Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Of Me, Why Not Take More Of Me...

26. 50 plus years ago this was not considered politically incorrect. 50 years ago we hadn't heard the term politically correct or incorrect.

My brother, Walter, is at the top, my sister Sue is in the middle and I'm the lowdown one. This was part of a vaudeville show that we performed in at our church.

The wigs and the outfits had been rented from a costume shop. About a week after the show, us kids that were in the show all started coming down with the measles.

When folks started doing a little investigating they found out that the group who had rented the outfits before us had several kids that had been infected with the measles but hadn't broken out yet.

27. I call this photo "High Hopes". All the girls in the family were under-gifted in the boob department. Mom, my two older sisters and myself were all, basically as flat as the floor.

Mom, who rarely ever teased about anything she thought might hurt someone's feelings, told me she was going to take me to a tattoo parlor and have them tattoo FRONT on my chest so if I was ever in an accident the ambulance folks wouldn't try to turn my head backwards, because my front looked like my back. I laughed, we all laughed because it was true and just one of those things all three of us girls learned to joke about rather than cry about.

My Bro (Walter) even gave me a t-shirt with fried eggs on it for Christmas one year.

28. For my fourth birthday, Judy the elephant at the Oklahoma City Zoo sent me a card.

I was so excited. I loved Judy and would get to feed her peanuts when we went to see her.

I didn't like that she was chained, but that was 60+ years ago and I was little and didn't know what I could do to change that.

29. I loved all the old time cowboys... Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Red Ryder, Lash LaRue, Cisco Kid and Pancho, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

30. I used to play the guitar a little. You know, back in the Bohemian Coffee Shop days and into the Hippie Era.

31. I have also been known to write a little poetry, although I did not read them in front of anyone. It was good therapy for me to learn how to express my feelings.

32. I had a panic attack on the night of my high school graduation and ducked out of the procession line before I got into the auditorium and hid out crying and shaking in the bathroom. My counselor found me and stayed with me and helped me calm down.

Scared my folks... they thought I was pulled out for God knows what and was not going to be allowed to graduate. That was my first experience with panic attacks, but was certainly not my last.

33. I took violin in grade school for 2 years. The photo was taken on 'jeans' day and I wasn't going to ever wear a dress on 'jeans' day. I'm the second from the left if you haven't figured it out already from the jeans remark.

34. I got in trouble the summer between my sophomore and junior year over a book. "Eggbert The Embryo" was the title. We were having family reunion in OKC and I went to my Aunt's house after my summer school class and I had the Eggbert book with my school books.

If you are not familiar with the book, there were illustrations of a baby with a circle drawn around him and the caption would be something like "Mom! Get this horse out of a trot!" It was very funny and not "dirty or slutty".

One of my cousins took the cartoon book to show her mom because she knew it would get a laugh. Well, some of the older aunts got a hold of it and wanted to know where this trashy book came from... Another cousin ran outside to where I was and was freakin'. She said her momma would be asking about whose it was and I told her to tell her it was mine. I was the black sheep once again at reunion time.

35. I took piano for several years. Each year we had a recital. I'm the second from the left on the front row. My next older sister was right behind me and my brother Walter is in the second row, third from the right.

We were so precious.

This is the second and last piano recital I was in... Again, I'm second from the left (what is with that?) on the middle row. My sister Sue was second from the right on the back row, next to our teacher.

I think that's enough to consume for this trip down memory lane. I don't know if I bit off more than you or I can chew, but I'm committed (or probably should be) to finish the 100, even if it kills me.


Nola said...

I used to tease my sister about her lack of boobs too......
I told her she was a member of the "itty bitty titty committee"!!

Staci said...

I love those pictures!

hetty said...

I love your journey down memory lane.

darsden said...

Well, look at you miss musical talent there. Cool Beans everybody in my family plays something except me I play the cd player :-)

I stopped wearing dresses in 3rd grade. I couldn't play hard in dresses. I had HUGH O boobies in 3rd grade. NO Chit!!! My sister hated me, I hated it was so hard to play football..all the guys just wanted to tackle me even if I didn't have the ball.

Great counting up Helen...funny it has been a while since I saw a picture like the first one.

Ya'll looked like you had a lot of fun growing up.

darsden said...

by the way...your title is a willie nelson song..but I figure you already Know that!

I have panic attack too. They have gotten better. Hugh Crowds trigger then though. Then the ones at night are a whole different ball game! (but better)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

more great stuff...:) love the walks down memory lane

Twisted Fencepost said...

My you are a talented lady!
Acting, guitar, piano, violin...
Can you still play those instruments?
When I was skinny, I was flat chested. Well, not flat, still had to wear that awful double barrel slingshot. I hated it. Still do!

jojo said...

what if it kills us??? I'm just a'kiddin you Helen. You certainly had a well rounded childhood and were surrounded by a lot of family. Was not so for me. I love the pictures and I love peeking into your life. Thanks for sharing, and don't stop. j)

Mary Ellen said...

I LOVE the facts and the photos. You have such a fun way of telling your stories, you can do 200 more if you want.

And, thanks to you, I have that song "all of me" stuck in my head now.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

These pics are great.

And John DOES have a good heart - beer just makes it silly!!


farmlady said...

Sixty some years is a long time isn't it? You could write a book on your life. I guess that's kind of what we're doing with this blogging thing.
It's the journey, with or without the boobs.

Tipper said...

Helen-you were such a neat kid-I'm enjoying all these posts and am glad you decided to do them!

Lisa said...

Isn't it fun going down memory lane. I wish I could find my high school year book, but I do not have a clue where it is. Now that I am back in Tulsa I might want to catch up with a few people, but I don't remember what they looked like!! ha ha ha

Lonicera said...

I've always loved looking at pictures, what an interesting project you've set yourself. Looking forward to the rest!