Friday, July 18, 2008

A Cat's Tale...(or Tail)

You've heard me refer to my brothers as having as warped a sense of humor as I have... I thought it was time for an introduction and an example of familial weirdness.

The instigator, the guy behind the camera, my baby brother... The innocent bystander, his wife and the mother to the kitty babies we are going to visit in this blog today.

This is the incentive. We call her Dot. She is a laser point.

This is the perpetrator, Molly, a Maine Coon kitty approximately 4 months old.

This is Samson, the cat from Hell, the bedeviler of Dallas, a wonderful black lab that has gone over the rainbow bridge. Sam would jump on him, bite him and generally just drive the poor old man to distraction. Dallas asked God to send someone to be his payback to Samson.

My brother, while entertaining us all with Molly chasing Dot, decided to see what she would do if Dot was on Sam... this is the first hit...

Next thing you know Molly jumps on Sam and the wrestling match was on. Check out the teeth at the top of the photo...

Miss Molly, satisfied that her job is done, licks her chops and settles for, oh, maybe a minute..

Okay, Pop, I've rested... Got another assignment for me? I'm ready to go again.

God did good...

This tale (or tail) will, I'm sure, re-visit us from time to time...coinciding with my Ft. Worth visits.

Hug you children a lot, be they 2 legged or 4 legged, furry or not.

Have a good weekend.

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jojo said...

We are "cat-sitting" for the next two weeks. Should be interesting with our golden lab...maybe i'll get some good pics too ;)