Saturday, January 23, 2010

Redneck Crown Molding…

I’m in the middle of trying to redo my bedroom.  I took a day off from helping Bro up at his cabin to try to get molding around the top of the bedroom.  I thought I could do anything as far as simple remodeling was concerned… I found out I was wrong.

redneck crown molding 002

Cuz had put up some decorative border several years ago and I tried everything to get that stuff off the wall.  After trying home methods, i.e. vinegar and hot water, getting some wallpaper remover from Cuz’s son that he said would, according to his better half, take any wallpaper off the wall, using a heat gun (that worked but it also took several layers of paint meaning more repair work), making a thirty mile round trip to the nearest Lowe’s to get the newest wallpaper remover they had that was supposed to be great… and muttering more than one unChristian ‘set’ of words I said piss on this shit  forget it.   I was just a bit hot.

west wall

So I went and got some  ten foot 1x8 boards, mitered one end and then cut the short pieces to fit with a miter on one end of it.  I put a base coat of Kilz on it.  All of this I did up at the cabin to minimize the mess at Cuz’s home.  I painted the walls up into the border and I started putting it up  the ‘molding’ today.  The first wall was the one over the closet because there was less crap to move out of the way. 

redneck crown molding 003 First long piece went up pretty easy… don’t look at the junk on my closet shelf.  It will be different before I’m through.  But I digress. Time for the short piece at the other end.

redneck crown molding 001

being kissed while sawing.

That gap is what happens when you are trying to keep from being kissed while trimming the short board to make it fit.  I was about 1/4 of an inch off on my measurement so I made a nice straight line where I needed to trim the board with my trim saw. I didn’t want to do that in the house so I went out on the front porch and Lucky was real glad to see me.

Lucky Dawg But it sure made me mess up on my trimming.

Why redneck molding?  These warped boards have more gaps than Bubba’s teeth when he smiles…

 more gaps redneck crown molding 008

I took these shots from standing on the floor.  The photo on the left has screws on top and bottom of the board.  I haven’t put the screws along the bottom of the board on the right so I’m hoping that it will do better than the one over the closet.

So what are you doing with your weekend?


hetty said...

Well, I'm certainly not doing anything like what you're doing! I went to the library today, so I think there is a lot of reading in my weekend.

farmlady said...

Obviously, I'm not doing anything as hard as this. Good grief! Remind me NEVER to put a wallpaper border on my walls. I didn't know it was so hard to remove.
..., and remember.., dog kisses trump everything.

Tina said...

wow your cousin knows how to install a border! I have never had any trouble stripping off a border just by pulling one ends and walking around the room. She must of used that crazy glue advertised on TV :)
Are you going to caulk the cracks?

We are supposed to clean our our garage and move all of our crap back so we can stop paying for space in someone else's garage!

Lonicera said...

I'd have just stayed with the dog... sounds much more fun. Loved the pictures of the calf! What am I doing this weekend? Keeping away from the kitchen, where John is immersed in marmalade making - two massive saucepans full. Despite my nagging, the kitchen still ens up dripping with sticky goo. On the floor (noisy when you lift your feet...), dripping down the cooker... ugh. Plus I'm tempted to "sample" it, which sends my blood sugar sky high...
So hear I am blogging instead!

Debbie Jean said...

Well, not any hard work like yours!! I actually didn't do much of anything. Just played some with the fur babies. Still getting over that terrible bug I had and if I get up to do much, I am worn out. Your energy inspires me, I wish I had it. You inspire me girl!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Robynn's Ravings said...

Not puttin' in crown molding I can tell you. Not even tiara molding. You're braver than me but, we knew that, Sass!

Reddirt Woman said...

Hetty, I was too tired to read except for e-mails soI'm envious...

Farmlady you are so right. Dog kisses trump everything. I think it is because the the border had been up for quite some time, as in several years and whatever brand had some dang good glue on it. I only put up wallpaper once back in 1988 but there is a story to that... isn't there always with me? One of the perks of living to my age and having an incredible curiosity to try most anything. I did put border up once but not in the normal manner... I used it to break two colors at about the height of wainscoting. It did look good.

Tina I've never had a problem with wallpaper before this. I'm one of those people that much prefer paint because it is easier to change when the mood strikes. Yes I will fill the 'imperfections' before I paint it with high gloss white. The woodwork around the doors will be high gloss white also. When I get it finished I'll show pictures.

Caroline at least it is John making it, not you. And I have to 'fess up that the calf is brown and white instead of black and white but I hadn't seen him and his momma up close to the house until yesterday. I think I need to get my eyes checked!

Debbie Jean I am so glad that you all are finally getting over that awful bug. You can start to regain some strength now and maybe get a little energy back.

Robynn I think that anything you decide you want to do you jump into it with both feet. I could never have done all the research that you've done on your good eating series... we all have our strengths, some analytical and some attempting anything with their hands whether redecorating, beading, quilting (soon hope to try that) or educating folks about foods that can kill or heal and help to live life with less illness. I think that's probably a bit more important than the grunt work I try to do. I love you to death, Sass, for trying to help me and others learn about the good stuff to eat for a better life.

Caution Flag said...

We have a house FULL of wall paper. Old, pasted-on wallpaper that will NOT come off without taking the drywall with it. I give up and am about to install decorative wall panels in the bathroom and then the kitchen. Enough is enough. Now, get back to work so I can see your finished product.

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Roslyn said...

Well for sure I am NOT doing redneck crown molding,lol.
Watchn' the Aussie Open.
Take my Button for a walk then I'll be a-quilting!
Personally I love those kind of grey snowy days, they are as rare as hen's teeth in Phx!
Just stay in & warm, Helen.

Nola said...

You constantly amaze me at the projects you take on and how handy you are!!

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