Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Photos Yet...

The sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside but the truth of the matter is it is 14 F. with a wind chill factor of -3 F. I haven't sucked it up enough to go outside with the camera.

Status of the house... I called a neighbor and she came over and shoveled and brushed the snow away from the front door. The storm door wasn't frozen shut, the snow had drifted up enough when the wind was so bad that it was too heavy to budge. After I was able to get out I went around and cleared the back door. I took the girls out with me and they bucked and played and peed and pooped... all in about 5 minutes. The wind chill was about -10 and SueSue was the first one back to the front door and she is usually the last one wanting to go back into the house.

I took this picture with my computer camera. Suess has decided the best place to be is on the back of the chair and on my shoulder looking out at the snow rather than being in it.

Chloe is asleep on the other half of the love seat. She has been real content to stay in the warm house on the love seat against the other arm or she'll move over next to me every now and then and snuggle up to get close to momma.

Okla. City set a new record for snowfall in one day... 12.8 inches. We are now dealing with what the weathermen are calling a 'ground blizzard'. There is no more snow falling from the sky but the temps are so cold that the snow was very dry and the winds still are kicking up the drifts enough that there are patches of white outs across the roads so they are still warning people to stay off the roads if at all possible. Also I learned that the Artic air that has settled on us does not react to sunshine like other snow storm air. I haven't yet learned what makes Artic air different than, say, Canadian or Alaskan air that allows the sun to warm us some but hopefully the weatherman will address that during one of his segments on the news this evening. Anyone of you know the answer, please feel free to enlighten me. This old dog can still learn new stuff.

Well, if nothing else this weather has at least gotten me back on the computer writing something again. I figure it's easier writing this once on here so friends and family members know we are okay than writing 4700 e-mails... so there is a method to my madness. And I'm remembering it is kind of fun and it is nice to have a little fun for a bit. I'd kind of forgotten that aspect of blogging.

You all stay warm and safe and I will get out and get some photos to share.


Pastor Sharon said...

If I knew it was snow and ice that needed to be ordered to get you back on the computer, I'd have ordered it a while back.

Just kidding! I really am thankful you all are safe and warm.

My dogs are ice skating, sliding and skidding across the back yard. . . there is no safe place on the rink out there.

Daisy is planning a revolt. I just know it!

Paxie said...

I've been thinking of everyone today involved in this Blizzard 2011 or whatever the news is calling it. I've seen you in the games :) so I know you are still kicking.

I can't seem to blog. Glad you did!!

((Hugs)) Stay safe and warm...

farmlady said...

This is an amazing Winter for you. I'm glad that you are OK and that the dogs got a chance to go outside and do their necessaries.
Also, we are hearing from you more often. That's great....

BUSH BABE said...

Glad you are okay Helen... and up to blogging! Looking forward to the pics... and being amazed by all that Arctic Cold!

K. T. Sparks said...

It is too darn cold! The dogs up here hate this snow which is odd, I think it is the cold more than the snow.