Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Days Just Sparkle…

Do you ever have those days that will stand out in your mind for ever how long you have your mind?  Last Wednesday was one of those for me.

I had gone to Ft. Worth for a quickie visit to pick up my new glasses (thank you B. & D.)  Diane, my s.i.l., had had to have her back injected so that left Baby Brother Ben and I to our own devices.  He loaned me a new (to me) camera that can do a lot more than my current point and shoot and while you can’t change the lens it has a much better lens with wider options and way longer telephoto capabilities as well as macro capabilities. He initially loaned it to me for thirty years but then decided to make that twenty eight years because he didn’t trust me with it for thirty.

He wanted to take me to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens for the butterfly exhibit so we could try out the new equipment and he could show me things about the camera to get me off to a quicker start but as we got closer we realized that people were parked up to a mile out and walking in… It was spring break week, it was a beautiful day and people were out in droves with their children.  We later found out that the Ft. Worth Zoo had a record day that day also, over 25,000 visitors.

So we drove on down just a little ways to the Ft. Worth Japanese Gardens.  We were able to find a close in parking spot and off we went to play with our cameras for a  while before meeting my sis and her husband after his chemo for lunch…  What follows gives you a clue as to a few of the reasons this day was so very special to me.

Botanical Garden 004 My first view as we walked in was the shape of this gorgeous weeping cherry that is just starting to bud.

Botanical Garden 003 The roof line on the ticket hut…weeping cherry The back view of the weeping cherry… can you see what looks to be an owl right above the curve of the tree trunk?

Botanical Garden 015 My Baby Bro Ben…my teacher and mentor in all things camera.

Botanical Garden 006 A Tulip tree blossom just opening up.

Botanical Garden 010 A look down into a peaceful grotto and stream and soft grass area.

Botanical Garden 012 Bamboo fencing that they’ve started making from their own bamboo gardens.

Botanical Garden 016 They have a lot of holly bushes lining some of the walkways still with their beautiful berries.

There's more to come... some friends just walked in for lunch.


Caution Flag said...

How absolutely lovely!! Thanks for sharing the loveliness with us.

Tatersmama said...

What lovely photos! It looks like you had a wonderful day, so maybe on the strength of these photos, your brother might think about extending his loan for those 2 additional years, eh?

farmlady said...

Isn't Spring wonderful. You deserve this after the intense Winter you have had. Enjoy!

hetty said...

Beautiful photos! What a wonderful place to walk and play with your camera. Can't wait to see more. Keep 'em coming!

jojo said...

You had a beautiful day for an outing and a nice camera to take along...I've always wondered if my pics suck because of the camera or the user?!
Glad to see you survived the winter...take care.

Sara said...

You take such beautiful pictures! Definitely have a good eye. I enjoyed a glimpse of spring from OK - thanks!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i see the owl face... and LOVE The camera... you have a great eye cant wait to see more

Robynn's Ravings said...

Beautiful, SASS! Love the relationship you have with your brother. Sorry to be so out-of-pocket but I'm outta everything! I think I need to go to the store.