Thursday, August 16, 2012


Schnauzers in attack mode thinking they have a cat trapped under the stove... they don't. And, yes, that is a hole in the floor but it's not near big enough for a cat... to come in or go out.
SueSue still not convinced that damn cat isn't under the stove... right here, mom... even after I moved the stove so she could see that it was not back there.
I was reading some of the blogs I visit and had just commented when SueSue wants to play she usually starts with bringing me a ball.  If I don't stop and play she will bring something else and drop on my foot... usually the mean kitty that she likes to play tug with and about that time I felt mean kitty being dropped on my foot. Had to take a picture and share.  I didn't move my feet because I was afraid the ball would roll off the pillow.

If that is all that it takes to inspire me to post something I need to be posting more often.  (Laughing at my own self because it takes so little to entertain me sometimes.)


Lonicera said...

Could there have been an interesting smell under there perhaps that was tempting SueSue? I could watch my cats for hours when they're washing themselves (I'd be ashamed to admit how many years it took me to twig that it wasn't that they washed their paws more than the rest of them, but that they used the dampened paws to reach their heads...)
Have a good weekend Helen.

Reddirt Woman said...

Ah, Caroline... I just thought for years also that cats just didn't like anything on their paws and then I noticed that my doberman that I had years ago would do the same and then rub her head or behind her ears and I realized that the damp paws were needed to clean themselves properly. I had noticed that my both of the dobies I had were as fastidious about cleaning themselves as any cats. Critters are so interesting! Hope your weekend is good also.

farmlady said...

Dogs... you gotta love them... Especially little ones with big egos.
These is probably something there...maybe under the house. SueSue seems very determined.
I'm sure there's a cat, watching from a corner somewhere, and laughing it's head off at the dog.
Cats are characters, but they're cool about it.
Cute photos!
Hope all is well.

Paxie said...

I especially like your last takes very little to entertain me too! LOL

Ahhhh the simple life. No drama, no fuss. Sigh. Aren't you glad we can entertain ourselves? Hahahaha

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

The first time I pulled up your site here, it redirected to somewhere else. I am sorry, I didn't stop to see where. Have you heard of this happening before?

Reddirt Woman said...

Farmlady, if SueSue's ego gets any bigger we will need to be treating her like a giant schnauzer... it's only when she thinks her home is being invaded by who knows what that she just get crazy. And if Chloe thinks it's a cat she is right there with Suess. The funny part is if it's a kitten they just want to smell it and check it out... it's only the full grown cats that unwind them.

Paxie the only way I can survive is to eliminate all the drama I can and just entertain myself with simple stuff... What's the old saying, "Keep it simple, stupid!"

Jerry each time I come to my blog I get sent to some other place on the first try... I just try it again and it brings me home.

IISAFETY said...

Silliness it may seems but it's so cute just by looking with your kitty. So adorable! :)

phann son said...

I especially like your last takes very little to entertain me too! LOL

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