Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Rest of The Story…

To borrow a phrase from the wonderful Paul Harvey,  Spud the mud puppy saga continued…

When we left, Spud, our hero (or villain, depending on how you look at it) was being hauled off to the shower.

Cuz's flower and Spud 009

He had a real good time playing in the mud and now came the time to pay the piper.

not a good end to my fun

The alien dog has met his come-uppence… Momma has the water turned on and she is moving in with the shampoo.  He is helpless to act.  It is a bath or being shut up for the night instead of cuddling in the nice warm, soft bed.

She turned on the water... Not the welcome home that the “alien” mud puppy expected… Just when he got to smelling really good to himself, Mom is gonna wash that good smelling ‘mud con cow poop’ smell off him.  She just didn’t appreciate all the trouble he had gone to to get the filth and smell just right. 

 after the ball 001It’s enough to flat wear a Jack Russell out. 

The question remains… Why does Spud, the pup that gets out and swims around in the ponds biting at the bubbles so not likes getting a bath?


Sara said...

AWWWW - he's just too cute. And does look worn out but really feeling safe and secure.

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Just chalk it up to spring fever !
I feel a need to go dig my toes into the first mud puddle I can find myself :)
Although I really can't explain why ,it just feels good to feel the earth when Spring arrives.
You must admit he sure made an awesome Alien Mud Puppy and just look how worn out he is after all that scrubbing he had to endure.
So hugs to one and all and a big kiss for the sweet Pup :)
Happy Trails

hetty said...

Makes ya wonder, don't it? I think it's control. When he is rolling in the mud he is in control. When he gets a bath, Momma is in control. But my goodness! Is he ever cute!

Caution Flag said...

Put a little poop fragrance into the bath and I suspect he will enjoy it just fine!

tattytiara said...

Spud the mud puppy. Oh this post made me giggle.

DocSly said...

Oh my, nothing stinks worse than a dirty dog but you have to love them Ours got a clipping last night as she was so matted from the winter. What a cutie!

Reddirt Woman said...

Sara, after his bath he came running into my room for some consolation... I attacked him with a towel because he still wasn't dry, but after he was dry he got to climb up on the bed with me and my girls and he likes being covered so how could I not take a photo of the aftermath. He really is a good pup but he sure can find stuff to get into and get dirty... typical boy!

Oh, wow, Terry, do I know what you mean. I got out and planted some onions a few days ago and am itching for the signs to be right, along with the weather, to put more of the garden in... even though the weatherman said we have a possibility of snow on Saturday. But the saving grace is that spring is ever closer.

Hetty I think you are right. It's like a dog wants to stick their head out the window in the car but when you blow in their face...

Spud looks like he is being beaten when he has to get a bath. He is so expressive, Caution, with his eyes and ears it's almost hard to be stern with him... The boy just was having fun.

Glad to give you a giggle T.T. It's one of the nicer names I've come up with for him depending on the

Hi DocSly! You know that spring has arrived when it is time to shave the dog down for it's summer "do". A dear friend had a chow/golden mix and every spring pound got shaved except for about 6 inches at the tip of his tail. You could see where he was roaming out in the pasture by looking for his 'flag'.

Roslyn said...

They love to rollin smelly stuff because the old hunter instinct prevails and they need to disguise their smell from their prey! Or maybe larger predators! So of course he doesn't like the bath that removes the disguise.
he looks lovely & cozy afterwards & huggable too!

Anonymous said...

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Lonicera said...

Helen - you're blogging less these days, and we miss you. Do hope if anything significant is happening to you that you'll feel able to write about it. Or failing that tell us you're OK...

Nola said...

Why is that!!?? My jack Russel is the same...loves puddles and ditches but not the bath:) My other dog would have a bath everyday if you let him!! Great story and great photos Helen:)

Reddirt Woman said...

Ros it is so funny to watch the girls since we moved to my cousin's place. There are cattle and therefore the resident leftovers plus the guineas. The saving grace with them is they don't particularly like the mud so it's not too bad but Spud loves going in the ponds and swimming about biting at the bubbles. I plan on getting pictures of that to share.

Anonymous, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to get more regular in my posting now that I am getting more settled in at my new home. Please feel free to come back anytime. I love feed back.

Caroline I know I've been negligent but as I am getting more settled in will plan to be more regular with the posts. Not so much hit and miss. My sister in Ft. Worth husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in September and it is terminal. He has been taking chemo to try to buy some extra time. They've been married 48 years the last fifteen have been especially good for various reasons, but I'm trying to go down and grab a quick visit about every three weeks just to eyeball her and make sure she knows we are there for her. So that has been some of the reason for not posting regularly.

Nola, my SueSue, the younger pup has not as much a problem with getting messy as Chloe, but they both look like you are beating them with a stick when they have to have a bath. Pitiful... downright pitiful.

Lonicera said...

How very sad about your brother in law, Helen, quite understand your wanting to be supportive. I 'drop by' every so often just to check up on you!