Thursday, October 23, 2008


Rick, over at Organized Doodles, totally blew me away yesterday with a doodle of *#*#*#(drumroll)#*#*#* MOI !!! He is a totally amazing and thoughtful man and so kind to share a lot of his doodles with all of us and I love 'strutting his stuff' because he expresses thoughts and feelings so succinctly in his doodles.

Yesterday was one of my bad days and I had been in bed until the afternoon. When I got up and started my blog reading to catch up, I clicked on his blog and Bam! There was a RED DIRT WOMAN doodle!!! I was totally and absolutely surprised. I never thought about him doing something like that and his timing couldn't have been better. I think the delight from seeing his doodle eased my pain measurably and that was wonderful.

I urge all of you that may read this to go over to Rick's corner of the blogging world and see, not only MY doodle, but all of his doodles and read his posts. It will be a delightful visit, I assure you.

Rick, you all are on my list for okra next year, and I promise it will be a bigger mess than this years was. Your sweet bride may want to hit you in the head with the skillet for being so kind to this old red dirt woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness.



Tipper said...

How nice of him! I'm headed to check it out! Hope you're feeling better.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Hey, that was fun! I'll bet it made your day. He's such a sweetie!

Hope today is a better day!

jojo said...

I saw that yesterday and thought it was just the darnest thing! It gave me a chuckle and I thought you would enjoy seeing it. I just love his doodles...gotta be careful how I say that! Take care Helen, and put me on that Okra list, I don't even know what it is!!! ;)

Nola said...

It was really nice of Rick! It is a great doodle and something you can treasure for ever!