Friday, January 29, 2010

When Were We Annexed By Vermont?

fir trees in snow 

This was the color of my world today…

out towards the road

snowy tree 


this is not a black and white

These photos have not been retouched or worked over or made to look like black and whites.  This was the color of my world today.

ice and snow on grass  This is in the front yard, a flower bed with grasses, beige from the fall dying back and this was taken in the same stroll as the above photos.

Buckles and ice 047 As was this woodpile.  So there was some color outdoors.

tree and icicles

This is the branches of a mimosa tree off the back porch. I like the icicles straightness and yet the ice on the branches twists and turns and caught my eye… It’s like my brain on some days, orderly as all get out and then I’m off on a tangent that twists and turns with various threads of thoughts that sometimes brings me back to the orderliness and sometimes I don’t get back to the orderly place at all for a day or two…

Yes, I am that twisted with curiosity about my world.  But I still haven’t figured out when we were annexed by Vermont.  How about it Bonzer… have you heard anything about us being annexed?  ‘Cause if you think that’s what happened I’m going to have to learn how to ski.


Pastor Sharon said...

These are amazing and beautiful pictures. They would be great enlarged and placed in frames!

Dusty Devoe said...

Great photo's. I always think Pictures in the snow are so beautiful. Hoping we will get some soon!

Anonymous said...
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Lonicera said...

Beautiful! Those straight icicles hanging from the roof are amazing. You have such a good eye for a photograph.

hetty said...

Wonderful photos! Beautiful surroundings! We are still waiting for snow.

Reddirt Woman said...

Thanks P.S. The sky is lighter today and I'm hoping to jack my lazy self off the bed to go take some more photos. We got off light with this snowfall and the ice beneath the snow. So far as I know there are very few broken limbs like in some areas.

Dusty the system that went through here was covering a pretty large area so maybe you all will get a share of the snow.

Caroline I like to study photos that I've seen and try to figure out what I like about them and apply it to the photos I take. I'll never be as good as some folks but I do know what I like and when the pictures look decent. I could probably do some wild things if I learn my photoshop but for right now I think I do okay.

Hetty, you're the one supposed to be getting all the snow! Us Okies aren't used to getting but maybe one big one winter. Maybe you will get your snow soon.

Sara said...

Beautiful pictures. But you should be safe from having to learn to ski because I'm guessing the white will be all gone in a couple of days. Stay warm!

farmlady said...

I cannot believe this is Oklahoma. Beautiful photos but so cold. Hope you get some sun soon.