Friday, November 21, 2008

It Was Supposed To Storm...

About a week ago, when I was having on of my 'lousy' days...

I heard thunder.

"Dang!", I told myself "you've got to get up on the roof and fix that hole that you saw when you were taking the tin off the roof of the back deck."

So I pried myself off the couch, got the repair stuff I'd gotten the day before and got my brother to help me get the ladder up so's I could get on the roof.

I went up, walked over to the place that looked like it was torn up and it was a second vent pipe. As I stood there looking at it thinking "you dummy"... there was a crack of lightning and a roll of thunder. God said "Hi, you dummy. Now get off this roof."

The first photo is what I saw when I looked up (and, yes, I do take a camera with me sometimes on the roof) above and to the northwest. You know, I decided that that would be a pretty good idea to take that advice and get off the roof.

This second photo was looking to the north of our place. Kinda had the look and feel of a bit of a wall cloud rolling to the east. While it is uncommon to have tornadoes in November, it is not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination.

They had talked about that possibility the night before on the weather and I had just kind of ignored it. After all, I was born and raised in Oklahoma and it's something you try to be aware of, but you don't really plan on.

So I'm thinking, as I'm getting down... I might ought to check the weather channel.

I decided to look to the east just to see what was happening out that way, and when I did I was so glad I had my camera. One of the more beautiful sky shots I've seen in a while. This is straight out of the camera.

It is so good to be alive and to get to see beauty like this.

Life is good.

Even on a not so good day.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

WOW awesome photos that last one takes my breath away!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Great shots you got while your crazy self was up on the roof!
Did ya get the hole patched?

Lisa said...

Man, even with ugly ole mother nature, sure gives for some beautiful photos. Yes, you never know about a tornado in Oklahoma. I remember there being one in Dec, years ago, in the Tulsa area. Yuck!

joanne said...

absolutely beautiful pictures Helen but for God's sake "get off the roof!"

Debbie said...

Glad that you got those photos as they are beautiful, but more glad you made it off the roof in one piece!!!

God Bless~

Reddirt Woman said...

I did get the piece of shingle tarred down and sealed around the vent pipe. I know at 63 I probably shouldn't be climbing around on the roof, but I'm real careful and I'm a whole lot cheaper than hiring a bubba for that small a job. They are going to charge you fifty bucks for a little something like that. I can use that $50 for stuff like food and RX's.

GingerJar said...

Beautiful pic's. when I was living in Northeast Texas we had a Novemeber tornadoe (and they seldom get even summer tornadoes there!) It's never to late in the year to be cautious. Especially with the wild and whacky weather we seem to be having this year.

Tipper said...

Beautiful sky shot-and I'm glad you made it off the roof!

Michelle said...

I love that last shot.Well, I love all of them, but really like that one.