Monday, October 10, 2011

More Spreckles, Anyone?

I had such fun with my last post that I decided to post up my second choice photos...

Spreckles is such a cutie that I figure you all won't mind some photos that aren't quite as good as the first batch I posted. Not that they were great, just maybe a little sharper and such.

My silly girls were barking and Jenny was checking to see who was making all that racket. Spreckles was still eye-balling that tall thing with the black box in front of her face.

Here's one I snapped as Jenny was walking up to check for treats and the baby was paying close attention.

Are you sure it's okay, Mom? I want to meet this new person...

Mom says, dang, no treats I'm back to the grass but Spreckles had more studying she wanted to do.

She was really concentrating and taking me in so I was really careful to not make any sudden moves and just talked to her quiet-like telling her she was as sweet as her little momma.

We've had several inches of rain the last two days so I expect when I go out next week there will be some green grass in the photos. I was going to take pictures of the ponds out behind the house but they were down so low it was depressing so I chose to do the happy baby post instead.

Friday while I was there they had a semi load of hay delivered and that's the first time in a long time they've had to buy hay but the heat and drought of the summer is one of those things that the farmers and ranchers have all had to deal with this summer. So if you see beef prices increasing you all know their expenses went up---- a lot this year.

So you all enjoy the 'seconds' of Spreckles and Jenny out on a beautiful fall day and I'll get more pictures when I go out in a week or ten days again.

Happy Monday, y'all!


Lonicera said...

Mooooore!! moooooore!!!

farmlady said...

jThanks for the seconds. That's why I like sittin' at your table.
Spreckles is so cute and curious. Your going to win her over pretty soon and then you will get one of those cute nose shots... up close and personal.

Paxie said...

You have a lot of patience. I want to just reach out and pet her. I LOVE her ears LOL LOL

Spreckles is adorable ♥♥♥



Laura~peach~ said...

love spreckles.

Tatersmama said...

Omigosh! That baby is just about as sweet as they come! More please... LOL!

IISAFETY said...

So cute! I can't help smiling. Love this blog really! Thanks for sharing.

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