Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Photos Of This Snow...

I did get out with the girls yesterday and while I was walking them (and trying to stay on my feet) I was looking for photo ops. I don't know if I was just being too picky or being truly objective but other than seeing a woodpecker on a tree I didn't see anything I wanted to waste my pixels on... In fact, I think this is just a very frigid, very dry and very uninspiring snow. The snow was so dry and the wind so high that it bared the limbs of the trees and the snow even failed to stick in the beautiful whorls of bark that I had dreamed would be enhanced by the white crystals nestling in the crevices... a dream that was simply just that, a dream.

So I decided to post some photos of former snow storms just because I don't like to disappoint anyone and since I said I was going to hunt for photos to share I'll do just that. Except I'll hunt and find them in my old photos.

This tree was in the backyard of our next door neighbor in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Ice hanging on the eaves of our home in Bartlesville.

A Christmas deer taken during one of our deeper snows in Bartlesville.

Out in the pasture of our home in the country out from Noble, Oklahoma.

A decorative cabbage photo taken in Ft. Worth during one Christmas visit.

A palm that I took photos of the same Christmas I took the cabbage photo.

The palm didn't survive through this unusually cold winter.

A decorative garden ball that has moved with us so I could have taken it either in Bartlesville or in the country outside Noble.

And probably my favorite photo, a river birch in our backyard in Bartlesville. Give you an idea of why I was staking out trees with good bark to photograph.

I did get out in the truck today. I needed to go pick up a prescription for Carol and dog food for the girls and a prescription for myself. I consider myself a pretty good driver and a very patient driver in snow. I don't get in a hurry and rarely have a problem unless there is something unseen that moves me out of the ruts, especially when it has been as cold as it is now and the snow isn't melting... but I did manage to get stuck in the WalMart parking lot. How freakin' embarrassing is that to admit?!!! Fortunately a couple of young men in a big pickup saw my dilemma and pulled me out. I did have to tell off on myself when I got back home.

Just keeping it real, y'all. Stay warm and try to keep it on the road and out of drifts!


darsden said...

Love the palm leaf that is cool and I like the ice knives :-) I think they are pretty white photos

jojo said...

The birch is spectacular!! So glad there we some young 'uns to help you out at the Walmarts!! Stay warm and be safe...;j

Paxie said...

My favorite is also the Birch. I have three of them in my yard and I love them. I wish I'd planted more.

I'm glad you got stuck where there were people there to help!!

Spring is coming. Really. :)

Institute for Internet Safety said...

The images were well captured, simply showed that you do have the talent. But I was hoping to a newer photos. Thanks!