Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little Of This And A Little Of That…

I have been trying since I’ve been here to get a picture of the guineas.  These three are called “The Survivors”.  They are the only ones out of fourteen that survived an attack by dogs that were running in the area.  They are pretty shy of anything and anybody which is probably why they are the Survivors.survivors a marchin This morning as I was leaving to go help Bro get his place cleaned up so we can start moving things from storage, the guineas were marchin’… see how they are all in step? The left foot on the ground and all three have the right foot steppin’ out across the drive.

guinea at work They have a little route that they follow every day.  They peck around the back yard then they go around to the front, then across the road to the neighbors and wander around there for a bit then make their way back to the home place.

Flamingos and trees 025      They are never very far from each other as they trek around.  And after their day is done I think they roost in the hay barn just a couple of hundred feet south of the house.  They are fascinating to watch because they are flat intent on their mission unless interrupted by people or dogs that get too close… then they are off and going until they feel safe then it’s back to work.

Today has been just one of those gray, misty rainy days that you get tired of in the winter.  The temperature has been mild this last couple of days, in the mid forties, but there is just enough moisture in the air to make you want to stay inside.  Unless you are like me and something catches your eye and out you go into it in a tee shirt and jeans without a coat.  I thought these would be interesting pictures to share with you all on this gray day…

quiet reflections on pond  Quiet reflections on the pond just northeast of the house…

just a ripple This one there was just the slightest breeze to soften the sharpness around the edges a bit.

tree with textureThis was what I spotted that made me grab my camera in the first place.  This mimosa tree is just about ten feet from the back deck.  I loved the textures and the colors and on a gray misty day they seem to be so much brighter.

tree with moss

Flamingos and trees 004

Flamingos and trees 003 Flamingos and trees 006 So this is the entertainment in my world.  And I love it.  Makes me want to get my paints out again and I haven’t wanted to do that in a long time.

On another note I would like to ask all of you for prayers for my sister and her husband.  Bill has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and he has elected to buy a little more time to be with his family by taking chemo.  They switched to a new chemo this week because the tumors had grown even while taking the first rounds of chemo.  Anyway, they have been married for 48 years and he and Sue have four boys that live close enough to help out but it looks like it’s going to be a hard fight.  Sue is a nurse practitioner so she totally understands what’s going on, but your husband is different from your patients.  You can’t separate your emotions from your husband as you must do with your patients. So I just thought I’d ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to tell someone you love that you do love them.  You never know how long you will have them around. 


Tatersmama said...

Awww. the guineas are adorable! The first thing I noticed was them walking 'in step" and I was scratching my head, thinking it was trick photography or something! Then I read on, only to see that I wasn't imagining things!

Of course your family will be in my prayers! Tonight is Meeting night (I'm a Quaker)... so I'll ask the whole group to pray for your sister and brother-in-law as well.

Tina said...

I love love the pictures. Especially the tree close-ups.. Just beautiful. love also, to you and your family as they work together to battle the cancer.


Reddirt Woman said...

Tatersmama thank you so much. While they have had many years together and have had to face many problems through the years this is one that caught them out of the blue last September.

Tina I have a fascination with textures, especially in nature. I hope to get some more pictures of some of the other types of trees. Thank you also for the love sent our way. My sis and I locked horns when we were younger but have become much closer as we've grown older and wiser and I hate that just when you are getting to the age where you can sit around and do things together this cancer looks to cancel all that out.

Dusty Devoe said...

Love the guineas! Great pictures of the trees. WIll keep you all in my prayers.

hetty said...

Cute guineas! That moss covered tree looks interesting. It makes me feel that you should get your paints out too!
Prayers are going up for your sister and her husband.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

prayers for sue and bill and all the family and friends... love the pics too and hugs to you.

Roslyn said...

I would totally have been taking pics of the tree trunks too!
Prayers for your BIL and family.