Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just A Bunch Of KeRap…

That’s an Okie way of drawling out crap. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of a little black and white calf…

cows and calves 001 He’s such a cutie.  He’s about three weeks old now and he and another one of the calves run and romp and play together. 

cows 001 Here they are scratching their heads on a salt block.

cows 002 Mom is keeping an eye on him because he is an adventurous little guy.  There are five babies in this pasture right out the back yard and they were closer to the house today than they have been since I got here. cows 008He is curious about everything.  He’s checking out the electric pole here.

cows 010 He’s taking it on now.  He knows with momma watching he can whip anything in the pasture.

I’m telling my baby brother that I want a camera that I can put a telephoto lens on for my 65th birthday next month.  Doubt that I will get one, but a gal can still wish.

Chloe watching the cows I just happened to look for the girls in the back yard before I went back inside and caught Chloe frog-dogging watching the cows.  She loves being in the country, too.


Tina said...

That cow looks like an inkblot test :) I saw an oil pump thing in that ink blot. What does that say about my psychological health?

I have one of those cameras with a exchangeable lens. They are great as far as pictures go but there are some things to keep in mind. The cameras are HEAVY and cumbersome to carry around. The problem with this is when we take trips or I go out for other reasons and then miss all kinds of picture taking opportunities because it is too heavy to just take 'in case' i get something good.


farmlady said...

Chloe.., frog-dogging and watching the cows. If Carl was there he would be herding those cows and showing Chloe how to do it.
So.., where the heck are you now. Were did you land. We need more information than "in the country". Oklahoma is a big place, girl and you could be anywhere.

joanne said...

that sure looks like a pretty place to be, imagine spring is right around the corner and all sorts of things will be popping up.
That pup is too cute!

Sara said...

Watching the calves romp around is one of the things I miss about living on a farm. They are so cute and fun to watch. This one is so pretty with his inkblot paint job.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful stuff i want one of those fancy smancy cameras too LOL

hetty said...

What a great place to live! I love cows and would probably be frog-dogging with Chloe and watching the cows too! If you get one of them fancy shmancy cameras for your b-day, let us know how it works. My b-day is a month later and I want one of them things too.

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