Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sissies Don't Make It To Old Age...

No photos on this post. Just a quick catch up for you all. I went to see Carol's brother Wednesday. He is an orthopedic surgeon that I trust and I had made an appointment to see him because I have been having hip problems for several months... off and on. More on the last couple of weeks, though, as there have been a couple of times that the pain woke me up out of a dead sleep. I must tell you that I have lived in Oklahoma or Texas all my life and have slept through hard storms... hail that put holes in our roof in Bartlesville, wind that broke trees over, no tornadoes thank goodness, but I just threw this in so you'd know there's not much that wakes me in the night.

Anyway, after getting up and getting ice packs to settle the grabbing pain I finally bit the bullet and went to get it checked out. I had a hint that it was probably bursitis but I knew that Bill would be able to verify that or know if it wasn't... Sure enough, it's bursitis of the hip. If you have had to deal with this you have my utmost sympathy... if you haven't you don't want to have to deal with it. I ended up getting an injection in my hip. Afterward my Bro, who had driven me to Bartlesville, and I went to a restaurant that is one of the staples in B'ville, Murphy's.

Murphy's was started up in 1946 and is the home of the hot hamburger, at least in Bartlesville. The restaurant cooks up a couple of hamburger patties, puts them face up on the bread, puts a load of french fries on top and then covers it all with brown gravy. A guaranteed cholesterol shot right straight to the heart, but there are folks who have moved away that every time they come back for a visit they head to Murphy's for a sinful, totally not healthy meal. But that's not what Bro and I had...

Our favorite, and the thing worth driving three hours for, as far as we are concerned is their filet mignon. They serve a 6 ounce filet that is the best I've ever eaten. It is always tender, cooked just like you want it and absolutely delicious. They serve it with a baked potato and salad. That's it. And it is wonderful. They make a house dressing for the salad that I could sit and eat on crackers... sooo good. You wouldn't think that a joint known for their hamburgers would serve such an incredibly good steak, but, oh man, they do. I just groaned and smiled all the way back home.

So now you know another dirty little secret of mine... I would drive three hours for a great steak. I don't drive much of anywhere other than Ft. Worth and sometimes Tulsa, but every time I get a chance... I'll go to Murphy's.

The bursitis? My hip is doing much better but Carol's brother said that it is not unusual to have to have a 'booster' shot... another shot to get the bursitis under control.

Ask me where I'll go to eat if I have to go back.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

glad the shot ishelping and glad that it was nothing more serious that woudl require surgery ...
love n hugs

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
I am so glad you know what is going on for sure ,I am sorry you have to go through this.
My older cousin Lois has it and wouldn't wish it on the devil so I gathered it must be bad .(Lois is very quiet and sweet for an 87 year old.)
Now as for that steak of course it's worth the drive :)
I will keep lifting you up in prayer my friend that all gets better starting now !!!!
Be blessed and have a very happy Thanksgiving .
Hugs from Texas
Until Next Time
Happy Trails

farmlady said...

Wow! It's breakfast and I want STEAK with my eggs. I could leave the hot dog, french fry, gravy thing alone, but I would never pass up a steak.
Hope that you can keep the Bursitis at bay. My mom had it in her shoulder and it was extremely painful. Take care of yourself.

Tatersmama said...

Bursitis is a bi***, and I'm glad the shot is helping!
But if you have to go back for a "top-up", I certainly know where you'll be heading... and I don't blame ya at all! The steak sounds scrumdiliumptious!! ;)

hetty said...

That steak sounds fantastic! I would go back for weekly shots if there was a dinner like that included in the deal.

K. T. Sparks said...

Dang it Helen you made me want to jump in the car and go to Murphy's! We ate there when our friends from Scotland were in town, they had not been there before on their trips to Bartlesville.
I have had bursitis off and on for years and Beth M is having a horrible time also right now. I don't think she has gotten a shot from her Tulsa doctor, and I didn't either. Sounds like a good idea, is it a steroid shot? I had a $1300 shot in my knee about 6 weeks ago... I don't know that it was worth $100 but I got it anyway.. :) I am surprised you did not stop to see Bill and Carolyn! I hope you are feeling much better physically and mentally, life is so darn stressful and no getting old isn't for sissies! Take care!

Lonicera said...

I haven't eaten a steak in well over a year, as my lapband can't cope with chunks of anything - and as fillet steak and chips is my favourite meal, I'm pea-green with envy. So glad you had it, it sounds like just what you needed to give you a temporary little lift. So glad the bursitis got sorted - I've had it in my left shoulder on and off for years, and it almost brings my life to a halt till it's resolved. Horrible.
I occasionally wake up during heavy thunderstorms, and I love the feeling of being cosy in bed, listening to them...

Reddirt Woman said...

Laura, the shot is helping but I can tell you that as bad as the bursitis hurt when it would do the catching pain and as much as it ached whenever it was aching I would have let Bill cut it out if that was what was needed. I can deal with pain but it wears you down after a while as most of us know...

Oh, my friend Terry, it was a relief to find out for sure and to know what I was having to tackle. Your cousin has my deepest sympathy and I sure understand about not even wishing it on the devil. It would just make him mad. Thank you for your prayers... I can use them

Farmlady, I could and have eaten a good small steak for breakfast more than once but Murphy's little filet is the most consistently good, tender and flavorful that I've ever eaten. I love a medium rare steak and the beef they buy and have bought over the years is always tender and delicious. Next time I'm taking photos... I didn't realize how many people love a good steak!

Katie you are right. It is a B***H! In capital letters! The thing I would most like to say is if anyone has any hint that they might have bursitis... don't wait until you are hurting bad enough to be awakened because then it is hard to get it settled down. I waited about three months too long!

I couldn't afford it more than once a month very often, Hetty, but I think if I had a chance to eat it more than once a month I could find something to give up to stretch the budget.

Aha, Ms. Sparks! Do you eat the hot hamburger or do you go for the marvelous little filet? If I'd had more time I would have stopped and visited with Carolyn and Bill. It's been way to long for just a quickie visit. She has a lot of beautiful new to me artwork and I hate to rush a visit with her anyway. Too much to talk about with all of her painting! If I come back up to get shot again I will make time enough for a visit.

Caroline, this may sound gross to some folks but I think, for the flavor, I could if I had to just chew it up for the wonderful flavor and then tuck it away, gracefully, in my napkin... My roomie, Carol, had bypass surgery probably 30 years ago and has had problems eating meat ever since but she can eat a small amount of this little filet if she cuts it small but I know that the bypass is different than banding. I'll have to write about her trials one of these days, with her permission of course. I also enjoy the sound of thunderstorms if I'm not asleep. I just rarely wake up during them.

Lonicera said...

Would really love to hear about Carol's bypass experiences - I'd like to know how 'normal' an (eating) life she is able to have.
I'm often tempted to just chew steak and not swallow it, because being in the vicinity of beef being chargrilled drives me wild... but I think I'm too squeamish unfortunately.

K. T. Sparks said...

Helen I have never had the filet, I usually get the shrimp! LOL Yes, I did go over that very day I read this and they were too busy so we went to Chili's instead....(I wasn't a happy camper). Hope you are feeling better!

Paxie Panicker said...

The burger made my mouth water and then the steak had me packing my bags!

I'm so sorry you've been in pain. I know for someone who likes to do and git-r-done, this is hard mentally and physically on you. Glad this is helping you hon...

Get another shot as soon as NEEDED! (So you can eat good)!!

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Just had to drop in and say thank you for your recent comment .
I sure miss your wonderful humor so I beg you please post something soon !
Son was a volunteer last week for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show on ABC ,it seems it comes on Sunday nights ?
Son got to make some of the furniture :)
Yippee !!!
The show is suppose to be on for Valentines day in 2011. Or sooner.
However he never wants to work with actors again ,they are all so rude .
Oops we were not suppose to share that part .
He met a lot of awesome Okies :)
One person he met knew our entire family tree from Hugo ,Oklahoma this was both great and kind of scary at the same time .
Anyhoo son and I came to a conclusion you can't be from Texas,Oklahoma or a baptist without knowing someone somewhere :)
So forget global thinking and simply become a Baptist or be born in Oklahoma or Texas :)
Take care now .
Until next time
Happy Trails