Saturday, November 29, 2008



When you have two state schools in the same conference, you are going to have a ready-made rivalry. In Oklahoma, we call it BEDLAM. Oklahoma University is the home of the Sooners and Oklahoma State University, the home of the Cowboys.

This will be the 103rd meeting of the schools in football. While we also play against each other in basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball, golf and any other sports both schools play, football is king and brings out the beast in nearly every Okie whether they are particular sports fans or not.

This year OSU is hosting OU at Stillwater. Each year they swap hosting duties. You can never be definitely sure who is going to come out on top because every player and every coach is focused on this game. Unexpected things can, and often do, happen. This year will be no different.

As a fan, what is difficult for me is being pulled in both directions. My oldest brother and my youngest brother both went to school at OU for their pre-med. My sister got her RN degree from OU School of Nursing. My middle brother, Bro, went to OSU, and our youngest brother went to OSU's Osteopathic School of Medicine after his pre-med at OU. And for the big kicker, Mike Gundy, who is head coach at OSU, and his brother Cale, the running backs coach at OU, are our second cousins.

Whew... that was a mouthful. So what I hope for is a hard fought game, no injuries, no lousy calls and may the best team prevail. I will be hollering for, or at, both of them.

And I'll never tell who I'm really hoping to win in my heart.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

too funny and what a lot of medical personel in your family! COOL Deal!
Love the yelling for / at... perfect!
HUGS laura

kim-d said...

My gosh, RDW, basically both schools are made up entirely of your relatives...BWAHAHAHA! My co-worker's daughter is an OU graduate and has convinced everyone that the SOONERS are all that and a bag of chips.

But, really, good for whoever wins. For me, I'm here for the pile-'o-puppies. Awww, they are sooo cute, and getting sooo big already, and Maddie is such a good Mama. Awww!

Twisted Fencepost said...

With all those on opposite sides...
I wouldn't tell who I'm really rooting for either!!
Can't risk any enemies in the family!

Anna Lefler said...

Football - YESSS! I love this time of year!

In the spirit of things, I must say, "Go Bears!" (That would be the UC Berkeley Bears, BTW.)

Hope you're having a smooth Sunday...

:^) Anna

Mary Ellen said...

I love it when I have connections to both sides - that way, no matter what, I win!

The puppies are totally adorable and so much bigger already!

Lisa said...

Man, that was a GREAT game. I used to be an avid OSU fan. But since Bob Stoops came to town, I have switched and I really like/respect him. So it is always hard to be "against" OSU, but I had to cheer for my Sooners. And now I hope and pray for just TWO more wins...Big 12 Champs and then
National Champs!!! It is a lot to hope for...

Michelle said...

OMG You are royalty!! What a game that was. My stomach was in knots the whole time. I swore at one time I wondered the refs were the same ones from that OU vs Oregon game a couple of years ago. We got robbed on that one.

Kim-D..OU IS all that and a bag of chips and a case of beer to go with it.

Big 12 is in Miami on Jan 8th. I wonder if I can get tickets?

Now to go look at the puppies I have been missing.