Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meandering Along...

I drove to Big D on Saturday to visit my school friend. I figured since it was a Saturday and mid-day when I got there that traffic would be no problem.... but then I've always been such an optimist that I'm considered in some areas of the world extremely naive. I was clocking along, traffic was moving smooth and I thought, hey, no problemo. About 3 miles from my exit that all changed. I was leery of exiting the highway because it's been years since I did any driving in Dallas and don't remember back roads and short cuts. So I'm sitting in traffic, moving, oh, maybe 2 miles an hour... gotta go like a race horse on diuretics and my truck starts getting hot enough that the a/c says NO MAS. I had to turn off the a/c and open the windows and it was only 101 according to the temperature sign on one of the big buildings. I decided that I'd have to exit and while in line waiting to exit, the dang traffic started to move on out. Wouldn't ya know.... I jumped back on the freeway an was at my friend's in no time. Never did figure out what was the problem. While I had a really good visit, good food, a swim and lots of talk and laughter... I still hate driving in Dallas, but I will do it again someday for another visit.

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