Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Tired Of Looking At A Weather Update...

So I thought I'd play catch up.

Yours truly and the baby brother. This was taken in the master bedroom of the home that we were raised in. Bennett would have been about 3 and I would have been about 6.

Continuing on...

This photo was taken after we got home from a trip to California to visit relatives in Santa Monica. We also went to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco... check the hat.

This was, I believe, in the summer of 1955. I would have been 10 and Bennett would have been 7.

Moving right along...

This picture was taken later in the summer after we had gotten back from our California trip.

We were at Turner Falls, outside Davis, Oklahoma, a place we have enjoyed a number of times over the years.

This picture was taken on our birthday, yes both our birthdays, in 1960.

If you don't remember or missed the posts where I've talked about it, my baby brother was born on my third birthday, a Friday the 13th. I've teased him that it took me years to decide that the 13th was good luck.

As you can see from this picture, for a lot of years momma made our birthday cakes... in the shape of hearts because we were born on the day before Valentine's Day, me in 1945 and Bennett in 1948.

Our friends, Ronnie Friend and Selene Main, and two of our nephews and a niece were there to enjoy the cake with us. We have tried over the years to celebrate our birthday together but this year it didn't happen. The weather was bad a few days before and I was not comfortable to make a quick trip.
Bennett only had a couple of days off from work and he has been working a lot of extra time and I felt he would be better served relaxing and not worrying about entertaining me on a short break. So we will enjoy playing catch up on our birthday on a later trip but I wanted you all to know what has been happening the last couple of weeks.

Celebrating my non-birthday birthday because I didn't feel like having a birthday this year. We did go out to my choice of restaurants for dinner... bar-b-que, mmmm good and Carol cooked my request for a birthday cake, chocolate pound cake. My sister and her SIL and BIL came up from Texas on Monday to go check on another brother-in-law that is in the hospital and she bought my lunch at an old hamburger joint in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and we went from lunch up to Cuz's place in the country to visit with our cuz Carol and our brother Walter. We had a really good visit and Walter had cooked a ham and fixed soul sweet potatoes, Spanish green beans, home made bread and a rum cake for our supper and my late non-birthday supper. I was so full from eating everything that I didn't even have room for a piece of the rum cake.

So next year I'll get back to celebrating birthdays but this year the birthday didn't excite me so I decided that I'm old enough to decide whether to have a birthday or not and this past year hasn't been the most wonderful of my life so a non-birthday was my choice and it turned out pretty darn good.

Soon I'll be able to start digging in the dirt and that is always the way to soothe the savage beast in me. Thanks for hanging in with me. It's got to get better!


Lonicera said...

Such sweet pictures... what a cute family.
It must be so difficult to be cooped up at home day after day because of the severe weather conditions. Thank goodness spring really is just round the corner - in England the beginning of March marks the unofficial start of spring. Hope it's the same for you.
I don't always leave comments, but I do always read your posts to keep up with how you are, and of course I've noticed that there have been less posts of late. Getting back to the soil is clearly therapeutic for you, and I hope you'll be wearing yourself out with the spade very soon.

Paxie said...

First. What kind of scanner do you use? These are amazing!

Yes, it's your choice to celebrate or not and love we both had BBQ so close together.

We all need to get outside and soothe our innerds. I think I spelled that wrong LOL

Sara said...

Helen - I just love your family photos and stories. Keep em coming.

And guess what? I have family in Shawnee OK. Small world. I have lost touch with those cousins since my aunt passed away.

Reddirt Woman said...

Caroline I'm going to try to do better about posting. I've been scanning a lot of old family photos so I should be inspired with more stories. When I'm depressed I tend to withdraw from the world but spring always helps me get back to being almost human again.

Paxie, I think we need to think about celebrating our birthdays together as we are almost twins divided by a few years. The scanner that I use is an HP Photosmart C5280 All-In-One that I got about 3 years ago on sale for $100.00. It has worked great for me. Now if I can learn Adobe Photoshop where I can clean up things like the cracks I'll have it made. And I spell innerds like you.

Sara it is a small world I'm finding out through this big blogging world. I'm surprised almost on a weekly basis of someone commenting that they were raised up close around here or have relatives in Oklahoma, etc. I just love that blogging brings so many of us together in more ways than just the stories.

Roslyn said...

Those are sweet pics, Helen. Happy b'day belated! Hope this next year is a really good one............

Institute for Internet Safety said...

You do really have a exemplary bonding with your siblings & parents. Memories with them will be cherished by you forever, I'm so sure of it. Glad for sharing such lovely images. Thanks!