Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh, You All Are Going To Hate Me...

Some days there are things that happen that you just have to share... Spread the joy, as it were. Actually, it's my Bro that you all can hate for this one. We were talking about something on t.v., I don't remember what about, and evidently it plucked a chord in Bro's head and he started singing... (if songs get stuck in your head, stop reading NOW)


"Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight?". Let me tell you that was stuck in my head for all the rest of that day and even into the night. I woke up with my 4:30 bladder attack and immediately it started playing...

"Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight?
If your mother says don't chew it, do you swallow it for spite?
And you catch it on your tonsils and you heave it left and right,
Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost over night?"

So I thought maybe it's like a cold. If you share it, it goes away. If I'd learned how to download music I'd of downloaded it for you all, but you were saved by my ignorance on that front.

Anybody have a catchy tune that sticks in their head for a bit if they hear it? Feel free to share. I am expecting paybacks on this one.


Nola said...

tqGeeezzz thanks for that!! I get the annoying tv commercials stuck in my head. We have a $2 shop over here called "chicken feed" with the most annoying screeching add....and I always find myself singing it!! dohhh

Twisted Fencepost said...

Not any song in particular. Just whatever I hear that's "catchy".
My son does it too. Drives us both crazy!

Unknown said...

ba ba ba ba barbara ann

ba ba ba ba barbara ann

this always sticks in my head

hope i returned the favor