Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Farm Report Time Again...

As you know, Tipper over at The Blind Pig And The Acorn is having another planting by the signs experiment. It's cucumbers this year in case you missed my first post.

Let's give the 'bad' day cucumbers a chance to be first for once. There are two plants that made it and are starting to grow pretty good despite being planted on the 'bad' day. I fight to keep the grass away so each time I go out I weed out a bit more. Don't want grass to get the water for the cucs now.

These are the 'good' day cucs. There are three and of the three there is one that is especially vigorous. They are sending out tendrils to climb the pickets and the plants themselves are about twice the size of the 'bad' day plants. I'm fighting the encroaching grass here also. It would help me out if we weren't having 100F. weather on a daily basis. Four of the last five days have been 100 F. or higher. That means it only cools at night to the high 70's of low 80's and since I'm one of those late sleepers it's pretty much hot and I only stay out a bit at a time.

The 'good' day plants are loading up with blooms. I'm looking forward to fresh cucumbers before long...

I found one almost bloom on one of the 'bad' day plants. It's in the center bottom third of this picture. Just to the right of the finger tip below my thumb... I won't tease anyone who doesn't see it but I will try to duplicate the photo when it is open so you can see where it is. I almost missed it and I was there, touching the plant!

For the fun of it I'm going to share pictures of some of the other stuff on our little piece of the world.

A sunflower Carol planted from seeds is just getting ready to share it's beauty with the world...

Two types of Mexican Blanket flowers. The big ones are new to us. The smaller pink ones we've grown before but the new ones are big in comparison.

This is a joyous little yellow flower in the coreopsis family.... I don't remember it's given name I just know it makes me smile... a lot.

This plumbago has proven to be just a delightful plant. It's light blue blooms seem to love the heat as long as it gets it's drink of water. We planted it close to a couple of yellow and white lantana and they look so good together. Again, please ignore the grass. We are working on it.

Here's the neighbor of the plumbago. This plant and one like it almost didn't make it through the first of the heat waves... but thankfully we were able to pour enough water to them because they are now blooming their little stems off. It's wonderful.

Last but not least for this post anyway... gotta have some red flowers here and there to brighten up my life. This lantana is such a wonderful color next to the green leaves.

I don't think I'll ever give up the fight to get back to my old self as long as I can walk out in my yard and see colors like all of these that lighten my heart.

Being in a garden is about as close as I think you can get to being next to God.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful flowers. And I agree with you!

Tatersmama said...

It's all looking so good! Such bright, colorful flowers and the 'good' cukes are looking wonderful as well!
It's been so cold and drizzly here that even seeing someone elses flowers makes me feel a little warmer... and that's saying something! ;)

Lonicera said...

Love those fried egg flowers. what green fingers you've got Helen. And... what great therapy gardening is.

Tipper said...

Helen-thank you for the report!! Both of your cukes look better than mine-acutally your flowers do too : ) I'm sending good thoughts and cooler air your way : )

Institute for Internet Safety said...

Thanks for posting such encouraging blog. I am getting interested on starting a simple garden of my own. I do like the colorful flowers the vegetables as well :)