pix. But, birds in real life? Not so much. I honestly think I was permanently scarred from the movie "The Birds." I get a little uncomfortable every time I see a bunch of them congregating somewhere...

I know. I'm childish. It's part of my charm. BWAHAHAHA!

Debbie said...

I love your birdies! I especially like Mr. Flicker because I think I have one hanging around my suet. He doesn't have a red head though. My brain stays foggy, maybe he did!

I admit, I never knew finches were that color in the winter. I thought they just came to my creek gold LOL

Twisted Fencepost said...

Great bird shots, Helen!
I am always amazed with birds and their silly antics.

darsden said...

Wood peckers (hummlol) are so funny to watch. Esp at the feeders. They almost eat laying down.

Carolina Chicadee is my favorite lil one. Then the Titmouse. I have a few goldfinch left to that are still canary yellow.

I had a painted bunting last year for the first time...sure hope he comes back this year. He was so beautiful.

farmlady said...

If the goldfinches were bigger and more aggressive, we would all be in trouble. There are so many of them!
The Flicker seems to like your place. I think he's here to stay for a while.

You have a mysterious "underlining gremlin" living in your computer? Spooky! I don't even know how to underline at all. Did you do something to start the process or did it just appear? How do you even learn to underline?

hetty said...

I love your bird photos! We don't have so many beautiful birds during the winter, but I saw my first robin of the season today! Interesting to see the colour of goldfinches in the winter. By the time they get here they are yellow and black. I didn't even know they went through a colour change. Thanks! I learned something today.

Lisa said...

man, I see you are keeping up with stuff. I can not even manage to get a posting on the blog in a week. We need to be thinking about pictures. I just spent 8 hours in Yukon taking pictures of a pregnant niece. But we also had family visit time, not just pictures taking time. I am worn out today!!! So give me a week or so and lets start planning yours ok?

DocSly said...

Helen, another thing we have in common. I love birds and we feed mostly little sparrows all winter. We live in town and just can't seem to attract the nifty ones. My brother and his wife have an abundance in their yard in the Minnesota country. Love birds, great pictures.

Tipper said...

So pretty! If I had that many birds eating in my yard-I'd never get anything done-cause I'd love to just stand there and watch!