Monday, February 15, 2010

Where You Will Find Me…

For the duration… I am an Olympics junkie and especially the winter Olympics. 

watching the Olympics Underneath the flash spot you can see the reflection of my feet and SueSue’s back end.  They are very patient with me and both are usually up on the bed sleeping ‘watching’ with me.

olympics 003 Both of these were taken while watching the snowboard time trials.  I don’t see how those kids stay on their feet.  It really gets hairy when they start racing in the heats after the time trials.  There will be 4 racers on the course at a time and it’s kinda like a cross between snowboarding and freestyle wrestling.  There are bumps and falls and ducking under and jumping over downed boarders and the jumps and whoever is standing at the end of the run, the top two I think, will advance to the next race.  I enjoy these even more than the tricks and jumps of the half-pipe because of the skill needed to navigate the downhill drops and avoid the other boarders and outthink all the others to the gold.

So while I probably won’t be posting much for a bit… you’ll know where I am.  Watching every event I can on the winter sports…

Except for this evening.  I’m going to Norman to watch the OU Women’s basketball team play top ranked Connecticut women.  The ticket was one of my birthday presents and the weather is cooperating but after the game I will be watching the re-runs of whatever I missed while at the game.



Tatersmama said...

I haven't seen anything since the opening ceremony, but a friend is recording it ALL for me, (at least she better be!) so I can sit down later and watch to my hearts content! I'm even avoiding the news programs, because I don't want to hear about anything until I actually get to see it myself!

Have fun y'all... even if the girls are snoozing through it all! I just had to laugh at the mental picture of you kickin' back, watching the tv with your camera in hand and taking screen shots! LMAO!

jojo said...

same here...just love the snow sports and the speed skating...yes! Have fun.

Tipper said...

Hope you had a wonderful B-day : ) Loved the shots you both took below. I like to watch the Olympics too-but usually I'm the only one who wants to around here.

Reddirt Woman said...

You know, Katie, that I was just sitting watching the runs and happened to move my feet and had to grab the camera just to see if I could catch the reflection. You know how curious I am about doing things that are different.

One good snow a year is good for me and heaven knows that we've had more than that not only here in Oklahoma, but when I was in Texas, too... but I love the winter sports. Don't want to be out there trying to do them but I do love watching them.

Tipper that is where recording them comes in handy. While the girls are at school and Deerhunter is off hunting, you can fire up the VHS and watch while you are waiting for your supper to cook... or in ten or fifteen years when you have a little more time to sit.

Roslyn said...

I love the skating the best the high speed skiing & jumping is too terrifying to watch!
We are back in OC. & I am freezing, Helen, it's 16 degrees!

Nola said...

I haven't been able to get a conversation out of Ricky since they started either!

hetty said...

I am getting a lot of crocheting done while I watch. I love the winter olympics!

Roslyn said...

I am missing it all up here in CO. we don't have local channels there's a Direct TV issue.
Happy belated b'day .

Staci said...

Don't you think the winter athletes are just, SO MUCH COOLER, (no pun intended) than the summer athletes?

My nephew got the whole family tickets to a Sooner men's game, March 6 I think, together with tickets for hot dogs and Cokes for Christmas. Neat present, it should be fun!

Take care out there.

Reddirt Woman said...

Oh, Ros... I've had all the cold I can stand and while I know it has to be beautiful I don't envey you a bit. Makes me ache to think about it being that cold. They are doing the Dance Skating I think this evening. They did the compulsory event last night and it was absolutely beautiful to watch the long flowing moves of dance applied to skating. And I watched the large hill jumping earlier today. The winner jumped and flew almost 240 feet... awesome!

Nola the games come around just every two years between both the summer and winter games. You'll just have to talk a bunch before and afterwards... or during commercial breaks. Or with the slimming down you could try the sexy nightie but that's chancey because it really makes you mad and hurt if that doesn't work if Ricky is a truly avid fan... I'm the voice of experience on that...

Hetty I need to learn to crochet I guess. All I am getting done is monkeying on the computer while watching the games. Totally the lump on the bed or the couch potato through all of this... but I did warn everyone not to expect much out of me until after the Olympics.

Thanks for the late b.d. wishes. I think I'll quit counting now. When I was in Ft. Worth and we got all that snow we had to go broom off the satellite dish twice to get a signal.

Staci we were just talking yesterday about all the competitors, both the men and the women, all seemed to be so good looking... And what an awesome Christmas present! I bet you have a ball, especially getting free dogs and sodas!

Lonicera said...

The picture with your feet bottom right is a classic! That's the lovely part about watching winter sports, cos you're in the warm... When all this is over and you have time to read blogs, I've nominated you first of seven for a beautiful blog award - I do love the quirkiness you express in yours, and the photos. Summed up as 'spirit' I suppose. I can just imagine myself sauntering in to your living room (probably without knocking!), plonking myself down in an armchair and saying "right, who's winning then?"

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
Just wanted to check in and say I hope your indoors where it's warm.
We have more snow on the way here in Northern Texas :)
Who knew ?
I am at home in Kileen tonight and since it is a clear night you can hear all the bombs bursting in air at the post while they are on manuevers.
Take care and enjoy the olympics .
I am so glad My mom is able to watch them they really are helping her now that she is at home.
Take care
big hugs from Texas
Happy Trails

オテモヤン said...


Reddirt Woman said...

Caroline if you were close enough where you could just saunter in, you'd be most welcome to do just that! Our doors aren't locked and you or anyone else could come on in, watch the ski jumping or the ice dancing or whatever else is on, have a cup of tea and just make yourself at home. We are just casual, gracious and welcoming... just like we were raised. We'd be right honored that you'd stop by for a spell.

Terry I am so thankful that your mom was able to come home from the hospital and is enjoying the Olympics at home... that was sure a prayer answered. When our folks start on a downhill slide you are never really sure of when or whether they will come on out of it or we will lose them. I'm very glad she's gotten better. And you all stay out of the slick stuff as best you can. Don't need to hear youve got a broken leg or some such from slippage on the ice and snow.