Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today is OU's (Oklhoma University) first game of the season. The girls and I will be ready for football. Excuse all the mess in the photo... It was taken at Christmas time last year for the bowl game and I wasn't even dreaming back then that I'd be blogging. But I thought, what the hell!! I write about all kinds of stuff around here anyway, and what's a little mess around friends?! I've got a baby shower to go to first, then I'll be at a friend's home rooting the Sooners on!! I hope for all you football fans that your teams win today... unless they are playing the Sooners.

Boomer Sooners!!!




Chari said...

GO SOONERS! I hope your team wins~Have a fun, fun day!

kimmy said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll package some of that chowder up and ship it on over!

Have fun watching football! We are HUGE Patriots fans and my husband can't wait for next weekend!


Rick said...

I saw you name on another blog and I thought, "I'll bet that woman is from Oklahoma." And sure enough. I know that red dirt. I was born there, not raised, but went to a small school there and lived there a couple of times after that. PLUS, I have two daughters that live there now.

Yes, you Sooner fans love your football. My future SIL is a big fan. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, you're still angry over last seasons' Oregon Ducks game. Sorry about that - not really a Ducks fan either, but hey, I live here!